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Baby Got Book

GodTube is a new user generated video site that focuses on Christian content. Michelle Malkin posted this video from Dan Smith, one of the most viewed at GodTube, at Hot Air, and it's so much fun I had to post it here. And I'd like to point out the very cool Toledo Mud Hens t-shirt that Dan is wearing.


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Woo Hoo, Peter Paul, Hillar... (Below threshold)

Woo Hoo, Peter Paul, Hillary, YouTube, kim babbles like a baby.

oh that's hilarious<... (Below threshold)

oh that's hilarious

It ain't heavy, Father, its... (Below threshold)

It ain't heavy, Father, its my brother's Bible.

Been around for a while. A... (Below threshold)

Been around for a while. A good one, though.

Although "GodTube" as yet a... (Below threshold)

Although "GodTube" as yet another "just for Christians" clone makes me groan.

Just like most everything e... (Below threshold)

Just like most everything else that shows up on sites like YouTube, not close captioned for the deaf and hearing impaired.

I'll pass, thanks for trying.

I didn't see anything on th... (Below threshold)

I didn't see anything on the site that said it was only for Christians. Looks like anyone can go on and access it. Why would it make you groan, Mike?

The posted video is funny, and is mostly entertaining. Here's the video that could actually make a difference in someone's life. (Caution: some may find it offensive)


OK, I'll make it easy. Goo... (Below threshold)

OK, I'll make it easy. Google 'Peter Paul' and Hillary.






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