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Time Wasters

There's nothing quite like fun little links that just suck up all your time and attention. Here's a few that have been absolutely dominating my attention lately.

Kill A Commie For Mommy. My record score on "Expert" is 187,513. Anyone wanna try to beat that?

Far, far too many videos on YouTube boil down to "that guy has way too much time on his hands." Well, this guy just might be able to parlay his videos into an actual paying job with a comic book company.

Finally, according to this test, I'm almost perfectly divided between being left-brained and right-brained -- about half the time, I see the dancer turning in either direction, and can "reverse" her by looking away briefly. Thanks to Jay Solo for pointing out this one.


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Comments (19)

You ought to have your corp... (Below threshold)

You ought to have your corpus callosum examined.

I can make it appear either... (Below threshold)

I can make it appear either way, although it's difficult once I see her go one way to make her seem to go the other.

I can't get her to go clock... (Below threshold)

I can't get her to go clockwise.

After staring at the damned thing for 20 minutes, the only thing I found is that she's anatomically correct in the nipplage area...

She kept spinning both dire... (Below threshold)

She kept spinning both directions for me. Fickle wench.

My left brain and right bra... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

My left brain and right brain just had a civil war... No clear winner, but an awful lot of space up there now.

"After staring at the damne... (Below threshold)

"After staring at the damned thing for 20 minutes, the only thing I found is that she's anatomically correct in the nipplage area..."

If you stare at those long enough, you activate the "feeling" part of your brain and she will go clockwise... :)

Actually, looking away and scolling up/down at the same time seems to make her switch

I'm a conservative, I don't... (Below threshold)

I'm a conservative, I don't HAVE a "feeling" part of my brain, remember?


Thanks, Clancy, I got it no... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Clancy, I got it now.

My kids discovered somethin... (Below threshold)

My kids discovered something on YouTube that is definitely worth the time - do a search for "paintjam" and enjoy these two guys who do amazing paintings with their hands while music plays.

As a teacher, I can tell you that taking a number of "left brain vs right brain" or "multiple intelligences" tests online can really help you to know what kind of learner you are. If you are very right-brained, chances are the school system failed you by teaching to left-brainers. You can help your kids out at home by finding out if they are right brained and find them activities that will help them learn what they need to know (in a way that actually sticks).

Incidentally, kids who have... (Below threshold)

Incidentally, kids who have different multiple intelligence strengths and weaknesses or are very right-brained are oftentimes labeled as ADD or ADHD.

And while we're at it - if your kid is pegged as ADHD, get the crap out of their diet - white flour and sugar, artificial color and additives - you'll see a major improvement.

I'd guess that easy distrac... (Below threshold)

I'd guess that easy distractability might give a survival advantage in close combat.

Thanks JAY--- Not ... (Below threshold)

Thanks JAY---

Not that I didn't waste enough time on my OWN..lmao

I now look forward to shooting many more commies!!! 45,000 in my novice mode.
And............I can make the shadow chick spin BOTH ways just by glancing away and looking back....

AGAIN...THANKS JAY!!!!!!!!! lol

Strange, I noticed that she... (Below threshold)

Strange, I noticed that she changed direction when I looked down for a split-second or to the left of the figure. So, "a little from column A and little from column B."

Well, I managed to finish t... (Below threshold)

Well, I managed to finish the game, but didn't get as high a score as you. I wonder what contributes to that - presumably we had to stop the same number of waves of enemies.

D'oh.. I let one guy throug... (Below threshold)

D'oh.. I let one guy through on the last wave.. 176000 or so. Getting closer.

189007!It's just l... (Below threshold)


It's just luck what score you get, if you complete it flawlessly I think.

Strange, I noticed... (Below threshold)
Strange, I noticed that she changed direction when I looked down for a split-second or to the left of the figure.
Same thing happened to me. Otherwise, I can only make it spin clockwise.
By 5:05, the dancer was sta... (Below threshold)

By 5:05, the dancer was standing on her head for Nicholas.

Thanks for the commie-killi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the commie-killin' game, Jay. I may well lose my job because of it. ;~)

(If I do, it's entirely my fault. But DAMN! That's a fun game!)






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