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Goodbye Comcast!

After years of only one choice (cable) for high speed Internet access, as of this evening I'm enjoying the benefits of the free market by dumping Comcast in favor of Verizon's FIOS service.

Let's see with Verizon I get a speedier Internet connection, plus phone service for less than the cost of slower Internet only service from Comcast...

That's not a particularly hard decision to make.


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I had Verizon when I lived ... (Below threshold)

I had Verizon when I lived in California and loved it. They're telephone service is the worst service ever and we were a little scared after having to deal with that group of folks.

But when Verizon FIOS came to town everything changed. Cable, telephone and Internet were great. The customer service changed too.

Hope you enjoy your verizon, I loved mine!

I've heard tell that they c... (Below threshold)

I've heard tell that they cut the copper lines into the house when they install the fiber. Any truth there?

If you request that the cop... (Below threshold)

If you request that the copper remain they will leave it in place. Most people apparently don't make that request.

Comcast is now blocking man... (Below threshold)

Comcast is now blocking many file-sharing applications, so your timing is good.

I begged Comcast to give me service out here for a couple of years, but they said it was unprofitable because the area was too rural. Now it's apparently grown enough for them to solicit me regularly, but I tell 'em to shove it. I can live with my phone co-op's DSL, and Direct TV gives me tons of choices and actual customer service. My parents were able to get Comcast cable when I couldn't, and I know how their "customer service" works. Thanks, but no thanks.

I use GWI, which is a DSL c... (Below threshold)

I use GWI, which is a DSL company based out of Maine, but they service NH, and VT as well.

I have 15 Megabit DSL, I'm 500 feet too far for the 20 Megabit line. They use all of verizon... sorry, Fairpoints hard lines, but it costs less then what that other company charges. It's a pretty good deal. I could get phone service with them, but I don't really need it.

<a href="http://www.dslrepo... (Below threshold)
A month ago, I switched to ... (Below threshold)

A month ago, I switched to Uverse t.v. and internet. For those that do not know, it is ATT fiberoptics. Much, much clearer HD TV and very fast internet. Customer service is excellent. ww

At least you've got a choic... (Below threshold)

At least you've got a choice. We've got Comcast, and that's it except for low-end BellSouth DSL. On the other hand, I'm getting 8-9 megabit download and 1.7 mbit upload, so it beats a 56k modem all to hell.

FiOS rocks! Welcome aboard... (Below threshold)

FiOS rocks! Welcome aboard.

FIOS, the product, is great... (Below threshold)

FIOS, the product, is great. Our hi-def TV using FIOS hi-def beats anything I've seen at friends' houses for football games (or anything). But God help you if you have to call up Verizon for any problems, etc. We found their customer service to be on par with Third World government efficiency. I knew more about what they were supposed to broadcast than did they (Nationals and Orioles games on MASN here in DC area), and billing was crazy, and it took them 2 weeks simply to add on HBO.

But the picture rocks.

GRRR.I just spent ... (Below threshold)


I just spent 20 minutes on hold to find out they don't offer Fios here and it will be a cold day in hell until they do.

Beware! Once you sign up th... (Below threshold)

Beware! Once you sign up th Verizon, you'll never be allowed to leave them & if you dare, they'll mess your credit rating. My family had several cell phones with Verizon many years ago. Once the contract was up, we called V, cancelled & then signed with Tmobil for a better deal. Verizon simply refused to accept that & kept billing us for months. Calls to customer service ("Diana" in Delhi was really helpful), letters sent to their HQ went nowhere.

I don't care if Verizon connection matches speed of light. I will never, ever deal with those morons again. Getting a good mortgage/car loan rate is more important than Verizon's FIOS.






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