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British "think tank" finds that less physical labor can make you obese!

According to a British "think tank", modern life is what causes such high rates of obesity:

Obesity does not result simply from over-eating and a lack of exercise, but is a consequence of modern life, a British government think-tank said on Wednesday.

Weight gain does not result from people's actions -- such as over-indulgence or laziness -- alone, and is a far more passive phenomenon than is often assumed, according to Foresight.

It found that the technological revolution of the 20th century has led to weight gain becoming unavoidable for the majority of the population, because our bodies and biological make-up are out of step with our surroundings.

"Stocking up on food was key to survival in prehistoric times, but now with energy dense, cheap foods, labor-saving devices, motorized transport and sedentary work, obesity is rapidly becoming a consequence of modern life," said Sir David King, the British government's chief scientific adviser and head of the Foresight program.

The British Department of Health-sponsored project is the result of a two-year-long study into the causes of obesity involving almost 250 experts and scientists.

They predicted that the so-called obesity "epidemic" would take at least 30 years to reverse.

So let's break this down. Before the technological revolution, people were doing more physical labor, i.e., unintentional exercize, and were eating better foods because fast food was unavailable. Now, we're sitting around behind desks at work, driving everywhere, and eating cheap foods.

I can picture it now. This British think tank is sitting around, and someone mutters this to themselves, and then jumps up and shouts, "EUREKA! It isn't lack of exercize and eating too much crap, it's modern life!"

But isn't what this so-called "think tank" discovering what we already know? People used to have more physical exertion on a regular basis and ate better quality food. Now, we engorge ourselves with McDonald's and sit on our asses all day long. To counteract that, most people work out and try to eat healthier.

But oh no, says this "think tank". Encouraging people to exercize more and eat better is looking at it the entirely wrong way. We have to change our attitudes -- we must stop looking at obesity as something that comes about from over-eating and/or laziness!

So what is the answer? Why, changing society, of course!

"Foresight has, for the first time, drawn together complex evidence to show that we must fight the notion that the current obesity epidemic arises from individual over-indulgence or laziness alone," he said.

"Personal responsibility is important, but our study shows the problem is much more complicated.

"It is a wake-up call for the nation, showing that only change across many elements of our society will help us tackle obesity."

The researchers said there was no single "magic bullet" solution; even a new appetite-suppressing drug would not be the answer, because the problem is systemic.

Tackling obesity, like tackling climate change, requires a range of changes in society, from increasing everyday activity through the design of the built environment and transport systems to shifting the drivers of the food chain and consumer purchasing patterns to favor healthier options.

Right, right, this is just like "climate change". We must change society to keep people from getting fat! Who cares about personal responsibility? It isn't important to shut your piehole and get on a treadmill for a while. What's important is that changes in society are made so that we can all continue to be lazy and shove whatever we want into our mouths. Heaven forbid that we put any effort into it.

I'm extremely glad that I live in the United States when I see things like this. If I lived in Britain, I'd be furious that my taxpayer dollars funded this crock of shit.


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Gee whiz! Are they saying ... (Below threshold)

Gee whiz! Are they saying Pol Pot was right, and we all need to be marched out into the rural areas for "reeducation" as agrarian peasants?

Marxist economics can cure the obesity problem (well, except for the Commissars, of course, but they need their strength because they have to think for All The People) pretty quickly. You don't find a lot of "stubborn belly fat" on North Koreans, for example . . .

Aw. It's a cute little art... (Below threshold)

Aw. It's a cute little article, though. It's "hard" to come up with new ideas for weight loss! Personal responsibility just seems so "unrealistic" in this day and age! ;)

Okay, let me get this strai... (Below threshold)

Okay, let me get this straight. We're not fat simply from over-eating and a lack of exercize. So in order to slim down we must change our habits which will result in better eating and more exercize.

Have I about got that right?

Isn't "think tank" a Britis... (Below threshold)

Isn't "think tank" a British euphemism for Pub?

I guess not, but it could be in this case.

Besides, isn't having a fat ass as bad as climate change? Other Brits think so.

Okay, let me get t... (Below threshold)
Okay, let me get this straight. We're not fat simply from over-eating and a lack of exercize. So in order to slim down we must change our habits which will result in better eating and more exercize.

That's about right Oyster....except for the 'z' in exercise.

While we're on the subject ... (Below threshold)

While we're on the subject of foreign affairs, does anyone think the reason President, (soon to be Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin is paying a visit to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to apologize for the Russian's failed defense missle and air attack system that Iran bought and deployed in Syria? Many would love to be that "fly on the wall" and listen to that converstation.

Does anyone know that CNN's Wolf Blitzer thinks Steven Cobert's announcement to run for the POTUS deserves serious consideration? Should Ellen DeGeneres get her abandoned dog back? Was Chris Matthews serious when he attempted to get Barbara Boxer to say President Bush is "unstable"? Could anyone possibly find out that Jay Tea and Mohammad Ali are distant cousins? Somebody stop me!!!!

Sorry, I was attempting to do verbal calestetics for my fat jaw.

Could anyone possibly f... (Below threshold)

Could anyone possibly find out that Jay Tea and Mohammad Ali are distant cousins? Somebody stop me!!!!

Or that Cheney and Obama are distant cousins?

Oh wait... that's true!

Aside from some medical pro... (Below threshold)

Aside from some medical problems, such as thyroidal issues, that can lead to weight-related problems, there is really no justifiable excuse for excessive weight gain. It's all a matter of self-discipline. You have to be self-disciplined enough to educate yourself about the dangers of what you put into your mouth; about processed foods with additives and preservatives; and about getting yourself up off the sofa and burning off some calories. There are no magic pills or potions to it--just input and output. I know. I came from overweight parents and I managed to lose my weight in early adolescence (on my own) and keep it off for over 30 years. It's a constant struggle because I can still gain weight easily if I let my guard down. In short, if it wasn't grown naturally, don't put in into your body. You should never eat anything you can't identify or that has ingredients in it that you cannot pronounce.

They already found that out... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

They already found that out in DEXTERS LAB






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