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Rush Limbaugh Challenge Update

Keep in mind that this auction is going until October 19th at 10:00 pm PST. So with 5 days remaining to bid, the current bid is at $40,200.

This letter would look really snazzy hanging your a wall. If you want to bid, go here, but you have to be preapproved first.

Update: Fox News has just picked up the story of Rush's auction. Will the other news outlets?


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Comments (17)

$40,400.00 as of 11:30AM an... (Below threshold)

$40,400.00 as of 11:30AM and still going up. Wounder when the MSM will pick up on this, if ever.

Sweeeeet revenge.... (Below threshold)

Sweeeeet revenge.

Watch Soros buy it and slip... (Below threshold)

Watch Soros buy it and slip it down the memory hole.

I hope Soros does buy it, i... (Below threshold)

I hope Soros does buy it, it makes me laugh as he spends billions of dollars trying to get his people elected and he just keeps wasting it.

One election that was more a referendum of conservatives being angry at the GOP is his only victory.

And that makes me laugh my butt off.

Don't forget the Dems sold ... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Dems sold gays down the river by conflating homosexuality and child predation.

Melanie Sloane laid an evil... (Below threshold)

Melanie Sloane laid an evil little mustard egg with that one.

Veeshir, I'm with you. He'... (Below threshold)

Veeshir, I'm with you. He's pored money down the drain for years in elections, and he finally won one with a bunch of conservative democrats being elected, and mainly because people were mad the GOP wasn't being conservative enough.

Bwhahahahahahahaha.......LOVE IT

In light of the Fox News it... (Below threshold)

In light of the Fox News item, which troll was it that said this story would be forgotten in two weeks?

The auction ends Friday at ... (Below threshold)

The auction ends Friday at 1pm, not 10pm.
There is a widget on the auction page you can use and post it on this website, it will give the countdown and current bid.
click on the "copy this widget" text and copy the code in the code section and place it on this website.

The time would be 10am (not... (Below threshold)

The time would be 10am (not pm) on the West coast.

eBay official time is in th... (Below threshold)

eBay official time is in the Pacific time zone.

In light of the Fo... (Below threshold)
In light of the Fox News item, which troll was it that said this story would be forgotten in two weeks?
I believe that would be Brian.
he who should not be named.... (Below threshold)

he who should not be named.

Thanks marc.Crow r... (Below threshold)

Thanks marc.

Crow requires a long and careful slow cook time.

Funny how the libs think they can still control the news cycle. Who saw this Limbaugh thing coming? New media versus old media is such a pleasure to watch...especially so when a parroter of the new media puts their money where the old media would never put it.

It so reminds me of the old Dan Jenkins golf stories when the young, unknown player shows up at the Pub links course and asks the older, brash talking semi pro to put up or shut up. As Lee Trevino said, "Pressure is not putting for $50,000 on the 18th hole in a big time tournament: pressure is putting for $50 on the local course when you have nothing in your pocket."

$44,300 with 4 days 12 hour... (Below threshold)

$44,300 with 4 days 12 hours to go. Still awaiting the main stream meida to report. (You really can't count FOX as MSM, it's not left wing enough.)

So when this letter reaches... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

So when this letter reaches prime bidding in the last 24 hours, will it be hard for the new outlets to ignore it? I think it was genious for Limbaugh to do this and extend this story out a week or so.

Why wasn't the Majority leader in the senate, lying on the senate floor and writing a letter that gets 41 signatures a big news story for CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc.. A smear of that magnitude should be reported. Unless you are trying to cover it up...

Over 50K.========</p... (Below threshold)

Over 50K.






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