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Will You Answer What Congress Won't? The Top 20 Questions pt 2

Back in late 2004 and early 2005, I sent emails, faxes, and letters to every member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. In it, I asked them for their answer to a set of twenty questions which the readers of Polipundit wanted asked. The text of the letter was posted here.

52 Readers in 38 states joined the effort, asking their district Representatives and Senators to answer the questions. Response from our elected Representatives and Senators was poor, predictably so. Most Congressmen and Senators simply ignored the letters, emails and faxes. In the end, only seventeen answered with any degree of substance, and not one answered more than two questions.

I was looking at the set of questions this week, and you know, they still look like good questions to me, so I am going to ask you for your opinion on them. This will take a while, since I am putting up one question for each post, but please give this your serious consideration. And folks, this is not about politics or smacking down the other side; this is an opportunity to explore the issues of substance for our country. Sad that Congress was not up to it, but maybe we can get the conversation going. Thanks in advance.

2. What will you do to secure our borders from illegal immigrants and/or terrorists?


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It is time to finish the da... (Below threshold)

It is time to finish the dang wall, and to send all the illegals home. Maybe, after we send all the illegals home, we can raise the quotas for LEGAL immigrants?

build a fence w/more border... (Below threshold)

build a fence w/more border patrol. secure first,then deal with the rest of it.

This is a great question. U... (Below threshold)

This is a great question. Unfortunately I believe that the answer(if you receive one) will be hemming and hawing.

I live on the border of Mexico. I have heard the stories of Arabic paperwork being found in crossing areas in Deming NM but never heard any national news on the story. Seems like the local story was not important.

Living where I live, gives me a window to the problems. Many days most of the conversations even at government offices takes place in Spanish.

I meet people who have been in town for 15 years and do not have to even attempt to learn English. Why? Because it is not necessary. In school the children can learn what they do in Spanish. At work they can speak only Spanish, and the government seems to support this.

Securing the border is not truly an issue to the government.

Just my thoughts.

GW wants to send Mexico a m... (Below threshold)

GW wants to send Mexico a million or eight to fight the drug trade. I say keep it here and enforce the border with more guards and fencing. ww

See the post about the use ... (Below threshold)

See the post about the use of deadly force to protect your home...

Secure the borders, now. So... (Below threshold)

Secure the borders, now. Southern AND Northern with a set of fences equipped with the latest detection equipment manned 24/7 365.

Then start enforcing laws currently on the books, enact new ones with stiff fines for employers and enforce them rigorously without exception.

Also deny *all* federal funds to any city/county/state that encourages illegal immigration, immeadiatly.

Deportation will not be an issue if there aren't any jobs to employ them, they'll rotate back home.

Another thought. Where I li... (Below threshold)

Another thought. Where I live there are many who participate in the Minute Men project...so the amount who are willing to donate their time is high. Why not take up the volunteer idea on the wall.

Donate a section of the wall and get a little plaque made by the local prisoners(see again low cost)

Heck, why not employ the inmates to build the wall. Sheriff Arapaio in Arizona certainly would be the man to spearhead this plan.

BTW I personally would donate materials and time.

I vote for Fred Thompson's ... (Below threshold)

I vote for Fred Thompson's recent list of What To Do.

  • Build a wall.
  • Enforce existing laws.
  • Penalize state and local governments that can't get with the program (sanctuary cities, my a$$).

Border security is a pipe d... (Below threshold)
Bill Woessner:

Border security is a pipe dream. The border is simply too large: 2000 miles in the south, 4000 miles to the north, another 1500 miles with Alaska, not to mention about 12000 miles of coastline. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars per year to secure the border. No politician is going to propose committing that kind of resources, especially not when the country isn't 100% behind it.

I believe the answer lies in incentives, diplomacy and intelligence. We need to remove incentives and add disincentives for illegal immigrants to come to the US. With respect to terrorism, we need better diplomacy so fewer people want to blow us up. And for those who still want to blow us up, we need better intelligence to keep track of them.






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