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Most realistic Halloween "Haunted House" ever

Sean Jennings didn't want his wife to divorce him. Now, some fellows might consider their options and try to make major changes in their lives, or to show her how much she is loved. Sean had other ideas . . . via WLTX.com:

Police say Jennings had the woman climb a ladder so she could test a noose that would support a skeleton during a neighborhood haunted house later in the month. The woman says her husband then turned on the garage radio and pulled the ladder away.

The woman often needs a wheelchair to get around but she was able to periodically support herself on her tip toes.

Read the rest at the link above. Jennings finally let her go when she promised not to divorce or tell anyone about the incident.

She called the police, of course - after a couple of days. Still had the bruising on her neck from it, though.


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OK... I have to as... (Below threshold)

OK... I have to ask, who's dumber, the perp or the victim?

I vote the victim.

At least he did't want his ... (Below threshold)

At least he did't want his wife hanging around anymore. This article is noose to me. ww

"OK... I have to ask, who's... (Below threshold)

"OK... I have to ask, who's dumber, the perp or the victim?

I vote the victim."

Me too. The perp was more evil, though.

OK, I really want to hear h... (Below threshold)

OK, I really want to hear his side of the story.

<a href="http://www.wltx.co... (Below threshold)


Little bit off topic - when I read the article, I found another article concerning a teacher's aide who stapled a post-it note to a fourth grader's head. I especially love the picture with the school's sign stating "Lifeskill of the Week: Initiative". Hmmm.

There will be two small sca... (Below threshold)

There will be two small scars and one large settlement. Best defense? Temporary Insanity.






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