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Southwick Confirmed to 5th Circuit

Some of you might have followed with keen interest the brouhaha regarding Judge Leslie Southwick. For the uninitiated, Judge Southwick is a conservative Mississippi Republican, formerly a state appeals court judge, whom the Prez nominated for a lifetime seat on the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 5th is one of the more important federal appeals courts. Judge Southwick is akin to Scalia/Alito with a southern drawl.

Various liberal special interest groups loudly projected their mental disorders and put heavy pressure on the Democrat Senate caucus to reject this nomination. Not only for the obvious reasons. It's bad enough from the leftist viewpoint to have conservative federal judges, well, anywhere. Southern conservative judges set them off into absolute derangement mode.

Judge Southwick was confirmed Wednesday; he can stay on the 5th Circuit as long as he wants.

The vote by political party was:

49 / 49 (100%) - Republicans in favor
9 / 46 (20%) - Democrats in favor

37 / 46 (80%) - Democrats opposed
0 / 49 (0%) - Republicans opposed


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Comments (9)

It's nice to win one every ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

It's nice to win one every once in a while. We need to do better. The damage to our courts by leftists is untold.

What happened to Pelosi's p... (Below threshold)

What happened to Pelosi's promise to reach across the aisle? Hmm . . .

The damage to our courts... (Below threshold)

The damage to our courts by leftists is untold..

Just imagine what Hillary could do to the High Court if picky puritan Conservatives sit home....and let her win by default because the media comes up with some October/November "surprise" about the Republican candidate's second cousin...or whatever else Hillary's crack research team feeds 'em.

And -don't worry itsa comin'-

Hillary with the High Court- hell that'll last a lifetime.

I was on the Straight Talk ... (Below threshold)

I was on the Straight Talk Express when McCain got the news that he had to cancel his morning event to get back to DC.

The next thing you know, so... (Below threshold)

The next thing you know, some liberal congressman will advise his staff to get immunized before appearing before Judge Southwick.

Whoooo hooooo!! ... (Below threshold)

Whoooo hooooo!!

This country is in the spir... (Below threshold)

This country is in the spiral of depravity because of leftist judges. I am encouraged. ww

Just FYI - Democrats who vo... (Below threshold)

Just FYI - Democrats who voted yes:

Daniel Akaka
Robert Byrd
Kent Conrad
Byron Dorgan
Dianne Feinstein
Tim Johnson
Blanche Lincoln
Mark Pryor
Ben Nelson

Joe Lieberman voted yes as well.

It is also noted that John Kerry sent his vote in a note saying, "What ever Ted Kennedy says."

Feinstein is the more moder... (Below threshold)

Feinstein is the more moderate of California Senators, I'm surprised she disagreed with Boxe[ate]r on this one.






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