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Jay Tea's Evil Political Thought Of The Day

Lately, it seems that almost every day there's a new scandal involving Hillary Clinton and campaign financing. Wanted fugitives raising big bucks for her. Poor immigrants giving far more money than they ought to be able to afford. Children and infants forking over thousands of dollars for her election. I'm waiting for the story some day that Hillary traded some magic beans for some guy's cattle futures.

Anyway, it seems to to me that when there's this much smoke, there almost has to be some fire. And the faster we root it out, the better it is for all concerned. (Well, except for those who've been breaking the laws, but I think we can all agree that their best interests are most likely in opposition to the rest of ours.)

This is the kind of case that calls for a special prosecutor. One dedicated attorney whose sole duty will be to go through Senator Clinton's coffers and ledgers and find out just what laws might have been broken.

Naturally, it is the obligation of the president to appoint this prosecutor. Since he's a Republican and Senator Clinton is a Democrat, the potential conflict of interest is obvious. Finding a lawyer who's both interested and expert in election laws AND hasn't ever been involved in partisan politics would be virtually impossible, so he ought to appoint a Democrat.

So, we need a lawyer who's well versed in election and election finance laws, an accomplished prosecutor, and a registered Democrat? A lawyer that most Democrats will have to acknowledge as fair, yet tough on corruption?

Sounds impossible, but I have just the perfect candidate in mind.

I'd like to suggest President Bush appoint the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas -- Mr. Ronnie Earle -- as special prosecutor into Senator Clinton's presidential campaign fund-raising.


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Yep, scandal a day, plus th... (Below threshold)

Yep, scandal a day, plus the skeletons in the closet and those about to say "BOO!"

ROFWL about your Ronnie Earl joke :)

I guess the people will have to take responsibility this time, since the Greek with the lantern can't find a special prosecutor honest enough or strong enough.

For all intents and purpose... (Below threshold)

For all intents and purposes, Hillary Clinton has become the Democratic "Richard Nixon", a politician who is all things to all people and frequently makes alliances with the Devil himself, despite being highly capable of being an effective leader if she chooses to be. Like Nixon, Clinton seems to always promise just enough scandal to make any normal observer wary of her despite her excellent ability and intelligence to be an effective leader if she really wanted to be.

Clinton could always prove to be an effective president. But scandal of some sort will probably always hang near, making even her supporters give some real pause towards electing her in the first place.

Clinton may well prove to be the greatest gift to late night comics just like her husband. So if you like good comedy....

that would be sweet,but,it ... (Below threshold)

that would be sweet,but,it more than likely wont happen in my life time.

You know, Paul has a point.... (Below threshold)

You know, Paul has a point. Hillary is quite capable of being an effective leader...

...if only she had taken the red pill.

I have no basis or historic... (Below threshold)

I have no basis or historical reference to cause me to think Hillary would be a good leader of anything. She has not held an executive position of any king. She has really no accomplishments as a senator. Her big chance as a first lady turned into a disaster. Yet the demo's want her as a president? Wow. I am not a believer in the democratic ideology, but the candidate that I think they should focus on is Bill Richardson. ww

I agree with WildWillie.</p... (Below threshold)

I agree with WildWillie.

Hillary is extraordinarily ... (Below threshold)

Hillary is extraordinarily dangerous only if because the MSM is so utterly in the tank for her.

Her presidency would reach before unseen lows in the manipulation of American public opinion to promote her Marxist-internationalist agenda. She would have unprecendented cover from her media minions.

Any conservative contemplating sitting this one out because of purity issues is freaking nuts.

I also agree with WildWilli... (Below threshold)

I also agree with WildWillie. Hillary is nothing special. I truly believe (and I write this with no malice) that any major interest in Hillary stems from a very charismatic husband who in turn presided over a relatively trouble-free administration which was fortunate to have been able to take a vacation from history. I feel her only goal is to be the first woman president as a follow up on her husband being the first black president. I honestly try to understand her positions but I simply cannot tell where she is coming from. I feel it is fine to let her continue on as is and forgo the lawyers. I think the Democrats would actually weaken their chances at the White House with her nomination because most people know what Hillary is about. And I don't think she'd get a second chance like Nixon did. I think folks would be more happy with a divided government in Washington anyway and her nomination would be a positive step in that direction.

Jay:I am from Texa... (Below threshold)
Mark L:


I am from Texas. You have posited a delicious fantasy with only one thing in it that will not work -- choosing Ronnie Earl.

Earl is assiduous about chasing down even imagined crimes of influential Republicans and even conservative Democrats. But when I say "conservative" I mean Texas conservative, not New Yawk conservative. He also has a history of ignoring clear violations of election laws by liberal Democrats (again, Texas liberal). Hillery qualifies as Texas liberal, regardless of what the moonbat wing of the Democrat's party thinks she is.

So Earl would poke around for a week -- maybe two -- being careful to avoid everywhere that could contain incriminating evidence (or just pretend he does not see it) and then claim he cannot find any evidence of crime.

Nope, she's never held an e... (Below threshold)

Nope, she's never held an executive position of any king. Delicious typo.

Hillary was the Chief Execu... (Below threshold)

Hillary was the Chief Executive of Bimbo Eruptions - did an outstanding job.

DaveD and WildWillie,... (Below threshold)

DaveD and WildWillie,

Hillary The Candidate is a most carefully engineered political product. Her candidacy is not the result of a lifetime of achievement.

If you've seen the film "The Manchurian Candidate," you will be familiar with a monologue by Angela Lansbury that describes a speech written by Communist operatives -- the product of 40 years of work, designed to be the greatest and most perfect patriotic speech ever delivered. (The plot of the movie involves an a political assassination that triggers the delivery of this speech.)

In a similar fashion, Hillary has assembled an "A-team" of political consultants whose task is to craft the perfect combination of populist rhetoric and winning policy proposals, as well as build the perfect campaign management machine.

Except that when you try to do that, inevitably you will miss something. Obviously Hillary's handlers neglected to craft the perfect response to the Spitzer illegal alien driver's license proposal, which is a legitimate issue since it is from her "home" state. They also missed some major scandal material in the form of Norman Hsu and other fund raising irregularities.

Which only proves that no one, no matter how good they are supposed to be, is perfect.

Her only "ideology" is that... (Below threshold)

Her only "ideology" is that she wants to be in power. I think that she would try to get the 22nd amendment repealed (or ignored) if she could. From what I see about her, I think that she would be willing to start an overt World War (III or IV) against the caliphate rather than lose any power that she might have. I think that her opposition to the Iraq war and backing of the leftists in the US are more a matter of a cold blooded calculation that it is her best path to power rather than any ideological decision.

One problem, Earle is not a... (Below threshold)

One problem, Earle is not a prosecutor, he's a persecutor and a criminal himself. He would fit in the national democrat party quite well.

Interesting idea, but from ... (Below threshold)

Interesting idea, but from one who has lived and breathed the Texas air of Earle, it won't work. He is a biased liberal. The only way it would work is if he thought it would lead to a more liberal president.

Plus, he isn't very good. He can't present a case to get a grand jury conviction, so he goes shopping for other grand juries (which is not an option for a special prosecutor). He also doesn't seem to bother reading the law he is accusing the person of breaking.

I say we put Alan Vinegrad ... (Below threshold)

I say we put Alan Vinegrad on it :)

What I find hilarious (or not) is the whining and complaining of her supporters that she's being "ganged up on" by opponents. That Tim Russert was unfair to her by only giving *her* the hard questions. Basically painting her as a victim. And her campaign is pushing that theme and asking supporters for more money to "fight back".

Aw, poor, poor Hillary. God forbid she should actually answer a hard question rather than skirt the issue and then clarify later in a telephone conference that not many people will hear about.

Yet nary a complaint from them about Chris Matthews' petty little games of "gotcha", his blatant disdain for the Republican candidates he questions and his general stupidity.

Why not put Jimmy Carter in... (Below threshold)

Why not put Jimmy Carter in charge of this investigation? Doesn't he have "experience" on judging free and fair elections?

"Give me your tired, your poor".......did not include a driver's license application for those who enter this country illegally.

Who is above the law, Mrs. Clinton? (a question that needs to be asked of all Presidential Candidates---those who support this policy will be headed for immediate disqualification)

Even 400 million in questionable fundraising can't buy her way out of this one.

I was hoping some Texans wo... (Below threshold)

I was hoping some Texans would chime in because I've heard Earle goes after conservatives of both parties but ignores lefty Dems.

The first name I thought of was Ken Starr.
Now that would be funny. And evil.

That is a good typo.<... (Below threshold)

That is a good typo.

Hillary is all political, no emotion.

Unfortunately, attorneys ca... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, attorneys can be bought. No telling where (which country) the money would come from.






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