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Don't Tell the Pro-Illegal Immigration Crowd: The Border Fence is Working

This is really unusual. We are getting some good news from the border:

At this fabled border crossing, where the last armed conflict between the United States and Mexico flared, the rancorous debate over the new U.S. anti-immigrant fence has been resolved.

The fence works, residents north and south of it say. At least it works for now on this snippet of the line.

"You hear it all the time: Fences don't work. Fences don't work," said Mark Winder, a transplanted New Englander and part-time deputy sheriff who lives on a small ranch outside Columbus, N.M., where a 3-mile stretch of wall was completed in August. "I live 2½ miles from the border, and the fence is working."

Many merchants agree in Palomas, once a sleepy farm town, now a booming haven for smugglers.

"The fence has destroyed the economy here," said Fabiola Cuellar, a hardware-store clerk on the main street of Palomas who used to sell supplies to the throngs heading north from here. "Things are going back to the way they were before."

Of course, with only about one-fifth of the fence complete, migrants from Mexico and other countries who had planned to cross the border illegally in places such as Palomas-Columbus can simply go elsewhere.

But U.S. officials have vowed to complete nearly 400 miles of the fence by the end of next year. Workers in August and September built 70 miles of it here, in Arizona and in parts of California. Thousands more Border Patrol agents, electronic monitors and other measures will tighten the squeeze.

Now that we are working on a border fence, if we really begin investigating and punishing those companies that hire illegal immigrants, perhaps there could actually be an impact on the influx of illegals sneaking into our country.


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Comments (5)

The irony is, if the Mexica... (Below threshold)

The irony is, if the Mexican police found an U.S. Citizen had snuck over their border, you'd be on a bus and back over the border within 24 hours, and treated like the lowest form of criminal.

What's wrong with a two way street on enforcement?

That's not ironic, that's t... (Below threshold)

That's not ironic, that's tragic.

Look at what BILL CLINTON a... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Look at what BILL CLINTON and JANET RENO did with ALIAN GOZALAS they sent in their imperial strom troopers to kidnnap the boy from his relatives terrorize them all so they could send him back to cuba to appease busy whiskers castro while our same goverment turn their backs while illegal aliens and god knows how many terrorists are crossing the border

Of course fences work. Ever... (Below threshold)

Of course fences work. Everyone knows fences work.

It's not that fences don't work its that they do work that some folks vehemently oppose them. Have you heard anyone who opposes illegal immigration say, "No, we don't want a fence because fences don't work!" Of course not.

The only people saying, "We don't want a fence because fences don't work" are the folks who don't want to stop the flow of illegals across the border.

I lived in San Diego for 10 years working on the border. We were fortunate to have a fence built there years ago. It worked wonders. Everyone saw that it worked wonders and is still working.

We all know fences work. The folks who say that they don't are merely grasping at straws, hoping to find some argument to continue the flow.

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