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Robert Goulet Dead At 73

When I was young, I saw a production of "Camelot" on cable -- I think it was HBO. Richard Harris was King Arthur, and Robert Goulet was Lancelot. It was amazing, and I can still hear Goulet singing Lancelot's theme, "C'est Moi." Hell, I still know the lyrics by heart.

Robert Goulet -- who was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a city I know a bit too well -- died last night.

Robert Goulet didn't just have a tremendous voice. He had an amazing sense of humor, and a staunch refusal to take himself too seriously. He took on numerous roles lampooning the arrogant, famous, pompous elites, poking fun at himself with delight.

I can't find a video of Goulet singing Lancelot's incredibly arrogant theme song (but then, "it ain't bragging if you can do it," and Lancelot simply WAS all that), but I did find this delightful commercial Goulet did for Emerald Nuts.

Godspeed, Mr. Goulet.


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Sadly, Robert Goulet died w... (Below threshold)

Sadly, Robert Goulet died while waiting for a life-saving lung transplant because of a serious respiratory problem.

My own mother died at home on Monday of serious respiratory problems as well, related to both acute asthma and emphysema. I'm personally totally devastated with her death only weeks after my dad's death in late July from a massive stroke also here at home.

Robert Goulet was a great sport, appearing in some funny cameo roles in films and a great singer. He was both talented and very funny.

I was a fan of Goulet. For ... (Below threshold)

I was a fan of Goulet. For all the reasons noted by JT.

Paul, my deepest sympathy for your loss. I disagree with you often but appreciate your civility. As often happens, when people who are married for a very long time seem to not be able to go on without the other. Hang in there buddy. Live to fight another day. ww

Wildwillie, thanks so much ... (Below threshold)

Wildwillie, thanks so much for your very kind comments. You're a very nice fellow. Have a great Halloween holiday.

I think that I'm also safe to say that we'll also both miss the campy and often funny antics of the the late great simger Robert Goulet as well.

That is sad news. I was a f... (Below threshold)

That is sad news. I was a fan of Robert Goulet,
he had a fabulous voice.
Paul, accept my deepest sympathies for your loss.
I wish good things didn't have to stop, just the
bad ones.

I always liked Robert Goule... (Below threshold)

I always liked Robert Goulet. That's too bad that he couldn't get the transplant he needed. Paul, my thoughts and prayers are with your family. I'm very sorry for your loss.

What a trouper. When he san... (Below threshold)

What a trouper. When he sang the Batman version of "Jingle Bells" at Bart's treehouse casino, we all shed a tear of joy.
Seriously, he was a real talent and his loss is ours as well.

Mr. Hooson, let me chime in... (Below threshold)

Mr. Hooson, let me chime in and offer my condolences and good wishes to you for the loss of your parents in so short a period of time. As LaMadusa said, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Were slong too many of the ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Were slong too many of the hollywood celeberties of its golden age and are left with the usial antiamerican douchie bags of over paid spoiled brats

(Tasteless joke to follow, ... (Below threshold)

(Tasteless joke to follow, you've been warned)

At least he won't be messing with my stuff at work anymore.

On a more serious note, I w... (Below threshold)

On a more serious note, I wish his family well during this time.

My bro just sent me the ESP... (Below threshold)

My bro just sent me the ESPN vid he did for Wake Forest U. in the tourney years ago. He was a hoot.

Rest well, Robert.

Goulet did the singing voic... (Below threshold)

Goulet did the singing voice for Mikey in "Recess:The Movie", and did a fantastic job on "Green Tambourine".

Paul H., you have my condolences as well.

Oh, the irony of Naked ... (Below threshold)

Oh, the irony of Naked Gun 2 1/2...he HATED Elvis and who's his love interest in that one. But they're talking about that one upstairs.

Re: #8Now he's mes... (Below threshold)

Re: #8

Now he's messing with people's stuff in heaven.


Robert Goulet was a great s... (Below threshold)
Lamar Cole:

Robert Goulet was a great singer who taught the world to dream the impossible dream.






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