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Code Pink: down, but still out of their minds

As Eli Lake noted in The New York Sun, the entire "anti-war" movement, including Code Pink, has effectively abandoned any idea of forcing troop withdrawals from Iraq any time soon. Even the staunchly "anti-war" Democratic Presidential candidates have backtracked, realizing public disaffection with the war had more to do with doubts about winning than a desire to just quit.

Code Pink isn't backing off their disruptive tactics in the Congress, though. Notice in the following video how they "protest."

UPDATE: The embed doesn't appear to be working - here's the link to the video.

These people represent a security threat. They are obviously unbalanced kooks and, sooner or later, one of them is going to something even more stupid than usual, and someone will get hurt. As John Hinderaker observed at Power Line, if the Capitol Police haven't figured out by now that a bunch of women with pink shirts, fake blood on their hands, and wild looks in their eyes are only there to disrupt the proceedings, we have a serious security deficiency.

Whether you "like" Condi Rice or not is completely irrelevant. She is the Secretary of State, and should never be placed at such risk. If the Capitol Police cannot perform their duties more effectively, Cabinet members should begin testifying before Congressional committees via video feeds.


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Comments (11)

When I saw the picture on d... (Below threshold)

When I saw the picture on drudge I wondered how someone looking like that was allowed to get that close to Condi.

It's likely that some Dem R... (Below threshold)

It's likely that some Dem Representative or Senator put in the fix to give the CodePink moonbat access, or told the Capitol police to back off. Much like when Sheehan was 'invited' by a Dem to sit in the gallery during the last SOTU.

These people can not just w... (Below threshold)

These people can not just walk in, they were invited in. Find the Congress person that invited them.

Well, ya know, if it has be... (Below threshold)
Bill Clinton:

Well, ya know, if it has been Hillary that was attacked by the girl with the blood, her security team would have put her down hard. That kook would be pushing up daisy's.

Bam! Live on TV, the kook's head disappearing in a red mist as it spattered all of the other code pink kooks around her.

Hillary would then cackle and say "Let that be a lesson to the bitches out there who cross me" and then she would go testify about some scandal and tell everyone she didn't know anything about anything.

Man, she's good. I hope she lets me keep a few interns for myself.

That should have been the o... (Below threshold)

That should have been the opening scene of Don't Tase Me Bro II - The Return of the Tasers.

I know it wouldn't be in ch... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I know it wouldn't be in character for Ms.Rice, but imagine if some self-defense training kicked in... Blood-hands approaches, and Condi drops her, as a potential threat to safety, like a sack of potatoes.

One can dream.

Note Condi's head movement.... (Below threshold)

Note Condi's head movement. At first sight, I thought it was the liberal heart sobbing head tilt, then I recognized its exasperation. Code Pink is so usefully idiotic.

At first I thought it was p... (Below threshold)

At first I thought it was photoshopped on Drudge. Then I just figured it was some moonbat congresswoman from California screaming their usual crap.

If you have young daughters, this picture could be used as a teaching moment......"OK Suzy, let's talk about which of these women is the proper role model and why.......concert pianist with a PhD who oozes confidence, class, and character. OR a screaming dillusional loon easily manipulated by George Soros and the "hate amerika first!" folks"

"At first I thought it was ... (Below threshold)

"At first I thought it was photoshopped on Drudge."

Same here... I thought to myself how in the hell could someone so deranged get within feet of a cabinet official with that look of lunacy.

(and as mentioned in a newer post, 4th in line of succession)

Only in a Democratically controlled House of representative is how.

If this nut was invited in ... (Below threshold)

If this nut was invited in by a Democrat Congressman, it shows a level of juvenile behavior that is getting worse.

When is a NEW group "Code B... (Below threshold)

When is a NEW group "Code Bleach" going to be formed to shadow and taunt and make code pink CRY?
(Code Bleach) to take the STINK outa PINK!!!






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