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WTF Technorati?

Today we got our first trackback spam from Technorati...

A new TrackBack has been posted on your blog Wizbang, on entry #24468 (Business News Update).

View this TrackBack:

IP Address:
URL: http://technorati.com/wtf/disney-pixar-cars/2007/10/18/disney-pixar-cars-toys-all-the-best-resources-1
Title: disney pixar cars toys
Weblog: disney pixar cars toys

disney pixar cars toys webstuds 07

A site that made its name and fortune indexing the blogosphere is now infested with sploggers. Technorati apparently could resist the urge to be a content provider in addition to its aggregation role so they rolled out Twitter like mini-blog functionality for Technorati users under the name Where's The Fire.

I went to go see "the fire" via the trackback and a found spam blog (splog) link. Hoping that it was an aberration I went to go see the main WTF page. I can tell you that it was no aberration. That place is a sploggy craptacular from top to bottom. Every two-bit link huckster around is pumping that well.

Technorati's heart can't really be in this WTF stuff if they would allow it to become such a cesspool, right?

It's time for Technorati to euthanize WTF.


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Technorati's heart... (Below threshold)
Technorati's heart can't really be in this WTF stuff if they would allow it to become such a cesspool, right?
...and they wouldn't have chosen words that form a well known acronym stating disdain and confusion at a fu...er...messed up situation, right?
I suppose you could be flat... (Below threshold)

I suppose you could be flattered that Wizbang was one of the hottest sites, but I can understand your frustration.

What gets me is just who do these spammers think is stupid enough to click on their link and actually buy something? A Disney Pixar car toy? Come on. How's about some body part enhancing drugs or something? There could actually be a market for that! I guess there are suckers everywhere.

The trackback junk is for s... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

The trackback junk is for search engines, not humans. The goal is to get the link highly rated for the search terms by creating links from lots of places (i.e., places that have trackbacks).

Frankly, I think it's not a hot thing anymore, as I have only had to add 2 or 3 new filter rules in the last 6 months or more.






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