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When monkeys attack . . .

I never quite understood why people tend to look at monkeys as "cute." Sure, they have body fur, fingers and toes, and faces that vaguely resemble human ones. So does Rosie O'Donnell. So did Lavrentiy Beria. Are they "cute," too?

Monkey social habits are viewed as human-like, as well. Now, if I know you well enough, I might be convinced to pull a tick off you - but no way am I going to eat it. But then, few consider me "cute," either . . . Some folks keep monkeys as pets. These delightful creatures throw their poop, urinate anywhere, and sometimes attempt copulation with people's ears. (Any resemblance to lefty bloggers is purely coincidental, but may explain their fervent belief to have descended from simians).

But monkeys aren't always about such fun and games. Sometimes, they attack with deadly results, as the Associated Press reports from India:

A senior government official died Sunday after falling from a balcony during an attack by wild monkeys at his home in the Indian capital, media reported.

New Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa was rushed to a hospital after the attack by the gang of Rhesus macaques, but quickly succumbed to head injuries sustained in his fall, the Press Trust of India news agency and The Times of India reported.

Many government buildings, temples and residential neighborhoods in New Delhi are overrun by Rhesus macaques which scare passers-by and occasionally bite or snatch food from unsuspecting visitors.

Read the rest at the link above. There's a horror movie in there somewhere.


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One of our close relatives ... (Below threshold)

One of our close relatives had a monkey, and it was indeed a poor pet. My mother was once bitten by a monkey and hospitalized as girl. Stick with your dogs, cats and horses. All are loving pets and far more predictable in their behavior. A chimpanzee could even tear you apart when they grow older and could become a real danger to any owner. Many are half the size of a grown man, but twice as strong.

"gang of Rhesus macaques"</... (Below threshold)

"gang of Rhesus macaques"


Bimi.===... (Below threshold)


Too much ego in his cosmos.... (Below threshold)

Too much ego in his cosmos. Isn't that a criticism of string theory?

"The denizens of Wizbang Bl... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

"The denizens of Wizbang Blue have been unable to provide a convincing account of their whereabouts at the time of the attack, said investigators."

Roddy McDowell could not be... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Roddy McDowell could not be reached for comment.

Beam me up, Brenten.... (Below threshold)

Beam me up, Brenten.

Oh, damn. It's Bertran and... (Below threshold)

Oh, damn. It's Bertran and Bimi. I'm a monkey's uncle.

about that movie? Michael ... (Below threshold)

about that movie? Michael Crichton already wrote it. (And BTW, today is his birthday.)






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