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Earlier today, I wrote about a news photo caption that was just too bizarre to believed. But as crazy as that seemed, the article with which it was associated is far more worthy of discussing.

The article talks about the increasing number of states who have passed "castle doctrine" laws -- or, as they put it, "shoot first" laws. The idea behind them is that homeowners and other legal residents of residences are no longer legally required to flee or hide when someone breaks into their home -- they can use lethal force to defend themselves and their property, and no longer need to wait for the intruder to make their lethal intent clear.

This, naturally, horrifies certain types. "Your right to property is NOT greater than someone else's right to live!" is the battle cry against the trigger-happy barbarians.

Um, no. That is not the issue. No one is saying that.

A better way of putting it would be "my right to keep my property is greater than your right to take it." The notion that a burglar (or his heirs) should be able to sue homeowners who defend their homes with force is precisely the wrong signal to send -- "You stopped me from taking your stuff, so now I'm going to get the government to help me take it from you."

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Or, at least, it shouldn't. No matter what the weenies from Agence Free Press think.


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Fair warning to the crimina... (Below threshold)

Fair warning to the criminals out there. My house is mine, along with the contents. If you break in, survivors will be prosecuted.

So say I, and so says my dog.

Congrats on your 40th, but ... (Below threshold)

Congrats on your 40th, but IMO life starts when you retire. Sure beats the old working grind.

If some punk wants to break into my home, which I hope never happens, I will empty my 9mm into him, fast change the magazine, and probably give him a couple of more to be sure.

It was MY sweat, blood and tears to make it possible that I could afford to purchase my items, and no lazy, drug up person is going to steal it from me. And for the anti-gun people, did you know that yesterday over 78,976,450 gun owners never shot anyone?

Yes, I made up that number, but hopefully you will get the message!

Allen, I am right there wit... (Below threshold)

Allen, I am right there with you. ww

Congrats on achieving 40. ... (Below threshold)

Congrats on achieving 40. I don't get there until March....old man!

I am with Allen. I put my time and effort, my work, into the stuff I have. If someone breaks into my house to steal a piece of my life, they will forfeit all of theirs. If the scumbags want the kind of stuff I have, they can get it the same way I did.

Happy 40th.I would... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Happy 40th.

I would not want to take someone's life over a few measly possessions, however the choice is rarely that stark. If you find an intruder in your home, you have no idea what that person's intentions may be. You have no choice but to defend yourself immediately if possible. Seconds count in these situations.

Talking about life vs. poss... (Below threshold)

Talking about life vs. possessions is wrong.

It's not about putting more value on possessions than on a life.

It's about putting value on *my* life over the life of a burglar.

Maybe it's because I'm a small female person but the assumption that someone who breaks into your property will *only* take the television is STUPID. Assuming that someone who breaks in will *only* tie you up and take your car keys is STUPID. Waiting until they pull a pistol out of their pocket and aim it at you or your children is DEATHLY STUPID.

It's necessary to assume that someone breaking into your property WILL kill you and your children... and maybe rape you first. It's necessary for your, and your family's, safety to take action while you still have the opportunity to take action and that is *before* the intruder points a gun at you, or attacks you with a knife, or (as I said, small female here) attacks you with no weapon at all.

I offer only this...<... (Below threshold)

I offer only this...

It's on all the windows of my home...

And for those that oppose guns, I recommend this for your windows:

Well, images won't transfer... (Below threshold)

Well, images won't transfer... oooops...

I sort of liked, "No Trespa... (Below threshold)

I sort of liked, "No Trespassing. Survivors will be prosecuted."

I've always liked "Trespass... (Below threshold)

I've always liked "Trespassers will be violated", I first saw that sign in the movie "Ice Pirates.

I would suggest that the people placing possessions above human life are the burglars, they are the ones who might kill me or might be killed when they invade my home.

That's their decision, if I were to place possessions above human life, I too could become a burglar or car-jacker.

Ref #9. I think it should r... (Below threshold)

Ref #9. I think it should read "No Trespassers, survivors will be shot again." I think it sends a better message, don't you? Either way, it would get someone's attention, I would hope.

Option 1: Excuse me sir, I ... (Below threshold)

Option 1: Excuse me sir, I realize you've just violently kicked in my back sliding glass door and have an unknown number of similarly violent accomplices right behind you in the van you intend to use to empty my household, but perhaps you could take the time to reassure me you don't intend to use similar violence upon my children, my wife or myself?

Option 2: Bang

You neo-con Rethuglicans ar... (Below threshold)
A Random Wizbang Blue Compassionate Genius:

You neo-con Rethuglicans are just oppressing criminal-Americans and criminal-undocumented-Americans!

...and if you don't like yo... (Below threshold)

...and if you don't like your neighbor you can invite him over for a beer, and shoot him as an intruder. (implies no witnesses for the invite part)

I believe that DANEgerous h... (Below threshold)

I believe that DANEgerous has option 2 wrong, It is Option 2 Step 1:Bang, Bang, Bang ( 3 shot grouping ) Step 2: check for further agression, Step 3: repeat step 0ne (as often as necessary) Step 4: Dial 911

"It is Option 2 Step 1:Bang... (Below threshold)

"It is Option 2 Step 1:Bang, Bang, Bang ( 3 shot grouping )"

I would never use a 3 shot grouping. I want to save the other 9 rounds for the other 9 perps behind the first one. One shot, one kill. But then I was on rifle and pistol teams in college, your aim may vary.

Oh, and my weapon of choice will put the perp DOWN on his butt when the first round hits as well.

Another thing to consider i... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Another thing to consider is that the police/911 operators cannot be sued if they fail to reach your house in a timely manner and you are injured/killed by an intruder. There's no guarantee they can arrive in time to help and they are free from legal liability if a criminal assaults you in your home after requesting emergency assistance.

Down here in Texas, the perp doesn't have to actually be in your house - just on your property - before you can use deadly force. Which makes sense. If you surprize the person breaking into your car, odds are they'll just flee. Then again, maybe they decide to cap your ass. "Shoot first, ask questions later" just might save your life. Do I value my car over a human life? No, but I value my life over the life of a person who's chosen to enter my property uninvited during the middle of the night.

Go to the Texas death row web page and see how many people are there because they were surprized by the home owner during a burglary. Or went into a house fully intending to kill the residents and rob them. Not me brother.

Bang! Bang! Bang!<p... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Stop, or I'll shoot ... again.

For me, it's real simple. I might hesitate if it was just me, but if a stranger is on my property and within 100 yards of my wife or daughter, I am NOT taking any chances.

Oh, and Mycroft, from experience never shoot anyone just once. You always, ALWAYS make sure the bad guy is not getting back up.

"Two in the heart, one in the head, makes real sure that the bad guy is dead."

"Oh, and Mycroft, from expe... (Below threshold)

"Oh, and Mycroft, from experience never shoot anyone just once. You always, ALWAYS make sure the bad guy is not getting back up.

"Two in the heart, one in the head, makes real sure that the bad guy is dead.""

When the first one removes his head, I don't need a second one.

Like I said your aim may very. And my weapon of choice was designed to be used to hit a man sized target within 50 feet, and even if you don't kil him, knock him down.

When I qualified in the military, if was with a perfect score against man sized targets. I used a different spot for the group for each of the positions I shot. All the groupings were within the 1 man sized target.

Now, if there are not nine more perps, then I have the time to pump additional rounds into the guys who might try to get up.

Anyone have the addresses o... (Below threshold)

Anyone have the addresses of AP staff to publish for would-be burglars? The thieves might appreciate knowing which houses are safe to burgle.

Why are these people asking... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Why are these people asking ME if my VCR is worth that guy's life. He's the one about to be shot... Ask HIM if it's worth his life.

I prefer my Mossberg .12 ga... (Below threshold)

I prefer my Mossberg .12 gauge with enough shot to remove the entire heart-lung set from an intruder. In a better world, we would then be allowed to mount the head on our wall along with a city commendation. (with apologies to Robert Heinlein.)

The other great thing about my shotgun is that I do not have to have perfect aim and if I miss, I will take out the sheetrock in my home but will not kill my children or the neighbor children.

I have children and guns. Why, yes, I do. They've all seen what a gun can do to a gopher, and the older ones have had the interesting experience of shooting a gopher. Gun accidents with kids are always caused by dumb parents who don't teach their kids gun safety.

And to add to to the other fine posters here: No perp who walks in my door leaves alive. Police officers have told me that in confidence. Make sure your story is the only one told.

Ahh some lucky states...nic... (Below threshold)

Ahh some lucky states...nice LAW.
Here in the peoples republik of Assachusetts, any law abiding citizen shoots a criminal, better be ready to be grilled.

The local libtarded clowns will want to know WHY wasn't your weapon sealed, locked, and stored far far away from all human beings?!

They will ask "Just because the guy had an AXE, did he SAY he was going to KILL you!????"

Enjoy the LAW America, and think of us schmucks stuck in Assachusetts.

Hopefully, after the horrif... (Below threshold)

Hopefully, after the horrifying incident against the unfortunate Petit family in Cheshire, CT, more people will know to get the home thieves before they get them... and their family.

There was a notorious burglary incident not even a year ago, near where I live in Corpus Christi. Mom and teenage son were returning home from school early, when someone pointed a gun to them and held them hostage in their own home. He kept them inside the master bedroom - which was good because the Dad kept his gun securely locked there. Teen untied himself, and then his mom, and then he locked the door of the room. He found the gun just as the thief was about to enter the room. The thief tried to pry open the door, but the kid acted very quickly and shot once, blindly... into the thief's head, killing him instantly.

That kid saved his and his mother's life and limb.

If you ever intend to enter my house to threaten me, my family or my property, you WILL be sorry you even thought about it.

Some no good scum broke int... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Some no good scum broke into alocal deli?pizziaria and stole some cold cuts and stuff and frankly i hope they got real real sick for a whole week

Your rights, including your... (Below threshold)

Your rights, including your right to live, end when you forcibly and illegally enter my property.

Get over it.

And remember, if you shoot ... (Below threshold)

And remember, if you shoot them inside and they make it outside, be sure to drag them back INSIDE.


The BRADY CAMPAIGN has gone... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The BRADY CAMPAIGN has gone to calling FLORIDA the GUNSHINE STATE over its CASTLE DOCTRINE i would say that the brady bunch of wackos are just upset that theres a state that rejects their rediclous and stupid ideas

from experience never sh... (Below threshold)

from experience never shoot anyone just once. The way I heard it was, Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice!

BTW: Does anyone remember any posts by Spurwing Plover that kept any vowels??






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