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Road Trip!

By the time this piece publishes, Mr. Duckie and I should be well into the hinterlands of northern New Hampshire. As an early birthday present to myself , I'm going to re-visit some of my old haunts and other interesting places. I have no idea how far I'm going to go before I get bored and come home, but I have a few places I definitely want to visit -- and considering today could reach the 80's, it's too good an opportunity to pass on.

The pictures (presuming my partly-broken camera holds up and they come out suitably) ought to be up within a day or so.


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Comments (4)

Travel mercies on ya JT. :)... (Below threshold)

Travel mercies on ya JT. :)

Lucky Duck.=========... (Below threshold)

Lucky Duck.

Have a safe trip, and be su... (Below threshold)

Have a safe trip, and be sure to include mr. Ducky in a lot of photos! :)

Who knew New Hampshire had ... (Below threshold)

Who knew New Hampshire had "hinterlands," anyway?

I thought the whole place was Massachusetts' "hinterland" . . .

Have fun!






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