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Breaking News: Mel Martinez resigns

Mel Martinez has announced that he is stepping down as the RNC Chair.

Mel Martinez, the public face of the Republican National Committee as its general chairman, announced Friday he was stepping down from his post after serving only 10 months.

"I believe that our future as a party and nation is bright and I have every intention of continuing to fight for our president, our party and our candidates," the Florida senator said in a statement.

His resignation came months earlier than anticipated. Martinez wasn't expected to step down until a Republican presidential nominee was selected, and the earliest that could occur is February.

The RNC said Martinez' job would not be filled.

Martinez said he was relinquishing the job to spend more time focusing on his constituents and because the RNC had achieved the objective he set when he assumed the job in January.

"It was my goal as general chairman to lead the party as it established the structure and raised the resources necessary to support our presidential candidate and ensure Republican victories next November. I believe we have accomplished those goals," Martinez said.

Republicans are cheering across the nation.


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Comments (18)

Good riddance to bad rubbis... (Below threshold)

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

"..the RNC had achieved the... (Below threshold)

"..the RNC had achieved the objective he set when he assumed the job in January."

It seems that every day another Republican announces his retirement (Hassert rumored to be the next). Is that Marti's objective, or maybe it was to keep Craig in the Senate?

Martinez has been a disappo... (Below threshold)

Martinez has been a disappointment for us in Florida. But he was certainly a far cry better than Betty Castor. I know that's not saying much...

Then to add to that a relatively popular Democrat Senator, Bill Nelson, shamed us further by signing Harry Reid's pathetic letter to Mark Mays.

Yeah, Martinez gives a rip ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Martinez gives a rip less about his constituents...I used to be one. During the shamnesty bill fiasco, his phone systems were FLOODED, but he did not care.

Don't let the door hit you.

Anyone have Ken Blackwell's... (Below threshold)

Anyone have Ken Blackwell's phone number?

"I believe that our future ... (Below threshold)

"I believe that our future as a party and nation is bright..."

Now that you are leaving.

Mel holds the distinction o... (Below threshold)

Mel holds the distinction of being the ONLY Republican for whom I have NOT voted in Tampa in more than 20 years!

He lived up to my lack-of-expectations....but did so WAY beyond the pale....his idiocy about illegals; his involvement in the Schiavo case; his dastardly deeds against a fellow GOP candidate will forever be remembered, and hopefully he will be a 1-term idiot!

There be many of us in FL who will work actively to insure this awful person does not serve another term in the Senate...let alone as RNC leader....what WAS Bush thinking....WAS Bush thinking?

Adios Mel....may you depart with all the flatulent salutes you deserve!


If the party has acheieved ... (Below threshold)

If the party has acheieved the objectives he set, then he is a diabolical saboteur.

Get Newt in there right now... (Below threshold)

Get Newt in there right now.

"There be many of us in FL ... (Below threshold)

"There be many of us in FL who will work actively to insure this awful person does not serve another term in the Senate"

This is all fine, BUT please make sure seat STAYS Republican!!!!
..I know ..I know Mel was as bad as (D) sometimes .... but STILL...Harry and the Crazy Mother-in-law don't need any more actual (D)'s on their side.

Despite not having his name... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Despite not having his name on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, Sen. Martinez was the Republican face of it. Chumming around with Ted Kennedy and the party's worst enemies was not what gets him or other Republicans reelected. The timing of his fund raising efforts couldn't been more ill timed. He launched a major drive simultaneous with the acrimonious amnesty debate, and at a time when many Republicans were abandoning their principals and constituents.

I don't want my money supporting defectors, and I didn't give. Even sent the forms back to the RNC with a notation that there would be nothing from me because of the party's support of the bill. Still feel that way. I hope Jeb Bush runs for his seat. I think there is a good chance. Jeb did a fantastic job running the state and is admired by both parties.

I suspect Mel is resigning because fundraisng is not meeting expectations. Republicans are smart and they remember. He has to leave the Chair of the RNC. He is the problem.

Corky from Florida

Wow, this is great!<p... (Below threshold)

Wow, this is great!

Fabulous news!

He is a schmuck! Useless as a Senator!

I'm so glad he resigned his....huh?


Heh. Perhaps you should sen... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

Heh. Perhaps you should send the RNC $25 now with a note "in honor of Mel Martinez's resignation".

Who cares? He's just anothe... (Below threshold)

Who cares? He's just another bureaucrat taking up space and collecting a salary.

I mean how important of a job can it be? Howard the Duck is head of the other party. That's all you need to know about the job status.

As predicted, via Bob Novak... (Below threshold)

As predicted, via Bob Novak, over at Politics on October 2nd.

With the resignations and p... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

With the resignations and probable defeats next year...who wants to be Capt. of a sinking ship
(other than Bush/Cheney)

Newt? ya mean "gimmie 30 million and I'll run?"

The difference between the big dogs and the little puppies is the big dogs know 08 is lost.
No big time Republican will step in and face failure.

They hope that the Dems screw things up so much (which they just may)that 2010 can bring some gains...and 2012 a return to power.

Mel was selected by the Republican big dogs.
Just as Denny H is bailing...just like Delay bailed...
Ya all talk about liberal cowards...watch how many of your elected heroes....bail or jail..before 08.

Just wondering..if Franken can run for Senate,
Where is Rush? If he ran he'd get huge money as his ebay auction demonstrates.

Trying to read of your post... (Below threshold)

Trying to read of your posts is mind-boggling there nogo. Could you at least learn basic proper grammar?

"The RNC said Martinez' job... (Below threshold)

"The RNC said Martinez' job would not be filled."
Yep, incompetence on that scale is hard to match. I can safely say he will not be missed by me.






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