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Why I'll Never Be A Top-Tier Leftie Blogger

Every now and then I look at N.Z. Bear's ecosystem of blogs and wonder why we aren't ranked higher, And every now and then I'm reminded that simply ranking high over there doesn't mean squat.

Case in point: the deranged, hypocritical, psychopathic dipshits at the all-too-appropriately-named "Crooks And Liars." Here's their little formula for a smash posting:

1) Note that a lot of people they don't like are upset over the words of a Congressman spoken on the House floor.

2) Concoct a poll of the readership about whether said Congressman should apologize for the comments, but quote a DIFFERENT PART OF THE SPEECH THAT HAS PEOPLE SO UPSET and omit the section that is the actual source of the controversy.

3) When called out, go on a frantic comment-deleting binge to get rid of the inconvenient truths. (My particular favorite rationale for the censorship is this one: [Deleted. Don't expect this site to pay for the bandwidth for you to criticise it. Move on-Sitemonitor] If I EVER pulled that kind of bullshit, here, I suspect Kevin would fire me -- and if he didn't, he should.)

4) When you can't contain the shitstorm any further, announce that the missed quote was a "coding error," then yell and and censor anyone who says it might not have been an innocent mistake.

Lord knows I've made my share of mistakes. Some big, some small, some gob-smackingly huge. In each case, though, I've tried to do what I thought was the right thing: own up to them, thank those who caught it, and fixed it. I've never tried to conceal them, never accosted those who spotted my errors (no matter how snotty they were about it, or how acrimonious our prior dealings have been), and never gone on an editing and deleting spree to cover it up.

Maybe I should, though, if that's part of the magic formula for blogging success.

OK, let's get serious for a moment. The more I think about it, I suspect the original screwup was inadvertent. The author, John Amato, quoted what he thought was the most inflammatory part of Stark's speech without actually reading or listening to the people who were upset about it. From there on, though, "good faith" goes right out the window, defenestrated by arrogance and egotism and an absolutely pathological need to be "right" despite the seventeen metric assloads of proof to the contrary. The guy just couldn't find the stones to say "I screwed up" -- and considering how quickly he was being followed by the slavering hordes, I can't really say I blame him for deciding to continue riding the tiger.

But he's still an asshole.

Update: Gee, comments are closed on that entry. Why didn't I see that coming?


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Comments (42)

They have some weapons grad... (Below threshold)
Radical Centrist:

They have some weapons grade crazy going on over
there. They ban anybody that tries to raise counter arguments so the site really is an
echo-chamber site. Opposing views will not be tolerated. I was banned from that site a long time ago.

Sorry when did WizBlue rena... (Below threshold)

Sorry when did WizBlue rename itself and get high traffic?

'seventeen metric assholes'... (Below threshold)

'seventeen metric assholes'? Is that like the whole nine yards? Now, volumetric would be cubic rectums. By the way, do you know what a cubic Henry is?

Emerson Biggins' is not jus... (Below threshold)

Emerson Biggins' is not just your father's watering hole, it's the measure of truth and beauty. Or is it bounty?

Plame on Couric tonight. W... (Below threshold)

Plame on Couric tonight. Wait, I didn't say that.

"But he's still an asshole.... (Below threshold)

"But he's still an asshole." and a f******g liar.

When you live in an echo chamber all you hear is recycled.

So, perhaps Amato's post i... (Below threshold)

So, perhaps Amato's post is exactly the way you play it in your post.

However, the villification of C&L, "the deranged, hypocritical, psychopathic dipshits at the all-too-apprpriately-named "Crooks And Liars." merely reflects that on any given day C&L skews the living hell out of the RW Kook world of which you are a part. And they typically do it w/ vid posts illustrating exactly the point that usually strips the rightie's flesh to the bone.

As Scarlet's Mammy might say, "and you [Jay]there just sittin' and waitin' like a spidah" finding one alleged instance of censorship.

The more you mightily strain bursting your gut w/ your vain attempt to slime C&L, you cannot manage to deflect that this site is an absolutely brilliant followup for any reader who has finished swimming thru the septic tanks of the extreme rightie blogs. It's like a hot shower after being in this [deleted]pool.

"damn reality, full speed a... (Below threshold)

"damn reality, full speed ahead!"

Charlie, you need more chlo... (Below threshold)

Charlie, you need more chlorine in your shower water.

He doesn't get it. He need... (Below threshold)

He doesn't get it. He needs a brainwash.

"Charlie" as in "Viet Cong"... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

"Charlie" as in "Viet Cong", apparently....

First tier usually means Lo... (Below threshold)

First tier usually means Lost in the Maze. I just skimmed through the comments section of the post you linked to and counted at least 30 deleted ones. One admin replied in the deletion hinting that the commenter was not much of a Christian. The irony is you only see the response for deletion and not the original comment.

When Jay asked why his comment was deleted, all they replied with was a "yawn". This tells me right away that the site itself is not suitable for any type of discussion when you have an opposing view. What it also tells me is the posters have no interest in moving outside their own scope of thinking. The posters seem to want only an echo chamber.

I wonder if the makers of S... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the makers of Seroquel or Abilify have thought of advertising on that blog?

Why is it that Charlie and ... (Below threshold)

Why is it that Charlie and the ones over at Kozkids remind me of The Lord of the Flies?

And they typically do it w/ vid posts illustrating exactly the point that usually strips the rightie's flesh to the bone.

This is the mindset that, when it gets power, hunts the likes of a Trotsky to the ends of the earth. Just to strip his flesh to the bone.

"...you cannot manage to... (Below threshold)

"...you cannot manage to deflect that this site is an absolutely brilliant followup for any reader who has finished swimming thru the septic tanks of the extreme rightie blogs."

Oh my, that was funny. Charlie probably heads over there regularly to assuage his little brain ever time the foundation of his make believe world is shaken by reality.

There is definitely a small core group who are there clicking their heels together chanting "There's no place like home," but the rest of us go just for the laughs. Website counters simply do not discriminate.

And Kim, it was seventeen metric 'assloads' not 'assholes'. But hey, when it comes to these guys, it really doesn't matter. :)

LOL, the only flesh strippe... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

LOL, the only flesh stripped to the bone will be charlie's and fellow liberals when they are hit with a napalm strike. You cowards really think we are going to let you control us? Hahahahahahahahahah....... Dream on little boy.

LaMedusa:The p... (Below threshold)


The posters seem to want only an echo chamber.

Why, if I didn't know any better I'd think you were describing the "backside" of Wizbang. If ya know what I mean.

And charlie... you do yourself and your side so *proud*. (if proud equates to supreme asshattery)

I am a proud member of the ... (Below threshold)

I am a proud member of the "Banned from C&L" group.

They tolerate dissent like Hillary tolerates a scolding.

Cat Fight!Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Cat Fight!

Thanks for the heads-up Kim. The interview was great. I loved those jeans she was wearing.

Lefties tend to be quick to... (Below threshold)
ac#1 Author Profile Page:

Lefties tend to be quick to pull the plug when confronted, they prefer throwing sucker punches and then running for cover.

I stopped being concerned about TTLB when I noticed that blogs that haven't updated in two years were ranked 5,000 spots higher than me.

The vote seems to be gettin... (Below threshold)

The vote seems to be getting closer

"I noticed that blogs that ... (Below threshold)

"I noticed that blogs that haven't updated in two years were ranked 5,000 spots higher than me."

Maybe your blog sucks?

Classic Barney.Kno... (Below threshold)

Classic Barney.

Knows he can't defend the indefensible, so he cheap-shots instead.


Baghdad barney:<em... (Below threshold)

Baghdad barney:

Maybe your blog sucks?

Which places it how far up or down the scale in relation to yours?

Your ignorance and patented ability for unbridled asshattery is unmatched.

Actually, Jay Tea, classic ... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jay Tea, classic Barney is when he posts a comment responding to something he completely failed to understand ...

Which he did.

Ahhh...the indignities of t... (Below threshold)
ac#1 Author Profile Page:

Ahhh...the indignities of the blogosphere, being insulted by a guy named BarneyG2000.

Gee Jay, it's not like anyo... (Below threshold)

Gee Jay, it's not like anyone here has posted a tread with misleading information? That is why I watched the video (posted on C&L) provided with the full speech. That is why I read the links you and the others provide so I can uncover the half truths that lambs that pray at the alter of bush refuse to see.

Sour grapes is the best way to describe the opening to your commentary. Meow!

(Editor: I guess Barney DOES expect this website to pay for the bandwidth for him to criticize it. Perhaps we ought to take a page from their playbook...

Oh, and Barney? It's an ALTAR, not an ALTER.


"being insulted by a guy na... (Below threshold)

"being insulted by a guy named BarneyG2000." by ac#1

Like ac#1 is so dignified? So what is an ac#2?

BarneyG2000,Will y... (Below threshold)
U,P, Man:


Will you answer the question I asked over at C&L that has been deleted?

If you agree with everything the Representative said, then you honestly think President Bush enjoys it when American Men and Women get their heads blown off?

At my blog I, like you Barn... (Below threshold)
ac#1 Author Profile Page:

At my blog I, like you BarneyG2000, feel the concept of the individual is nothing but a chain placed around the ankles of the proletariat by the hated kulaks, exemplified in Amerikkka by the evil McChimperor BushisHilter.

Therefore all contributors to the site are assigned numbers, that way no one is elevated above the other.

Totally seriously.

UPMan, I already answered t... (Below threshold)

UPMan, I already answered that questions days ago. I do not agree with that statement. To agree with it would inferred that the President had feelings. I not do believe that Bush gives a rat's ass about our soldiers. If he did he would have listened to his Generals instead of firing them. He wouldn't have said "bring it on". He wouldn't have declared victory before the country was secured, He would have ordered enough troops to secure the weapons depots or the boarders where the foreign fighters and shaped IED are coming from and on and on.

ac#1, well that explains it... (Below threshold)

ac#1, well that explains it.

So you think President Bush... (Below threshold)
U,P, Man:

So you think President Bush went out of his way to have American Men and Women killed?

When did he declared victory? I remember him saying this was not going to be over quickly and that the war on terror would be more like the Cold War than any other war.

Are you talking about the Mission Accomplished sign? Did the crew of that Carrier Task force complete their mission?

Enough troops to secure the Iraq border is also enough to be an occupying force.

You see Barney there is nuance to international relation which seems to be lost on you.

"Why, if I didn't know a... (Below threshold)

"Why, if I didn't know any better I'd think you were describing the "backside" of Wizbang. If ya know what I mean."

Marc, "backside" is but a microcosm of the above mentioned site because their comments section resembles a pin dropping from way across town. At least they have "each other". ;)

BarneyI gues the e... (Below threshold)


I gues the editor?. Jay Tra would rather nail you for a typo than address the fact that Stark's speech was there in its entirity on the vid link whether or not the coding error occured or not.

But then, that would have revealed that Tea just wanted to kill another messenger because C&L frequently unmasks the right's shit distortions & misrepresentations.

And, they have probably hurt Tea's feelings w/ their posts on the rightie smear of the Frost kid, in particular, showing Mitch Chicken Lips McConnell's hand in steering the smear.

charlie, in honor of your heroes, the self-confessed Crooks and Liars, would you explain why we should pay for the bandwidth for you to criticize us? Or should I just delete your comments entirely? -- J.

Badhdad barney:<em... (Below threshold)

Badhdad barney:

"....He wouldn't have declared victory before the country was secured, He would have ordered enough troops to secure the weapons depots or the boarders where the foreign fighters and shaped IED are coming from and on and on."

So it's safe to assume after all those words you agree with Stark that Bush does get "amusement" from dead and dieing U.S. soldiers.

In that case, we all await your taking to task Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said this about Stark and his childish outburst:

"Yesterday's debate in the House to override the President's veto of bipartisan legislation to cover 10 million children was heated on both sides. While Members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand - providing health care for America's children."
Was it inappropriate Baghdad barney?

And BTW, where does your blog rate in the TTLB again? I must have missed it.

charlie - Are you sure you'... (Below threshold)

charlie - Are you sure you're not "freedomfries" wearing a previously "stained dress" and are only acting as charlie?

If not your *writing* mirrors his/her/ITS discombobulated, disjointed babbling nonsense.

Ah, I see, Oyster, thanks.<... (Below threshold)

Ah, I see, Oyster, thanks.

Her book is selling like hotcakes, isn't it, BG2?

Just didn't want to risk yo... (Below threshold)

Just didn't want to risk you getting any visuals, Kim :)

I was considering the volum... (Below threshold)

I was considering the volume of black holes. Where is Lubos Motl when you need him?

charlie, when was the last ... (Below threshold)

charlie, when was the last time you washed that "No Blood for Oil" tee shirt?

Bet you're a Truther too.

Put your mouth over that pipe and really suck it in.

Charlie, that Frost flop re... (Below threshold)

Charlie, that Frost flop really frosted your betters, didn't it.






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