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There's a new sheriff in town...

And her name is Maggie...

I'm proud to announce that we've hired a comment section editor at Wizbang. We're still working out the mechanics, but Maggie (who is on a crash course to learn the software we use to publish our site) will be joining us in her official capacity shortly. I'll save the bio information for her to share with you in her initial post, but rest assured that she's got plenty of experience. Together with the recent changes announced in our comment policy I think that this will demonstrate our commitment to having a lively, engaging, and civil comment section.


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I think I knew her Ma. She... (Below threshold)

I think I knew her Ma. She used to talk to all the servants about man and God and law.

I wish Maggie luck and look forward to her starting. If she can do something about the continual off-topic diversionary commenting, she'll be a big hit. We've witnessed, first-hand, the tragedy of untreated Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

Aw, what the &^%[email protected]# is this... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Aw, what the &^%[email protected]# is this %$%%# &%[email protected]# stuff about?

I'm kidding! :-)

Welcome, Maggie!

Awww crap....I'm gonna get ... (Below threshold)

Awww crap....I'm gonna get banned for sure ........

Good deal.Now can we... (Below threshold)

Good deal.
Now can we do something about vote-stuffing the posts? Periodically, there's something that goes through every single post and gives it 1 star, without regard to its quality.

Is this Dirty Maggie May we... (Below threshold)

Is this Dirty Maggie May we're talking about? Anyway, long overdue. Welcome. Except for Paul Hooson, most the trolls here are uncivil. ww

WW,Hooson may be c... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Hooson may be civil, but unfortunately, Soros pays him by the word.


Thanks Y'all. :)I ha... (Below threshold)

Thanks Y'all. :)
I have a Texas sized fly swatter, and
I am detailed oriented!
Looking foward to all the sashaying and
future swatting.

Don't care about her experi... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

Don't care about her experience. I want to see some pics of her.

Maggie, speaking as a Texan... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Maggie, speaking as a Texan, we don't use fly swatters.

If they're itty-bitty, we smack 'em with our hands.

If they're juicy looking, we use a paper.

If they're big enough to be trouble, well, that's where Mr. Colt comes in.

Hope they told you enough about what to expect.

That, and enough ammunition for the fracas d'jour.

Welcome Aboard, and let's not forget the motto:

One riot. One ranger.

DJ,Thanks for the we... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the welcome aboard.
If the flies/mosquitoes are big enough
I use my truck to whack them.






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