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An Astonishing Coincidence, I'm Sure

Yesterday, while campaigning in New Hampshire, former Senator John Edwards declared his proposal to cut the influence of big-money donors in presidential campaigns. He wants the maximum any one individual can give to a candidate reduced from $2,300 to $1,000.

By an astonishing coincidence, Edwards has been trailing his Democratic rivals in fundraising, and few weeks ago announced that he would be accepting public financing -- and the accompanying restrictions on his campaign.

A more cynical observer might say that Edwards is trying to pull the "I can't raise as much money as you, so I'm going to punish you for being more successful and popular." That he wants to lower the ceiling to match his own anemic efforts, and prevent others from outraising him.

But that would be casting aspersions on Edwards, a highly successful trial lawyer who once "channeled the spirit" of a deceased child for a jury and drove the cost of practicing medicine (especially obstetrics) in his home state through the roof, chasing some doctors out of state entirely, and uses his wife's health as a shield to let her be his personal attack dog, and... um...

What was I saying again?

Oh, yeah. I cannot possibly imagine Edwards would stoop so low as to try to rig the electoral fundraising system to cover up his own failings and restrict his rivals' advantages. That would be -- as a brilliant Sicilian used to say -- inconceivable.


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Edwards wouldn't try to rig... (Below threshold)

Edwards wouldn't try to rig something after years of working with rigged juries. I guess calling a jury made of of the dumbest people you can find in the area a rigged jury is correct. I just can't understand how there was that many stupid people in the area, or did the same people serve on all of his 'selected' juries?

Another coincidence: $1000 ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Another coincidence: $1000 is about what Silky Pony pays for a haircut.

Dead Man Walking. His bigg... (Below threshold)

Dead Man Walking. His biggest supporter ain't no mo.

Coincidence indeed that you... (Below threshold)

Coincidence indeed that you obsess on Edwards the way Edwards made his millions -- he earned it, unlike Romney who was born to it -- yet each could finance their own campaigns out of their own pockets. One chose to get more people involved, one chose to buy the nomination.

I don't know about you, but 2 grand is a little steep for me.

As for the talking points you stole directly from Ann Coulter on Edwards career and how this one man drove all the incompetent quacks out of his State, take a look at this article which might give you some actual information instead of propaganda.

Here's a sample:

A close reading of the Campbell case reveals that the hospital may have given the jury a few reasons to pick Edwards' theory over theirs. In the course of the trial, Edwards brought out that the hospital never offered to the Campbells the choice of opting for a Caesarean section. He pointed out that the Campbells weren't even asked to sign an "informed consent" form until after Jennifer was born - even though the form stated that they had been informed before the delivery of its various dangers. At the end of the trial, the jury found the hospital liable for failing to respect the Campbell's right to make decision based on informed consent.

The jury's anger that the parents were not given this option may have been a large reason for its multimillion dollar verdict. Certainly, it is plausible that, as Edwards says in his book, the case had a huge impact on how hospitals handled informed consent.That's how our tort system is supposed to work, and has evolved for centuries. If you don't like the system, fine, write your congressman. But you can't fault someone participating in that system for doing his job.

You know, a job. A real job where hard work pays off. Something real people have yet think 2 grand is a pretty steep cost for participating in our democracy.

Merely a distraction tactic... (Below threshold)

Merely a distraction tactic in an attempt to look more "charitable". No one is questioning his past achievements, but his current campaign strategy is highly questionable.

Marc Adams,Who say... (Below threshold)
U.P. Man:

Marc Adams,

Who says you have to give $2000 ?

What he wants to do is, limit how much money you can spend to $1000, not set the minimum you have to spend.

I don't know. There's some... (Below threshold)

I don't know. There's something to his strategy. In Iowa alone Hillary spent $1.6 Million and Obama spent $3.5 Million in advertising to break even with his campaign -- which only spent $26 Thousand. And he's got enough in the bank to remain competitive throughout the primaries.

The other campaigns have played follow-the-leader to his every initiative. Heck, Hillary, best known for "Hillarycare" chucked her old approach to health care and adopted Edwards plan almost verbatim.

Yeah, he's out of his league. He's spent one-half of one percent of what the other campaigns have spent, and they're just starting to break even. Feh!

Good thing he went for that public financing thing so he doesn't have to worry anymore about raising money and can concentrate on his message. Or just wrote himself a check.

But have fun with your smears if they make you feel better, baselessly cutting someone else down instead of trying to bring your guy (or girl) up.

The trouble is Mark, sure, ... (Below threshold)

The trouble is Mark, sure, a new way would be preferable. But why is such an obvious phony huckstering it? It just doesn't come across as new. It's as old as the hills, frankly, something that John ain't.

Well, I guess Mark didn't p... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess Mark didn't pick the right goblet either.

Ol' John-Boy, who struggled up the economic ladder stepping on the backs, hands and feet of anyone in his way, is people smart. He has Mark right where he wants him. Just WHY is he having trouble getting big money? Being such a perfect candidate, it is inconceivable that he's unable to make big money come his way.

Edwards is done. He's had ... (Below threshold)

Edwards is done. He's had his 10 minutes under the sun. Go away silk pony. No one care anymore.

Hard to get the big money w... (Below threshold)

Hard to get the big money when you refuse any donation from lobbyists and run a campaign directly opposite to corporate interests.

Your mileage may vary as to buying his sincerity, and that's fine. I just object to misrepresenting reality, that's all, and like to set the record straight.

Granted, I haven't done that on Wizbang for a long, long time, but once in a while there's a rather intelligent conversation here instead of the usual stuff on conservative blogs. I still read it faithfully, and since the subject was my candidate, I decided to jump in.

By the way, Kim. If I read you right, you're saying that Edwards is young by saying he's not "old as the hills." I was surprised he's 54. He looks 40. That barber is worth every penny.

I've got one question for Vizzini. Is it possible to name a candidate who is wealthy, successful who didn't step on the "backs, hands and feet of anyone in his [or her] way?"

Are you an Obama supporter? I didn't think so. If you're for Ron Paul, you have a leg to stand on, otherwise ... WTF?

I was surprised he's 54.... (Below threshold)

I was surprised he's 54. He looks 40.
Surprised? Not me! It's hard to tell that many lies, falsehoods and slanders in just 40 years! Not to mention all that dead baby channeling!

That barber is worth eve... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

That barber is worth every penny.

And was Rielle Hunter worth the $100K? But of course Silky Pony denies the affair, so we should just move along...nothing to see there, stop smearing, yada-yada.

No, Mark, all I meant was t... (Below threshold)

No, Mark, all I meant was that Edwards has the deep and substantial wisdom of an adolescent.

Fun with the Enquirer! One... (Below threshold)

Fun with the Enquirer! One of my favorite games.  Wanna play?

Did you see the Enquirer story that Bush is a pathetic drunk -- still. That of course lead to the headline in The Globe that the First Couple was breaking up (a rag owned by the very same Clintonite).

From this, they "exclusively" ran the story that even though Laura's "fed up with the president's drinking and infidelity, the first lady is now threatening to pull the plug on their troubled marriage immediately," she's decided she likes being first lady and won't be leaving the White House after "the boozing president confessed to his wife Laura that he has a cheating heart and begged her to forgive him for lusting after other women."

The other woman?  Condi!  Of course.  Who didn't know that George and our Sexetary of State were dating.

Now, I don't recall ever seeing any of those stories on any blogs, not even Drudge, let alone the AP or any mainstream source whatsoever.  I saw them in the checkout line, and that was it.  I saw them cuz they were on the front page.  I never would have seen the Edwards story since it wasn't even teased but was buried even further inside than the celebrity horoscopes.  Don't ya wonder why this story's all over the place, and what integrity it takes to move this story forward?  Really, W.T.F. 

Imagine for a minute that the George boozing, Laura Leaving, Condi taking her place story involved Hillary and Bill instead.  There'd be a congressional inquiry at the very least.

What will be fun is if the Enquirer tells everyone the girl they're talking about is someone else, and not Reille. I guess that will mean Edwards had a threesome -- and an alien Bat-Boy will be spawned. or is Bat-Boy really Ted Kennedy's love child (eew).

Adolescent? Pushing the Enq... (Below threshold)

Adolescent? Pushing the Enquirer story is the stuff of a kindergarten playground, geez.

If a typical Edwards suppor... (Below threshold)

If a typical Edwards supporter is anything like the witless but verbose Mark then is is truly toast.

Ah, so the personal attacks... (Below threshold)

Ah, so the personal attacks begin, the essence of the dialog here I take it?

The essence with witless...... (Below threshold)

The essence with witless... yes it is Marky.

Yeah, my Dad's bigger than ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, my Dad's bigger than your dad.

My dad is dead.... (Below threshold)

My dad is dead.

And my Mom is bigger than y... (Below threshold)

And my Mom is bigger than your Dad.

And bigger, mentally and morally, than Edwards, so what's your point?

Kindergartners at play unde... (Below threshold)

Kindergartners at play understand the sort of sensitivity demonstrated by the Edwards campaign about this story, and also yours, Mark.

Sorry to hear that Michael,... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear that Michael, so is mine.

Which story, Kim? Leading ... (Below threshold)

Which story, Kim? Leading by example by refusing lobbyist money and proposing something that will empower more people because their individual contributions won't get lost in the shuffle of big wads of cash? Denying a B.S. supermarket tabloid accusation that Matt Drudge wouldn't touch? Or are we talking about tort reform?

Isn't the Breck Girl just a... (Below threshold)

Isn't the Breck Girl just acting like the typical liberal when if they can't be equal or better in ANY way?

That's why liberals make new LAWS, or use courts ---(fairness doctrine)--(gay marriage).

Edwards is just being the good whiny libtard, "Mommy Shillary and B. Hussien Obama won't let me play!"

Have you seen the videos, M... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the videos, Mark?

Is Edwards planning to sue ... (Below threshold)

Is Edwards planning to sue the National Enquirer? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kim:Yeah, saw the vi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, saw the vids. Not as funny as the old audio of Reagan outlawing the USSR and saying the bombers were on their way, but it's up there.

I don't think he can sue since the Enquirer was careful to publish the campaign's denial and supposedly made an attempt to talk to the woman in question. They have the best libel lawyers in the business and since the Carol Burnett verdict have been more cautious. You asked a legal question, and there's no brief response to those. Occupational hazard.

Absent a showing of "actual malice," the rumor, even if untrue is publishable because Edwards is a public figure and fair game for innuendo and slurs, unfortunately for out political discourse. With Ann Coulter OTOH, the malice can be presumed from previous encounters, but since she's just repeating gossip already out there I doubt it's actionable cuz she's not under any obligation to verify the rumor published elsewhere. I accuse Ann of a lot, but sleeping though her courses in slander and libel is not one of them.

Her integrity is another thing entirely. But it's typical of these things. You put out a smear, made up out of whole cloth. Rove always went for the opposition's strength, in John's case, it's his relationship with his wife coincidentally. Get some tabloid or blogger to pick up something that cannot be verified and would never be published by a reputable news service. Get someone, let's call him Jim Gluckert, to ask the candidate about the rumor, which naturally is denied. The rest of the media feels safe to report the denial. Human nature takes over here. The medial types already heard the rumor but are sitting on it until verified. The denial comes and they can't hold out any longer on this juicy tidbit, rationalizing that the denial is "news" and everybody else will report on it now too.

This was the same pattern we saw in S.Carolina used against McCain, but then the rumor was spread through a push poll. Heck, this kind of whisper campaign is almost a tradition. Nixon's crew did this to Muskie with the Cannuck Letter. How many times do you hear the BS that Hillary had Vince Foster killed?

See, unlike Gennifer Flowers, the lady in question didn't come out and hold a press conference confirming the accusation, or unlike with Lewinsky, the Linda Tripp of this case didn't go to a literary agent or a special prosecutor with tapes that spelled out in no uncertain terms that there was an affair. No. Here they went to the National Enquirer of all places, with emails that only prove that the person writing them really liked Edwards, but no indication that anything else happened even from the "proof" offered.

Where's the freaking smoking gun here?

BTW, Rovian tactics being u... (Below threshold)

BTW, Rovian tactics being used against Edwards is nothing new. He's the master.

Methinks you protesteth muc... (Below threshold)

Methinks you protesteth much.

Now, shall you google Scott Horton, or shall I?

And this is good, from you.... (Below threshold)

And this is good, from you. "Yeah, saw the vids." Period. Period? You saw them? What do you think of them? They are what I am making my case on. Do you think I have the time to follow all that media manipulation you want to blather on about. I've got emails, video, wonder about the sensitivity, including, mind you, yours, and I have my interpretation. I'd like to know what you think of the 'vids'.

You mean the grooming one?<... (Below threshold)

You mean the grooming one?

Oh, God, now I gotta look a... (Below threshold)

Oh, God, now I gotta look at that one, too?

Okay, I Googled him. Seems... (Below threshold)

Okay, I Googled him. Seems to specialize in conspiracy theories against Clinton and Edwards, yes? If his name was Dan Rather, I'm sure there's be a different take on this, both on the right and left.

I think he's on to something. He was also the guy who confirmed that Neocon Michael Ledeen was involved in the Niger Yellowcake forgeries. That was before he got his daughter the job of managing the $13 Billion Iraq reconstruction budget -- and did a heckuvajob.

He burned the WaPo yesterday. I liked it.

And I'm the one banned by e... (Below threshold)

And I'm the one banned by empty wheel for pointing out from eRiposte's own research, that the French had discovered an active black market in yellowcake in Africa in 1999. Yes, let's do talk about yellowcake. Did that stuff end up in Libya or Syria?

Hah, he says that so proudl... (Below threshold)

Hah, he says that so proudly, 'confirmed' that Ledeen was involved. Show me this confirmation. That is just one of the lies in the Plame case. Ooh, I'm so glad you brought that up.

Especially on a day the Times 'confirms' that the Israelis destroyed a nuclear WMD facility in Syria.

And thanks for the link to ... (Below threshold)

And thanks for the link to Scott Horton's ravings.

I especially liked the bit ... (Below threshold)

I especially liked the bit about Howard Kurtz in Horton's rant about the WaPo. Howard has sensed a story in how the media missed the story in Iraq. Watch for it, in these pages.

Please come back, Mark. Wa... (Below threshold)

Please come back, Mark. Was I too eager?






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