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2010 Nevada Senate Race

This year's Senate race picture continues to be very gloomy for Republicans. With highly vulnerable seats in Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Oregon, and Colorado, it will take a great deal of money and excellent campaigning, not to mention a healthy dose of luck, for the GOP to break even.

That said, it seems that there is a light around the corner in 2010. A new poll in Nevada strongly suggests that the Democratic Party should continue to select their Senate Majority Leaders from Red States, as it virtually guarantees a Republican pick-up. Harry Reid's favorable/unfavorable rating is now 32%/51%.


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Wonder if this has anything... (Below threshold)

Wonder if this has anything to do with it ..

Harry Reid's appearance at BYU was troublesome not for his political philosophy but for his religious impropriety. It is wrong to call millions of evangelicals "the most anti-Christian people I can imagine," it is wrong to chide Mormons for following the counsel of their leaders and it is wrong to stand on the campus of a church university and condemn past leaders of that church. Yet that is what Harry Reid did. Which probably tells you all you need to know about Harry Reid.
AKM-Great to see a... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


Great to see a post from you on this side of the site!

Goodbye dirty Harry!... (Below threshold)

Goodbye dirty Harry!

This assumes the GOP will a... (Below threshold)

This assumes the GOP will actually run a decent candidate against him. He was vulnerable in 2004 (after his razor thin win in 1998), yet they managed to give him a pass.

Of course, there are simila... (Below threshold)

Of course, there are similar polls showing McCain losing to Napolitano in a hypothetical matchup, so 2010 may not look so good either.

Although I predict he'll either recover or retire. He won't suffer the humiliation of a loss.






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