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Louisiana elects Republican Jindal as Governor

Rep. Bobby Jindal, who many observers believe only narrowly lost the 2003 gubernatorial race to Kathleen Blanco because of prejudice against his Indian heritage, has won the Louisiana Primary outright against weaker Democratic opposition. Melinda DeSlatte reports for the Associated Press:

U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal won the Louisiana governor's race Saturday, becoming the nation's youngest governor and the first non-white to hold the state's post since Reconstruction.

Jindal, the Republican 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants, carried more than half the vote against 11 opponents. With about 92 percent of the vote in, Jindal had 53 percent with 625,036 votes -- more than enough to win outright and avoid a Nov. 17 runoff.

Read the whole story at the link above. Jindal was universally expected to win, given the lack of stature and funding for any of his opponents. The big question was: Could he avoid a run-off where the opposition might unify against him? This has now been answered.

Democratic successes in off-year and special elections in 2005 were often cited as portending a general victory in 2006, which did happen. I'm betting Jindal's victory gets treated as "in the deep South, the last refuge of Republicans . . . " and "against the national trend towards Democrats . . ." - just a guess, mind you . . .


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[waiting to hear Paul weigh... (Below threshold)

[waiting to hear Paul weigh in on this one]

I was just thinking the sam... (Below threshold)

I was just thinking the same thing while reading another blog (Redstate) that was going over this.

We'll expect a fully detailed breakdown and analysis by lunch, Paul. :}

It proves the 'people' are ... (Below threshold)

It proves the 'people' are smart enough to see through the left wing Lame Stream Media propaganda. With Shrillary's criminal activity in the past couple of months and Obama proving he's no American Patriot, but an Islamic radical through and through, the lock is off the 08 vote.

It proves the 'people' a... (Below threshold)

It proves the 'people' are smart enough to see through the left wing Lame Stream Media propaganda
Let's not count our chickens yet! I lived in California during the infamous reign of Jerry Brown. I was certain that no one in their right mind would vote to re-elect Governor Moonbeam.
I've learned since then not to underestimate the power of lying politicians or overestimate the gullibility of the electorate at large.

Overcome with joy, no doubt... (Below threshold)

Overcome with joy, no doubt.

Most people are not so dumb... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Most people are not so dumb that they don't look out for their own self interest when the chips are down. It is easy to vote based on theory, but when reality hits, common sense soon follows. Or it should anyway. For an opposite result, see the re-election of Nagin in New Orelans.

Louisiana elected Blanco, and she fell flat on her face during/post Katrina. And while the MSM, the Dems (Redundant), and Civil Rights establishment tried to give Blanco, Nagin, Jefferson, and Landrieu cover after Katrina, the people saw through the charade. The voters of La. asked the question "why do states like Fla., N. Car. S. Car. get hit with hurricanes every year, and yet still comport themselves with some comeptency, but La. can't?" And decided the answer boiled down to Leadership.

And the fact the post Katrina reclamation effort has been a hodge-podge of thievery, cronyism, and grab-assery did not help the Dems in the state defend their claim "they are for the people"

So I am not suprised Jindal won

Nagin is a chameleon. Hard... (Below threshold)

Nagin is a chameleon. Hard to spot even with hawkeyes.

Congrats to Bobby Jindhal a... (Below threshold)

Congrats to Bobby Jindhal and his family.

OK, skunk oil for the perp.... (Below threshold)

OK, skunk oil for the perp. Potshots at sitting birds ain't sportin'. It's fowl behaviour, it makes the barnyard stink.

I'd like a good answer to why Plovers are endangered. I've seen several instances of that bird's posts being deleted. My post #7 at 3:59 is in response to one of them. Is it the unique perspective? The phonetic spelling? If the attack is external figure it out. If the criticism is internal, I'm sorry.

kim ~ I didn't do it - but ... (Below threshold)

kim ~ I didn't do it - but it is well-established that our Section Editor finds Spurwing particularly annoying. I believe the root may lie in the latter's injudicious use of all caps. In any case, they apparently have a long history - sort of like Einstein and Bohr.

Well I've noticed that a co... (Below threshold)

Well I've noticed that a comment from plover is usually a death knell for the thread. Threads long and short often end with his/her comment.

Shocking. Spurwing Plover ... (Below threshold)

Shocking. Spurwing Plover and scrapiron, and the late lamented bryanD, are the most amazing geniuses on this site.

I'm sorry. The urge to migrate is strong.

Oyster, birds are flighty a... (Below threshold)

Oyster, birds are flighty and cautious creatures. The plover commonly won't even land unless the coast is clear. He's frequently spotted gleaning a harvested field. In all blogdom, I've rarely seen a more elegant example of an extended and perfected metaphor. What have they done with my bird?

C'mon, kim ~ you know bryan... (Below threshold)

C'mon, kim ~ you know bryanD is merely under house arrest, and can be seen touting the Ron Paul Electric Kool-Aid Experience over on the Politics page.

Hallucinogenic commenting is only a click away . . .

One click makes you larger
And one click makes you small
But in the time Blue gives you,
You can't comment at all
. . .

Does the Governor of Louisi... (Below threshold)
Carl Author Profile Page:

Does the Governor of Louisiana have the legal power to remove local officials? If so, I hope Jindal removes N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin, Police Chief Warren Riley and D.A. Eddie Jordan for gross misconduct, incompetence, & neglect.






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