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Questioning The Timing

Blog-buddy (and sometime colleague) Rob Port from Say Anything (one of the finer blogs around) had a piece up yesterday about yet more financial shenanigans from Hillary Clinton's campaign. It appears that the folks at Blogs For Bush have filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission about some of her fundraising, including the questionable donations from poor and otherwise politically disinterested Chinese immigrants and some serious quid pro quo allegations.

Rob -- to coin a phrase -- "questions the timing." He thinks it would have been wiser to sit on this complaint until later in the primary season or after she clinches the nomination, as that would better benefit the Republican nominee (and, in my opinion, America in general) and do more damage to her, her campaign, and her party.

That's sound tactical thinking, but I have to disagree. Sitting on some things and waiting for a more advantageous time to release them is generally a good idea, but this is one of those cases where it's not.

Corruption is wrong. Breaking laws is wrong. It can not and should not be concealed, for any reason. It was one of the things that got me irritated about the Congressman Mark Foley mess -- even though he had very carefully avoided breaking any laws, he still had abused his position of authority and was moving from the grotesquely icky towards the illegal. And when it came out that the people who "outed" him had apparently sat on the story until it was too late to replace him on the Florida ballot, I (along with a lot of others) were disgusted and infuriated with them for exploiting the situation (and potentially endangering children) for political gain.

I'm getting a hint of the same feeling here. The idea of having enough grounds for a complaint against Hillary Clinton's campaign is no great surprise. But if there is enough evidence now for a more thorough investigation, then let's do it now -- and not let the potential crimes continue merely for the sake of political gain.

Not even if it means helping another Democrat at Hillary's expense.


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'Bout stinkin' time!!!!... (Below threshold)

'Bout stinkin' time!!!!

Likely, nothing will come o... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Likely, nothing will come of it. Yeah, I'm cynical. We may as well brace ourselves for another huge laundry list of Clinton corruption under media cover and Republican pusillanimity.

Libtards do no care. They ... (Below threshold)

Libtards do no care. They will knowingly vote for a finger-wagging liar, as long as they do it with a tear in their eye.

As far as I can tell, the D... (Below threshold)

As far as I can tell, the Democrats and the Media are waiting for Republicans to pick someone they can later tear down.

And in a way, we're being complicit by ignoring some of the public warts (deserved or not) some of the candidates have.

I have to agree with you Ja... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I have to agree with you Jay. It is wrong to sit on the information until it can be used for maximum political advantage.

Of course you'd expect those on the left to do this (the overblown Foley story and the fabricated TANG story being 2 recent examples) but it is still wrong and you can't use the typical immoral behavior of the left to justify any immoral behavior on the right.

Perhaps this latest is just... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this latest is just the tip of the iceberg and more is yet to come. So why not start questioning Clinton now?

In spite of all of this, I think she is probably the strongest candidate that the Dems have and I think she will still get the nomination. Assuming that we (the GOP) keep our noses clean, this can always be brought up time and again during the campaign.

FEC investigations take a v... (Below threshold)

FEC investigations take a very long time to complete. Perhaps this is what led to the decision to file the compalint now.

Don't fool yourselves. ... (Below threshold)

Don't fool yourselves.

This WILL NOT be investigated.

At most they will put on a minor show of deception.

What a surprise. It must be... (Below threshold)

What a surprise. It must be true, it must be true, it must be true. We wish it were true, we we it were true. Oh please, let it be true.

Anyone for shooting watermelons in the backyard today?

JFO, you're such a dim apol... (Below threshold)

JFO, you're such a dim apologist, it's sickening.

The NY Post publishes a story of fact noting the problems. The LA Times (not a conservative rag that one) publishes a DIFFERENT story, and finds problems.

Lest we forget... Norman Hsu... was also guilty of all this stuff... for Hill.

We seeing a common thread yet? Or are you really that stupid.

JFO said:<blockquote... (Below threshold)

JFO said:

Look away! Look away! I have nothing to add but the need to show myself to be an idiot!

Okay. Thanks for your enlightening contribution to the topic.

So I guess the possibility ... (Below threshold)

So I guess the possibility of campaign finance corruption is OK with JFO?

I am also with Jay on this.... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I am also with Jay on this. The Clintons are too corrupted to be entrusted with power again.

When you wingnuts do wake u... (Below threshold)

When you wingnuts do wake up (a big if) and realize the climate is changing you'll blame a Clinton for it - probably Chelsea. That's about what I think of righties getting all ga ga over a Clinton "scandal". Talk about credibility. My word.

"They will knowingly vote f... (Below threshold)

"They will knowingly vote for a finger-wagging liar, as long as they do it with a tear in their eye."

I don't know about the tear in their eyes but you forgot about the head bobbing and finger pointing to go with that wagging finger in the air. Just like a good Communist Dictator barking at the people.

JFO is imbecile , a bed wetting ultra-maroon. He will grow up to be a perfect candidate for the criminal party of perpetual fraud. He just admitted he has no problem with criminal masters ruining this Country.

I'm starting to believe tha... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to believe that "JFO" stands for "Just Fucking Obtuse." I've spent far way too much time attacking the practice of going after politicians' children to let his bullshit slide. And I don't blame him for NOT "going gaga" over a Clinton scandal. I'm not surprised that some people have been through so many of them, they've grown blase' over it.


When you wingnuts do wak... (Below threshold)

When you wingnuts do wake up (a big if) and realize the climate is changing you'll blame a Clinton for it -

See? Now that's funny.
Who's most blamed for Global Warming? That's right, GW Bush. And yet, JFO claims that we right wingers will blame Clinton.

If Global Warming could donate to a political campaign, I have a feeling I know which candidate would be extolling the virtues of the Hummer.
His wife would be too.

VeeshirGood one :)... (Below threshold)


Good one :) But didn't you mean [a] hummer rather than "the Hummer"?

Bill always capitalizes it ... (Below threshold)

Bill always capitalizes it in his mind.

I like Jay 's terminology. ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I like Jay 's terminology. The moonbat "Just Fucking Obtuse" must be speaking for many on the left. They adored Clinton as a good liar who was able to lie to them so smoothly.

That must be why his approv... (Below threshold)

That must be why his approval rating was so high when he left the WH I suppose.

He would have gotten at lea... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

He would have gotten at least 95% approval rating from the moonbat MoveOn/MediaLiars liberal crowd.

Well, if you're adored (for... (Below threshold)

Well, if you're adored (for whatever reason) it logically follows that you're approved of.

So of course his approval rating would be high if he's adored by the dims for his lying acumen.

Fricken' moron.... (Below threshold)

Fricken' moron.

Leave it to a couple of tru... (Below threshold)

Leave it to a couple of true believing wingnuts to step right into it. I'm afraid you may have been under the water too long Ex - oxygen deprivation.

Clinton's approval rating after the winggoofs tried to impeach him - 73%
Clinton's approval rating at end of presidency - 65%. Higher than St Ronald's. What
s the goofball in the WH's current approval rating?

Soooo what does that say about you fringies being the perpetual minority?

Surprised that the known li... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Surprised that the known liar/corruptor in chief didn't get higher approval rating given the the way the liberal MSM has tried to manipulated the polls.

The moonbats must love the good lying/corruption by Clinton to make Hillary the front runner now.

The moonbats must love the approval rating of their moonbat "just fucking obtuse" leaders in congress.

So in other words folks lik... (Below threshold)

So in other words folks like you are such dolts that you and they can be manipulated by the MSM? I like that admission.

I guess I have been out too... (Below threshold)

I guess I have been out too long I don't know if Jay should be concerned or me but I'm starting to agree with Jay from time to time. I don't disagree that Clinton lied, but I can't believe that everyone believes that G.W. Bush has not told a lie.

Patrick, Not sure t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Not sure that you are trying to use the same "perfection fallacy" to make moral equivalency. Everyone knows that North Korea/Iran is bad. They routinely lied to the world and their own people (also there are murders in Iran/North Korea for sure). There is corruption in the US gov. So there is no difference between the US and North Korea. This is what the moonbat radical left has been using to make moral equivalency between the US and the Soviet Union. I think that 's why the moonbat left can keep a straightface talking about American "torture" while being silent about AlQ real torture for example.

BTW, it does change the fac... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

BTW, it does change the fact that the moonbat left was lying when the talk about ethics and truth given their support for Reid/Pelosi/Murtha and now the known liar/corruptor in chief Hillary Clinton. And the JFO left is proud of it too.

"I don't disagree that C... (Below threshold)

"I don't disagree that Clinton lied, but I can't believe that everyone believes that G.W. Bush has not told a lie."

Can ya be any more vague? Your very statement is a lie if you think about it.
Hey Patrick , I voted for Clinton and I watched him lie through his teeth. I didn't disrespect the Office of the Presidency or even Clinton himself. I just felt great shame for Our Country. Not a single though of anger against the Republican Party entered my mind.

Now take our resident bed wetting liar JFO,
who was totally irrelevant in the complete Minority a year ago. The amount of infantile tantrums throw will never be surpassed.

"Soooo what does that say about you fringies being the perpetual minority?"

Now look at the punk ass stupidity he displays. Perpetual Minority? I wonder where he dug up that word "PERPETUAL"? Being a loyal member and supporter of the Criminal Party of Perpetual Fraud. Look at what the democrat media and their bogus polls and deceitful news creating got BJ.

"Since the President took office in January 1993, the party has suffered a series of defeats at virtually every level of government and in every region of the country. At the time Bill Clinton was elected, 30 states had Democratic governors; today, the number is down to eighteen. If, six years ago, nearly 60 percent of legislators in statehouses across the country were Democrats, now only 52 percent are. The two largest cities in the U.S., Los Angeles and New York, have elected Republican mayors. And, most notably, in the midterm election of 1994, the Democrats lost control of both houses of Congress for the first time in four decades."

"There are other signs of weakness. Since 1992, nearly 400 elected officials nationwide, including five Congressmen and two Senators, have switched party affiliation from Democratic to Republican. Voter allegiance has likewise been affected: two months aft:er Clinton took office, 52 percent of respondents to a New York Times survey said they most closely identified with the Democratic party; this past May, only 44 percent of respondents gave the same answer.

Polls are nothing put a tool used by the democrat criminal frauds to deceive and gage their propaganda. That would be the well over 90% democrat voting MSM. In the words of the Great Al Gore recent Nobel "Piece" Prize awardee ,"THE DEBATE IS OVER".

The facts trump the democrats fraud.

Not that I care to derail J... (Below threshold)

Not that I care to derail JFO from his Deflection Strategy, but I'd really like to know what he thinks should result from these revelations about Mr. Hsu's practices. Does he think that the recipients should be scrutinized? If he doesn't, would he be so quick to apply the same hands-off standard to, oh say, Tom Delay?

Yes-No answers would suffice.

C'mon JFO, you can muster a little bit of integrity, can't you?

wavemakerOf course... (Below threshold)


Of course all of Mr. Hsu's activities should be fully investigated and anyone, I mean anyone, who has engaged in illegal or unethical behavior should be held accountable.

P.S. Unlike most wingnuts I am not a kool-aid drinker.

P.P.S The funny part is that I have no intention of voting for Hillary in the Iowa Caucus and I am praying she is not our nominee.

Well, JFO, now I'm confused... (Below threshold)

Well, JFO, now I'm confused.

You state that the Hsu affair should be fully investigated and everyone involved held accountable.

Yet your first post implied you didn't think the campaign finance law problems brought up by the NY Post and LA Times merit the same scrutiny.

Mehbe it's oksijen deefishunsy frum mah ole jawb... or maybe the position you seem to espouse really is rather "Fucking Obtuse."

(pardon my french, I may be an ex-sailor, but I don't like to talk like one)

The JFO moonbat simply cann... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

The JFO moonbat simply cannot be honest. They don't have any to begin with: don't want Hillary to be the nominee but still try to cover up and spin for her.

I love unintentional irony,... (Below threshold)

I love unintentional irony, that's why I love today's Left.
Take JFO for example, in arguing about how popular Bill was, it notes that Bill's popularity upon leaving office was
Higher than St Ronald's.

Yup. Probably correct (even though it doesn't use a link to prove that, SOP for lefties, they know stuff)
So, what does that prove? That popularity is worth exactly crap in the real world.
Ronnie Raygun made the world safer (defeat of USSR).
Clinton? Well, if you take him at his word (don't laugh, I'm going somewhere with this), recently said We didn't have the terror threat (when he took office), so during his tenure, the terror threat grew hugely (USS Cole, First WTC bombing, attacks on our embassies in Africa).
So in other words;
Ronnie Raygun made the world safer and his popularity was low.
Clinton made the world more dangerous and his popularity was high.

So JFO, what exactly is popularity good for? I'll answer that, absolutely nothing, say it again.(Bruce should have rewritten that song when he covered it).
And yes, I saw this line of thought on Best of the Web but JFO made me laugh harder.
So a hat tip to Taranto and big salute to JFO for doing its job, making me laugh.

I guaran-damn-tee you if Hs... (Below threshold)

I guaran-damn-tee you if Hsu had been doing his deeds for the GOP and all those whose donations are questionable had gone to Republican candidates, JFO would have his panties up around his neck and he'd be squawking about how corrupt those right-wingers are.

Hillary Diane Rodham Milhou... (Below threshold)

Hillary Diane Rodham Milhous Clinton involved in a scandal?
I'm shocked! Shocked!






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