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Rush Challenges Harry Reid and Senate Democrats: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Rush announced today that he's auctioning on eBay the original signed letter from Harry Reid and 40 Democrat Senators to the head of Clear Channel Communication. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity that Rush is board member of and that gives college scholarships to children of fallen Marines and federal law enforcement officers. Rush is challenging Reid and the Democrat signers to meet the winning bid. It's a brilliant move on Rush's part, and I'm curious if the Democrats will actually take Rush up on the challenge or completely ignore it.

Watch the video of Rush announcing this challenge at the Rush to Excellence Tour in Philadelphia last night.

Place your bid here (you must be preapproved). The bid is currently at $10,300.

There's more about Rush's challenge at WorldNetDaily.

Update: As of 11:48am Saturday morning, the current bid is $21,100.


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Comments (48)

Rush is brilliant, as usual... (Below threshold)

Rush is brilliant, as usual. Love it.

EBay bid is now at $10,300 ... (Below threshold)
Thanks, Scrapiron. I update... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Scrapiron. I updated the post with that info.

Let me be the first to exte... (Below threshold)

Let me be the first to extend this challenge to Lee "The Thief" Ward Head Ringmaster at Blue.

He published more posts on the Limbaugh nonsense than 5-6 "left-centered" blogs combined. He spun himself into a virtual tornado of lies, misdirection and pure unadulterated BULLS*IT.

So Lee, when will you bid on this document, it should take a treasured spot on your basements fireplace mantel.

Kim, If this story doesn't ... (Below threshold)

Kim, If this story doesn't reach one of the three major liberal newspapers, (NYT, Wapo, or the LA Times), Brian will not let me serve his crow.

That said, this is still a direct challenge to a United States Majority Leader. Rush is letting these poor excuse for "leaders" off the hook and they will most likely save face by donating to their own charities.

Of course they could pay three times the bid price and it would never come close to the embarassment they have put on themselves. And just when we thought the leaders of the democratic party could not sink any lower.

For now I'll just warm up the crockpot for my friend on the left.

Rovin, if you need some cro... (Below threshold)

Rovin, if you need some crow for the crockpot they are driving me crazy. Can shoot and send you some or will the lefties be providing their own?

HA! $15,100 as of 8:45PM PS... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

HA! $15,100 as of 8:45PM PST

$15,601.00 as of 2:00 AM Ea... (Below threshold)

$15,601.00 as of 2:00 AM Eastern time. Six Days to go. When they mess with Rush, he will kick the (whatever) out of them. I hope that the price goes over $100,000.

How about Rush doing an eba... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

How about Rush doing an ebay where he signs this video
where he mocks Americans who suffer and die from
Parkinson's....(of course no Rush listener has ever had a family member suffer from this. Everybody knows Parkinson's only strikes liberals.)

What a simple, loveless, narrow world those of you who find your voice in Rush....must live in.

Does the parade of "victims... (Below threshold)

Does the parade of "victims" never end with Democrats?

"Can shoot and send you... (Below threshold)

"Can shoot and send you some or will the lefties be providing their own?"

Thanks Scrappy, got pleanty up here on the northcoast and Brian deserves a fresh one.

This really is a defining moment for the left that has always shown so much pride in the first amendment right to speak one's mind no matter what side of an issue or what is said. It makes no difference how Rush was talking about "phony soldiers" even with Reid's phony implication. When you have a government official attempt to silence a private citizen, you're getting seriously close to a hierarchy.

The democrats that signed this petition have stepped into "it" bigtime. And it's gonna leave a smell that will last longer that two weeks.

You fools would pa... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

You fools would pay dearly for a shoe-box full of Limbaugh bowel movement.

See, and I know this is a wild concept for some of you GOP sub-missives, but maybe it's a good idea to not waste our Marines lives in Iraq in the first place.

You guys have heard that the Marines want out of Iraq right??
They want to go hunt Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Are they "cutting and running"?

drlava, my nephew is a Mari... (Below threshold)
Cynthia Corliss-Seder:

drlava, my nephew is a Marine who did 2 tours in Iraq. He came home after his 2nd tour met a girl, got married and recently had a son. He has told me repeatedly he really wants to go back but feels his place for now is home. So, how many Marines have you talked to to who say they want to "cut and run"? You read one article that came out the other day ( and yes I saw it too) where a few were tired, homesick, or for whatever reason, felt that we need to get out of Iraq. I wonder how many Marines this objective reporter who wrote the story interviewed before he found some who were dissatisfied. The article itself, just by the headline suggested that most of our guys and gals over there feel this way. So hey, if a lot of, or if most of, our forces that are actually over there feeling this way, we should get out. Isn't that how the so called thinking goes? This reporter or whatever, was doing what the press so these days. He was conducting his own poll of our guys and gals, asking questions fitting his own agenda or so call thinking on the war, and interviewing who knows how many people before he found one, two or three here and there that fit his own criteia. Typical. And know the idea is to convey to us at home, that even our own troops are sick and tired of this war and feel we should get out. Too bad many of us here at home know Marines, past and present and know that beyone any measure of doubt that this is not how they think. Do they want to come home? Yes.....when their misssion is accomplished......Do they 100% of the time agree with all the decisions being made on this war.... of course not.....Are there some who are anti-war ove there? Absolutely.....But to try and put the idea out there that the troops over there have had enough and want out, or maybe to cut and run in Iraq to go to Afghanistan and find Osama( although I am sure many would sure like a crack at it, but not at the expense of deserting their mission in Irag). Hey, if most of our troops think that Iraq is a failure and GWB made a huge mistake then what the heck are we doing here anyway? Now I am postive that is how the troops are feeling. They see no reason to be in Iraq and want out and they despise GWB and can' wait to elect a Dem as President so they can go home.
I could go on and on but with pea brains such as dr lava, I would be wasting my time and energy. I wouldn't want to be walking down a dark alley some night with this guy. I would have to fight to save my own hide and turn around and fight for his because he would either be in a corner sniveling for mommy, or inviting the attacker bent on doing him some serious bodily injury to sit down and negotiate an alternative that would please them both. Liberals....may be book smart but no common sense....absolutely clueless of how blessed as Americans we are......the enemy is nor radical Islam but conservative Christians and Jews who actually believe in something other then themselves and their own good time and political power.

$17,400 as of Saturday morn... (Below threshold)

$17,400 as of Saturday morning.

Rush can be a pompous ass. ... (Below threshold)

Rush can be a pompous ass. I rarely listen to his show and when I do, the moment he engages in hyperbole or I think he's just being too self-righteous or when I see clearly that he won't admit when he's wrong - off goes the radio. But you know, some people just hate it that he isn't playing the whiny victim role that is the usual MO for small intellects.

This is one move I have to admire. He's taken the lemons thrown at him here and made lemonade. And Dr. Lava can't stand it so s/he has settled for taking pot shots at those here rather than speak to the fact that something good will actually come of this.

$17,400 this morning, this ... (Below threshold)

$17,400 this morning, this is beautiful!

What can these people be thinking when they heard this? Wish I was a fly on the wall.

More liberals have turned o... (Below threshold)

More liberals have turned off Rush, than have ever turned on Air America.

It's not just Rush. The let... (Below threshold)

It's not just Rush. The letter actually belonged to the president of Clear Channel. He gave it to Rush to do this. It's a Clear Channel response to lefty censorship as well.

Wethal, that crossed my min... (Below threshold)

Wethal, that crossed my mind too. He deserves credit as well.

Surely Rush has legal recou... (Below threshold)

Surely Rush has legal recourse, too. I should hope so.

He's been defamed. Those s... (Below threshold)

He's been defamed. Those senators have a duty to not defame. They were derelict. Damages, uh huh, maybe iffy. If damaged, the Senators directly caused it. They should not be immune, nor should government evildoers, in concert with stupid or immoral journalists, be able to hide behind source confidentiality. Look at Hatfill. Look at Plame.

These guys are out of control, and happy about it.

You know what I find... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

You know what I find absolutely hilarious?

Rush is a Palm Beacher. He sits in his mega milion dollar palace by the sea and spouts venom and stupidity half the day. If any one of his devout dittoheads out there who worship
him and certainly think he has their best interests at heart were to come anywhere close to his palace his guard dogs (security) would have them arrested. He has absolutely no desire to rub shoulders with the riff raff. He is too good for that. You would need to wear a white waistcoat to shine his shoes.

It's a characteristic of Palm Beachers like Rush If it wasn't so, he wouldn't live on Palm Beach.

So for all those dumb clucks who think Rush is making such brilliant move and endearing himself once again to the proletariat (yes, that means you peeons) think twice. He's just laughing himself to Duetsche Bank one more time. Offshoring your almighty dollar.

Foolish stupid Americanos.

CBFraming a... (Below threshold)


Framing and stereotyping as usual:

It's a characteristic of Palm Beachers like Rush If it wasn't so, he wouldn't live on Palm Beach.

Next time you show up here, bring an original thought with you.

Civil behavior...man You ar... (Below threshold)

Civil behavior...man You are an idiot!

He's simply exposin the dems for their attempt at censorship and all You can comment on is how rich He is?

Just try gettin near Your rich buddy leftists who signed the letters, who probably live in mansions twice the size of Limbaugh,s..


Civil Behavior,Tha... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Civil Behavior,

Thank you for letting us know that Rush has, and must pay for security concerns.

I wouldn't have guessed he needed it from all the well-reasoned and rational behavior of the dignified left.
Dr. Lava,

Thank you for taking an opinion poll of all Marines currently serving in Iraq. It is a tremendous task you have accomplished. Please, as a follow up, comment to one of the Marines you are collecting this information on that you believe their sacrifices are a "waste" as you stated. Please report the responses you get, if you are able.

Nogo War,

I'm unsure of why your post has anything to do with the current topic. It's wierd... Almost as if you were attempting to divert or distract from Rush's total pwnage of ineffectual Democratic Senators or something... Oh look, a butterfly!



Hugh..,<... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


C'mon down and experience my "stereotyping for yourself.

And 914,

You think the other rich folks live like the Palm Beachers. Uh huh.

You want to get on an estate here make sure you bring your green card (or not) and your rake. Otherwise be gone.

You guys live in lala land.

La La Land for civil behavi... (Below threshold)

La La Land for civil behaviour is believing an ad hom is either civil or convincing.

with pea brains such as ... (Below threshold)

with pea brains such as dr lava, I would be wasting my time and energy.
Pea brain? Cynthia, you are being far too generous, by at least a factor of ten!
drooling retard lava is simply overcome by the bitterness of impotence.
good idea to not waste our Marines lives Spoken like a truly hypocritical leftard! Note the soulful "our" Marines...Marines think in terms of "honor" and "duty", dr lala thinks their sacrifice is a "waste".
His identification with the Marines is as superficial as the rest of what passes for thought with him!

civil ignorance...I'd love ... (Below threshold)

civil ignorance...I'd love to make the kind of money Rush makes...there something wrong with making money in this country? If he wasn't successful in what he's doing, people wouldn't listen and advertisers would dry up. Playing the class envy card is pathetic are your part.

Quite simply this is a bril... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Quite simply this is a brilliant move by Rush. I find it amusing that the michael J Fox thing was brought up since that is another example of the media taking a video, slicing it up and editing it. Limbaugh actually got an apology from Stephenopolous once he realized it was a hatchet job on Rush.

I think it's so damn hilarious to watch all these lefties on here squirm and try to divert (like usual) from the actual issue.

Limbaugh is calling on these senators to prove they support the troops by matching the funds of the top bidder. Shouldn't be a problem if the senators really support the troops right??

C'mon down and experi... (Below threshold)

C'mon down and experience my "stereotyping for yourself. ...been there, done that many times. I have friends in the PB and WPB fire departments and PB police department. Also a cousin who works in retail in PB. None of them are wealthy...and none of them whine about it.

Sounds like you need to move.

Hugh,Your defense ... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


Your defense of the stereotypical Palm Beacher is laughable. Those same frinds of yours in the police or fire dept might get into the front door in case of an emergency. In all other cases Rush and his ilk don't hobnob with the public servants or they use the service entrance. He professes to be one of "you" while he'd bar you from coming anywhere close to him and not because he's any celebrity. Mainly because of an outsized ego. Palm Beachers are famous for their egos. Of course the only thing that gives them such stature is their money which folks like yourself seem to worship.


Of course you'd like to make the kind of money Rush makes. But you never will because they want more for themselves. That leaves less for you. Maybe you'd consider it ethical to have your housekeeper buy drugs for you too and fly to the Dominican for your kicks. Of course it's easy when dittoheads provide Rush with the dough to abuse humself and others while on bended knee to his drivel.

You guys are a sycophantic bunch.

Why, cb, your ad homs sound... (Below threshold)

Why, cb, your ad homs sound envious. Just how twisted can you be?

$25,000 by afternoon Saturd... (Below threshold)

$25,000 by afternoon Saturday. Heh.

KimYou ... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


You mistake envy for outrage.

Cmon, down though. I'm sure I can slip you into a seaside gala via the service entrance if you put on your pretty pink apron. I'm sure you'd fit right in with the kitchen crew.

Wow,libs are such happy and... (Below threshold)

Wow,libs are such happy and upbeat people,aren't they.

Hey CB,Not outrage... (Below threshold)

Hey CB,

Not outrage,more like very petty,jealous,and quite sad.

It's funny,they got a probl... (Below threshold)

It's funny,they got a problem with Rush,but don't think twice about kneeling at the altar of the Church of AlGore,and making him very wealthy.

But you never will... (Below threshold)
But you never will because they want more for themselves. That leaves less for you.

Brilliant...is that the kind of drivel we're teaching our kids in school these days? "You'll never be rich, cuz they like, what to keep it to themselves."

Funny, I heard that from Michael Moore as well. And you could be describing all your limousine liberal co-horts there civil. Just like that un-elected scumbag George Soros.

If you want to see a comple... (Below threshold)

If you want to see a completely different personality emerge from Sybil behavior, apply his comments about Palm Beach and its residents to John Edwards and his McMansion and see how much consistency there is!

CBAnger, bitterness ... (Below threshold)

Anger, bitterness and envy are good company for ignorance and arrogance. Continue projecting....

634-5789. What we got? <br... (Below threshold)

634-5789. What we got?
Yo numbah, hah, fine.

KimPlease issue a wa... (Below threshold)

Please issue a warning before you mention that song in future comments....it's going to be stuck in my head the remainder of the day!

$26,100. And free worldwide... (Below threshold)

$26,100. And free worldwide shipping, too (nice touch).

$30,000...for a great chari... (Below threshold)

$30,000...for a great charity and someone gets to frame The Traitor Manifesto

$30,000...for a great ch... (Below threshold)

$30,000...for a great charity and someone gets to frame The Traitor Manifesto
It should be worth at least that much! It has the autographs of 41 US Senators, 5 failed Presidential hopefuls, 1 avowed socialist and at least 1 former Klansman!
The history of the Democrats writ small!

867-5309. Lots more prezzie... (Below threshold)

867-5309. Lots more prezzie fizzles,
Give it time.

Over 40 grand and still fiv... (Below threshold)

Over 40 grand and still five days to go. This is beautiful. And it's for the chiiildren, too.






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