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A Simple Question

Well, there's more talk of a "peace conference" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this one to be held in Annapolis. And the talk this time is that this is to be THE BIG ONE that finally solves the whole thing -- and involves establishing East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital.

Help me out a little here. It seems to me that every time we have one of these big conferences, there's a push for "good faith gestures" from Israel (translation: concessions) before the talks start. There's never any push for any such gestures from the Palestinians. In fact, it seems that each time those roll around, they tend to follow a bunch of "bad-faith gestures" by the Palestinians, and part of the "peace process" seems to involve not only forgiving those acts, but solemnizing them.

For example, right now the Palestinians running the Gaza Strip are unabashed terrorists, who not only launch rockets into Israel on a daily basis, but also shell the border crossings (both those into Israel, but into Egypt) to "discourage" the Palestinians from fleeing the Islamic Paradise that is Gaza under the governance of the duly-elected government.

Meanwhile, Fatah, the other major Palestinian faction (they're the semi-secular kleptocrats, versus Hamas, the Islamist sociopaths -- one must be very careful in the taxonomy of terrorists), is trying to claim the "moderate" title by default and win back Western aid and support. ("Hamas is the extremists -- they just want to kill all the Jews. We'll be just as happy if they just flee into the sea and drown."

Can anyone -- ANYONE -- ever cite a single example where the Palestinians were called upon to make any sort of concession or "good faith gesture" and actually kept it? Just once?


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dont hold your breath J. ne... (Below threshold)

dont hold your breath J. never happened,never will.

Israel could be gone from t... (Below threshold)

Israel could be gone from the Middle East and the Palestinians would still be living the same pathetic lives they do now shunned by their brothers after serving as mercenaries in the anti-Israeli agenda. In that case, what do they actually have that is of any value to concede?

Can anyone -- ANYONE ... (Below threshold)

Can anyone -- ANYONE -- ever cite a single example where the Palestinians were called upon to make any sort of concession or "good faith gesture"
I was ready with a whole bunch of examples, and then, I got to this part
and actually kept it?

The Palestinians have becom... (Below threshold)

The Palestinians have become one big illiterate gang of thugs or more accurately the world now sees them as a gang of thugs.

The only thing that should be occurring in Annapolis is a war crimes trial of every member of the PLO delegation.

I'm VERY confident in this ... (Below threshold)

I'm VERY confident in this conference being the answer, assuming it results in radical muslims no longer insisting on wiping the jews from the face of the earth.

We've got precedence with those 1930's discussions with Uncle Adolph having worked so well.

There is only one solution ... (Below threshold)

There is only one solution to this mess: Israel will annex the land it wants and needs and Jordan can have the rest.

The world does not need a 22nd dysfunctional Arab "state".

(Gaza? Shove the mess into Sinai and let Egypt deal with it).

It's damn hard to find a hi... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

It's damn hard to find a history of this situation without serious bias on one side or the other.
Sure there are accurate books...but books are long and hard.
I have found the below link to be the most accurate history outside of a book.
yes it is long...but still not a book.
If anyone is truly interested in broadening their knowledge...this is a good first step.
For those that already know all you need to know?
You have obviously read a lot on this subject.

Jay - the only person that ... (Below threshold)

Jay - the only person that can answer your question in this country is Jimmy Carter. (Errrr - is he still of this country?) Of course his answer will be worth about as much as his Nobel pee prize.

nogo war ...I don'... (Below threshold)

nogo war ...

I don't give a damn about the ancient history of the middle east ... I know the recent (last 30 years) history and it shows the PLO to be a bunch of savages ...

Let their god sort them out ...

Or does your moral equivalent meter tell you that there is no good and evil ?

NoGo: Not a bad presentati... (Below threshold)

NoGo: Not a bad presentation of the history of the region. Fairly presented with little bias that I could sense.

So now the question is - So What? The Palestinians have proven time and again one thing - they cannot be trusted. Period. So, with that in mind - you got any ideas?

My personal favorite is Scott's idea. An to h*ll with the Palestinians!

The 2000 Intifada was my re... (Below threshold)

The 2000 Intifada was my real turning point. It's when I decided that until the Palestinians got rid of their leadership, they would get no sympathy from me.
Why that episode out of so many? Because Arafat was offered almost everything he could reasonably hope for and he turned it down, went home, and started sending out suicide bombers.
I've always heard of the great Arab traders, so why didn't Arafat even try to negotiate? Huh? Why didn't he even try to negotiate and instead start a war?
I know why, because the leadership of the Palestinians in Fatah and Hamas have no desire whatsoever for an settlement that includes a Jewish state anywhere in the middle east.

For years Arafat and the PL... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

For years Arafat and the PLO were criticized for refusing to recognize Israel and to agree that it had a right to exist. He and they finally did so.

It may not have been earth-shattering, but it was at least a gesture.

To answer Jay, no, I can't.... (Below threshold)

To answer Jay, no, I can't.

The Annapolis talks will come to naught like all the others, because the big thing that is necessary for peace between Israel and the Palestinians is the one thing that won't happen: the Palestinians must give up on their goal of annihilation of the "Zionist entity". Whether such annihilation comes from war or slow demographic conquest under the so-called "right of return" or anything in between doesn't matter. The sad fact is that the Palestinians, whether Hamas or Fatah, or any other faction, do not recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist. Unfortunately the same attitude prevails throughout most of the Muslim world, so the Palestinians are justified in believing that they have the support of the Arabs and Iranians, at least tacitly and in very many cases tangibly.

Unless that changes, Israel might as well be negotiating with the moon. Except that the moon can be relied upon to go through its phases every month. The US plays the role of Sisyphus, as I suppose we must, but with no better results than the mythical king had.

On a related subject, when Iran gets the bomb, I think the first thing they'll try to do with it is to smuggle a couple into Israel and turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into glass parking lots. I don't think the Iranian regime cares much about what happens after that, especially if they have plausible deniability. I also don't think they care how many Muslims they kill in the process, since all the Muslim dead would be martyrs and go directly to heaven--in their minds the Iranians would be doing them all a favor.

In summary ...Jay ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

In summary ...

Jay Tea: Can anyone -- ANYONE -- ever cite a single example where the Palestinians were called upon to make any sort of concession or "good faith gesture" and actually kept it? Just once?

nogo war: Hey! Look over there! Ponies!

Can anyone -- ANYONE -- ... (Below threshold)

Can anyone -- ANYONE -- ever cite a single example where the Palestinians were called upon to make any sort of concession or "good faith gesture" and actually kept it? Just once?

Its never happened.

THE BIG ONE - I don't know ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

THE BIG ONE - I don't know if it was intentional, but you immediately made me think of Fred Sanford. The recurring "peace talks" can be taken about as seriously as Fred's recurring heart attacks.

Mike G, was there a "silky ... (Below threshold)

Mike G, was there a "silky pony" amoungst them?

Not even the striking Write... (Below threshold)

Not even the striking Writers' Guild could make up an instance, Jay.

As for the person who said that Arafat recognized Israel, he did so in English for the cameras, scurried back home, and went into 4 more years of turning billions of dollars worth of plowshares into swords.

It was a meaningless gesture, quickly repudiated in Arabic, but it was good enough for nitwits like Christiane Amanpour and Jimmy Carter to cling to and drool over.

Actually they kept faith wi... (Below threshold)

Actually they kept faith with their masters in the Ottoman Empire by pretending to work with the British. They also kept faith with their Axis allies in the second phase of the first World War. In fact, they are still keeping their promises even though the Axis was defeated.

So you see, they can keep their word under the right circumstances.






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