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A Very Special Video To My Friend Candy And Her Boys

"We are enjoying a rare peek at an age-old enmity that began with Christianity's adoption of Easter." -- uziyahuidf, in the comments.

Now I think I see how Cadbury makes those commercials...

(Thanks to Scott at amcgltd.com, who has gone TWO WEEKS without posting their Caturday LOLcats... and SOME of us have noticed.)


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Those rabbits seem far more... (Below threshold)

Those rabbits seem far more easily intimidated than Jack Rabbit Bauer . . . what are they, chicken?

Boy, Ah say, Boy! Them ain... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Boy, Ah say, Boy! Them ain't no chickens, man. Them is ROOSTERS.

(Ya gotta KNOW your birds, Boy.)

Could those be the infamous... (Below threshold)

Could those be the infamous "Chicken Hawks"???

The boys LOVED it - they ma... (Below threshold)

The boys LOVED it - they made me play it again and again. They especially like the part toward the end when the chicken in the rear sort of bumps the rabbit, as if to say "Don't you start with him again, man!"

Incidentally, it turned into having to watch a ton of rabbit videos on YouTube.

If you are ever bored, do a search on YouTube for "talking dogs".... hysterical!

Very cute! I like where bo... (Below threshold)

Very cute! I like where both bunnies are just frozen like, "What did we do?". It actually looked like they were just rough-housing and the roosters said, "no-no!"






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