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"Crooks and Liars" update: poll results

Jay Tea's post below on the laughable attempt by the leftist blog Crooks and Liars to spin Rep. Pete Stark's outrageous comments on the House floor needs an update.

Jay notes they are deleting all comments critical of their efforts, but they made the mistake of hosting their online poll at at outside site, PollDaddy.com, so they can't mess with the results. Scroll down to the poll, and notice the voting on the question, "Should Pete Stark apologize?" Currently 78% of respondents say he SHOULD.

The moral of the story is: when throwing poop against the wall, hoping some might stick, take care not to let any hit the fan.

Thanks to Charles Johnson for noticing the results!

Jay Tea adds: someone noticed that the poll does NOTHING to prevent repeat voting. I tried it out myself and stuffed five "yes" and five "no" ballots into the box -- just for balance -- and it took them all. And numerous people at the LGF thread boasted of stuffing far in excess of my humble efforts -- showing just how utterly meaningless the whole exercise was, a suitable metaphor for the entire shoddy affair from the oh-so-aptly-named "Crooks And Liars."


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Comments (5)

Yes, I voted early and ofte... (Below threshold)

Yes, I voted early and often. It was my electoral way of stripping their flesh to the bone, Sorry Charlie....

Results currently running 81/19 for YES.

Looks like they can't even ... (Below threshold)

Looks like they can't even round up enough "supporters," i.e. loonbats, to make the poll tip onto their side of lunacy.

HughS...too bad you didn't ... (Below threshold)

HughS...too bad you didn't visit the CNN AM page for essentially the same poll question.

As of this weekend their results show 93% do not think Stark should apologize. Apparently the right kookosphere and youraself missed stuffing CNN's poll.

The CNN results are similar to the C&L results prior to kook stuffing.

charlie:The CN... (Below threshold)


The CNN results are similar to the C&L results prior to kook stuffing.

No nitwit it just means the loonbats from DKos did the same thing.

Of more importance is his "boss" Rep Pelosi in so many words told Stark to STFU:

"Yesterday's debate in the House to override the President's veto of bipartisan legislation to cover 10 million children was heated on both sides. While Members of Congress are passionate about their views, what Congressman Stark said during the debate was inappropriate and distracted from the seriousness of the subject at hand - providing health care for America's children."

charlie, I don't think he s... (Below threshold)

charlie, I don't think he should apologize. He should say it again. In every venue he can find. In front of all cameras.

Sometimes I wonder about you guys.






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