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The New York Times' Employment Test

Take The New York Times' Employee Entrance Exam over at The Nose On Your Face. Proficiency at writing fiction preferred; the ability to ignore inconvenient facts required.

My favorite question:

10. Karl Rove leaves Washington DC in an over-sized, gas guzzling SUV traveling west at 1:30pm EST. Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld departs from San Francisco heading east in a fully armed Blackhawk helicopter that receives even more dreadful gas mileage at 2:25pm PST. Assuming there is a 15 mph wind blowing north to east, where will they meet up to plot the rape and destruction of yet another defenseless Third World country populated entirely by brown-skinned people?

This, and the rest, at the link above. Don't miss the "True or Not False" questions, either . . .


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Comments (7)

Are you serious? Is this r... (Below threshold)

Are you serious? Is this really true?

Note the "humor" tag . . . ... (Below threshold)

Note the "humor" tag . . . of course, it is hardly far off . . .

This is a trick question...... (Below threshold)

This is a trick question....Since when have people at The New York Times been capable of solving word problems?

Sophie ~ Multiple choice . ... (Below threshold)

Sophie ~ Multiple choice . . . ;-)

Two stories about zombies, ... (Below threshold)

Two stories about zombies, I'm sensing a theme here.

Karl Rove's gas guzzling SU... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove's gas guzzling SUV gets 10 MPG. It takes 100 gallons per day to heat Al Gore's mansion. Sandy Berger has to drive 50 miles to shred a batch of stolen, classified documents. Berger will use Rove's SUV with the fuel saved by shutting down Al Gore's mansion for a week. Hillary needs 60 batches of classified documents shredded to be a viable candidate for the presidential election. After these classified documents are shredded, how many more trips will Berger be able to make in order to additionally shred Rose Law Firm records?

After these classi... (Below threshold)
After these classified documents are shredded, how many more trips will Berger be able to make in order to additionally shred Rose Law Firm records?

Speaking of shredded memos, I hear this one might not make it into daylight:

Hillary: "When I am elected President, one of my first acts will be to provide chasity belts to every women working at the White House at the taxpayers expense"

"This will be called the "Preventative Sexual Harrassment Act" also known as the KPIP (keep penis in pants) Act."

Hillary also added that this act would save the government billions in potential/probable lawsuits. Historians will later record that this is what got Clinton "over the hump" in her quest to lead this nation.

(I made this one up this morning)






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