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Mid-afternoon of the Living Dead

Zombies. The Undead, the Living Dead - whatever you want to call them. Sure, it's highly unlikely they will be swarming in a town near you any time soon - but why take chances? Are you up to the challenge of a real Zombie Apocalypse? Could you do what needs to be done to survive?

Take the quiz, and score yourself.

I scored 67%, and have guns and ammo.

Stick close to me, but keep your mouth shut unless you spot a zombie. No blubbering, whining, caterwauling, or complaining. Unless you want to be used as bait . . .


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I love zombie movies. A new... (Below threshold)

I love zombie movies. A new version of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD done in 1950's type 3D is fresh out on DVD. Although it's not quite as masterful as any real George Romero production, the outrageous 3D effect is pretty cool and makes the film worthwhile. And character actor Sid Haig makes a fairly good demented character whose mortuary business got a little out of hand when he failed to cremate the medical experiments and body parts that came back to life to feed on the brains of the living. Haig is no Vincent Price, but certainly adequate enough as a demented but once well meaning character in this pretty good zombie flick.

FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is another recent nonRomero attempt at zombie filmmaking, and it's creepy fun as well. Set on a jet passenger plane, a woman infected with a virus creates a major zombie outbreak on the plane with certainly disasterous results. Combines all the fun of the cult favorite, SNAKES ON A PLANE, with a George Romerolike attempt at zombie filmmaking. Not half bad.

The real current DVD zombie masterpiece that is a must-see is the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino gem, PLANET TERROR. Not only does the film masterfully spin a great zombie tale, but creates some of the greatest cinematic but trashy violent moments of any film in recent memory with the machine gun toting prosthetic leg scenes of Rose McGowen playing a stripper who lost her leg. Every character is a twisted or creepy portrait of strange quirks or other unusual characteristics. PLANET TERROR is far and away the better of the two GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE films, easily better than DEATH PROOF, the Quentin Tarantino film starring Kurt Russell as the twisted former stuntman Hell bent on murdering women with his stunt equipped cars used as murder weapons.

If you really like zombie films, then for heavens sake, rent, or better yet, buy PLANET TERROR, FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D. Certainly the George Romero films are great bets as well. Also look for the older Italian film, ZOMBIE, which is a gruesome delight as well and available on a 2 disc DVD set.

74% - I guess a lack of sym... (Below threshold)

74% - I guess a lack of sympathy for my fellow man in the Zombipocalypse and my penchant for headshots comes in handy.

Check out JoeHorror.com and... (Below threshold)

Check out JoeHorror.com and WildSideCinema for movie reviews, including more zombie flicks than you can shake a boomstick at.

(I am a contributing reviewer)

Ted, great websites. I'm ad... (Below threshold)

Ted, great websites. I'm adding them to my favorites. Look for the comedy zombie flick FIDO on DVD Oct 23. This looks like a real kick in the pants. People keep zombies around as pets like a dog, and often with disasterous results. Maybe the best comedy zombie flick since SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

There was an old KIDS IN THE HALL comedy sketch where a zombie made a real half-hearted attempt to catch a barely running couple, and every few feet the woman(played by an actor in drag) would take off his pumps and gently toss them at the zombie in a patheticly poor attempt to stop the zombie. A really funny comedy bit.

In Oregon, the kid that had his face painted like a zombie for a small fair and nervously told a reporter, "I like turtles", continues to be a big hit on YouTube and other websites, with T-shirts or other products now being sold with the slogan or his likeness. The kid now has done a pathetic local sports commercial for KGW TV-Portland, Oregon as well.

There's a zombie outbreak all over it seems.

64%, I guess question 12 w... (Below threshold)

64%, I guess question 12 was my undoing. The prospect of a 42" Flat Screen would be too tempting.

67% here too.GD zo... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

67% here too.

GD zombies!

But there weren't any optio... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

But there weren't any options of "It's Bush's fault" or "Negotiate with the zombies" or "Use the weapon to open your own skull so the zombies can have an easier time eating your brain"! It's obviously a fascist, neo-con quiz!!!!

/Wizbang Blue

Now if we could only change... (Below threshold)

Now if we could only change (Zombies) to (Liberals)....now that would be scary...

Cripes, it just occurred to... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Cripes, it just occurred to me that zombie's will be wanting their own footbaths and they'll DEMAND a zombie-centric menu for all schools.

While I may only have a 65%... (Below threshold)

While I may only have a 65% Zombie-Proof rating (I was tempted to hack the html and make it 95%, but hell, I still have morals...), I have to say I prefer the early Sami Rami works on the Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell, wherefore art thou lost now as Axe?

The two older flicks cited ... (Below threshold)

The two older flicks cited by Spurwing Plover are classics (White Zombie features early Lugosi, before he was a complete junkie - scary guy), but nothing beats Romero's NOTLD from 1968. He spent about $500 bucks, from appearances, to make it, but still ended up with a classic horror tale that virtually spoofs itself. Dollar for dollar, you can't beat that.

Of modern offerings, Tarentino's From Dawn to Dusk wins in my book. It captures the horror/parody dual genre, and allows you to root for George Clooney without feeling all dirty inside.

Zombie films tend to be sto... (Below threshold)

Zombie films tend to be stories of survival. My grown children used to bug me about keeping shelves of canned food around. They stopped bugging me when I said it was emergency rations for the zombie invasion. The movies get them thinking about dealing with the unexpected, like 9/11 did. The films tend to bug me because so many of the directors focus on what happens to the stupid people, instead of focusing on the survivors. My score was 62%, because there is a chance I would go down covering my grandsons retreat with my shotgun.

What I would really like to see made into a film is the story of the British girl who listened to her teachers description of what a tsunami looked like and saved 200 people by warning them to run.

81%You guys are al... (Below threshold)


You guys are all my zombie bait!

75% for me!!!... (Below threshold)

75% for me!!!






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