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Things That Make You Go Hmm...

In the last week or so, Congress has done two things. First, they called the head of Blackwater to answer some uncomfortable questions about the security company's dealings in Iraq. Second, they worked on a resolution condemning Turkey for the Armenian genocide almost 100 years ago.

These two events might seem utterly unconnected, and they very well might be, but I notice a common thread between the two: both might have the consequence of making our efforts in Iraq more difficult.

Blackwater provides security for a lot of US personnel, taking on roles that would otherwise fall on active-duty military. If they were to leave Iraq, then a lot of troops would have to pick up the slack.

And Turkey is currently allowing us to use bases in their country to keep our troops in Iraq well supplied and backed. Further, the tensions between the Turks and the Kurds are running high right now, and it's proving a bit of a challenge to keep that from flaring up into open hostilities.

Coincidence? Or part of a plan to make the situation in Iraq more difficult for our troops?

Quite frankly, I don't think that the Democratic leadership is smart enough to pull all this together. But I won't completely rule it out, either...


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"Quite frankly, I don't thi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"Quite frankly, I don't think that the Democratic leadership is smart enough to pull all this together."

You're right. But theirs are misdeeds of opportunity. When they see a path to making the task in Iraq more difficult, they take it wherever it leads.

The brainy among them reali... (Below threshold)

The brainy among them realize that the dawning success in Iraq cannot augur a good day for Dhimmicrats. They are trying to make the sun go back down. It's enough to make me cackle a doodle do.

"dawning success in Iraq".<... (Below threshold)

"dawning success in Iraq".

What's "dawning" about it to you, kim?
The Wizbang folks have been touting America's success in Iraq for 5 years now.
They were wrong EVERY time. What's the thought process here, they might be right this time because nobody's perfect?

Quite frankly, I d... (Below threshold)
Quite frankly, I don't think that the Democratic leadership is smart enough to pull all this together. But I won't completely rule it out, either...
I give them more credit than you JT.

McQ asks the salient question: "So someone, anyone, tell me why, if, as Democrats argue, it is so important that we rebuild our image abroad, that we attack and impugn the honor of an important ally?"

OK you leftest loons, can you come up with a reasonable explanation why they waste time and effort on something that occurred 90 years ago?

Oh, I forgot.Any l... (Below threshold)

Oh, I forgot.

Any leftest loon that can come up with a plausible answer gets a cookie.

And tickets to every Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich speech til they both fall off the face of the Earth. (which shouldn't be too much longer)

JayThis is no coinci... (Below threshold)

This is no coincidence and the Democrats are certainly smart enough to pull this together. The planning for the traitorous subterfuge probably began weeks of months ago. One cannot be cynical enough in judging the motives and goals of these dishonest and misguided political hacks. They are so thoroughly invested in defeat in Iraq that they must go all in on any strategy the will get them out of the mess they are in.

Robert, the evidence of success is abundant: lower civilian deaths, lower troop casualties, Iraqi children attending schools, a nascent government that is beginning actually to function and large contingents of tribal leaders that are turning on the Taliban.

This thing has the signatur... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

This thing has the signature of George Soros written all over it. I doubt that Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry have the collective IQ to come up with such a hairbrained scheme. I know that Hillary doesn't. They don't want us to win in Iraq and they will do anything to keep that from happening. Just watch, this will blow up in their faces too and of course they will blame Bush or Rush Limbaugh for the hole that they dug for themselves.

Never attribute to malice w... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Never attribute to malice what is better attributed to stupidity. Considering that the Democrats are about as subtle as an Al Gore speech on the environment, I don't think there is any deep-laid plan -- just obtuseness.

This can not be chalked up ... (Below threshold)

This can not be chalked up to random stupidity. Some rare individual in the liberal ranks (a strategic thinker) realized how important Turkey is as an overland route for supplies in Iraq, and set out to alienate them by conressional action. I mean, this is out of left (literally) field, it happened 90 years ago, and no one involved is still breathing! It's pointless. Unless it serves to further undermine success in Iraq.

So what next, condemn Spain for the Inquisitions?

So what next, condemn... (Below threshold)

So what next, condemn Spain for the Inquisitions?

I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. Utter panic is enveloping the left.

So what next, condemn S... (Below threshold)

So what next, condemn Spain for the Inquisitions?

Think about this for a moment. With Nicolas Sarkozy on board discouraging Iran, and with Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel not far behind, maybe the dems think Spain is their last best hope for Europe's continued hatred of the America's resolve for a stable Middle East.

What's sad is that we have to battle al-qeada over there and at the same time battle a Soros/MoveON Democratic party that attempts to destroy us within. What happened to the old party of that had the class of FDR and JFK that put the nations interest ahead of their political ambitions?

"What happened to the old p... (Below threshold)

"What happened to the old party of that had the class of FDR and JFK that put the nations interest ahead of their political ambitions?"

Maybe it went the way of the Republican Party of Eisenhower.

RovinGood question... (Below threshold)


Good question:

What happened to the old party of that had the class of FDR and JFK that put the nations interest ahead of their political ambitions?

They are the intellectual progeny of Sartre and Camus, raised by Noam Chomsky and held to the discipline standard of Kesey and Seuss.

Fortunately there are many more level head Americans that call BS on this...even as the MSM champions and repeats the lies.

Call me nuts - but when I r... (Below threshold)

Call me nuts - but when I read that it's in the works to condemn ANY country for attrocities committed 100 years ago, the first thought that popped into my head was, "Crap, I sure hope they don't call the US out on our treatment and genocide of the Native Americans!"

iurockhead's point about co... (Below threshold)

iurockhead's point about condemning Spain for the Inquisitions is dead on.

There is no doubt the Armenian massacres occurred. They were carried out in large part by the Young Turks, and rank as one of the great "ethnic cleansing" attempts of the 20th Century.

However, these atrocities occurred under the Ottoman Empire, a state in its final stages, fully seven years before Kemal Ataturk founded the modern Turkish state. The crimes against humanity were committed by an entity which no longer exists.

Now, the intensity of feeling by the Armenians is perfectly understandable. Imagine how Jews would feel if the United States did not officially recognize the Holocaust happened.

For some reason, though, modern Turks also fervently reject the allegation - perhaps to salvage some distorted concept of national pride. Turkey is a key ally in the region, and has been, beginning with the Cold War.

The situation recalls the Japanese reluctance to acknowledge atrocities committed by their military during the mid-20th Century, from the Rape of Nanking to the Korean "comfort women."

In the best of all possible worlds, we should insist our friends own up to their history. Unfortunately, we do not live in the best of all possible worlds; we live in the world as it exists. In the real world, our national security interests are best served by allowing our allies to maintain their implausible denials of wrongdoing in days long gone, in order to secure their cooperation today.

As to whether the Democratic leadership, in forcing through this resolution, considered the provocation might result in imperiling Turkish cooperation regarding Iraq and other regional issues, I cannot say. It certainly wouldn't be beyond them to attempt to subvert the war effort without leaving direct fingerprints - they have openly discussed such options. But there are millions more American voters of Armenian descent than of Turkish, so it could just as easily have been good, old-fashioned political expediency which motivated them to pass this now.

Well written Jim Addison...... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Well written Jim Addison...Turkey's denial of genocide is problem for the Turks of Armenian decent today. Two journalists were convicted last week for "insulting Turkishness" by calling the Armenian genocide "genocide. The case against one of the father's Hrant Dink - for calling the killings of Armenians during the first world war genocide - was dropped only when he was shot dead in January.
This creates a conumdrum for Bush and his solution is to fight terror by whitewashing genocide seems as expedient as the State Department being the sugar Daddy for Blackwater goons as our pointmen for spreading democracy and instilling fear among ordinary Iraqis and our GI's I might ad.

Aren't you happy, Steve, ho... (Below threshold)

Aren't you happy, Steve, how Bush's efforts have diminished the genocide of the Kurds?

Kim, a liberal is unable to... (Below threshold)

Kim, a liberal is unable to be happy. They are naturally self loathing and guilt ridden. ww

Kim..My comment on the whit... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Kim..My comment on the whitewash was probably a cheapshot..I did say conumdrum. Bush has painted himself into a corner. It all stems from the invasion, although as you suggest the Kurds are in a much better situation, as perhaps the one positive consequence (so far)...

But what to do about Turkey? "In 2000, 56% of Turks reported in polls that they had a favorable view of the United States. In 2005 that statistic had fallen to 12%. I( Juan Cole) shudder to think what it is now".

Steve said:"It all s... (Below threshold)

Steve said:
"It all stems from the invasion, although as you suggest the Kurds are in a much better situation, as perhaps the one positive consequence (so far)..."

Uh, Steve, perhaps you were reading the comments here when this was posted. Allow me....

Please, Steve, Juan Cole wo... (Below threshold)

Please, Steve, Juan Cole would be a disgrace to academia if he were an academic. His bias precludes him from being taken seriously.

Bush is in a corner, alright. al-Qaeda dazed, on the ropes.

Exactly kim, a perfe... (Below threshold)

Exactly kim,
a perfect photoshop would be some jihadis with the sign "halp us dem cong, we are stuck in iraq"

kim, it is to bad that few ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

kim, it is to bad that few took him seriously, in January 2003..You might want to reread him now and see that his Cassandra-like warnings about how this would increase Iranian influence, wound Turkey and what the consequences would be to the Shiites, Sunnis, Palestianians and al Queda were much closer than anyone else dared predict, including the administration experts who foolishly believed the war would pay for itself and Americans would be treated as liberators not occupators and internecine conflict between the Sunnis and Shiites would be minimal.

Juan Cole has wanted us to ... (Below threshold)

Juan Cole has wanted us to lose since we got there. Let him read Pharsee poetry.

Awesome. Unblinded, biased... (Below threshold)

Awesome. Unblinded, biased support for the Iraq war has the wingnut right supporting genocide. Keep it up -- you can sink lower if you hard enough!

"Supporting genocide?" Sorr... (Below threshold)

"Supporting genocide?" Sorry, tas, we weren't talking about Darfur, Myanmar, or any current atrocities, but events of almost a century ago.

Also, the House bill dates the Armenian genocide as up to 1923. Most of the killings were from 1914 to 1918 -- the only reason to extend it to 1923 is to tie it directly to the current Turkish government, which dates from that year.







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