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I Wonder How Tim Russert Feels about being Compared to Nazis

Linda Hirshman at TNR blog asserts that standing up to Russert is similar to standing up to the Nazis. Unhinged is an understatement.

Jonah Goldberg at The Corner has more insight and analysis on the Clinton camp's thin skinnedness in reaction to the recent criticism of Hillary's performance at the most recent Democratic debate.


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Comments (7)

If anyone deserves that naz... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

If anyone deserves that nazi title its the liberals themselves they were all big goverment types

Linda Hirsham is a commie S... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Linda Hirsham is a commie Stalinist who like all commies resort to name calling when they don't like what they hear (like the truth).

That is who these people ar... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

That is who these people are. Anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi, racist, homophobe, bigot, sexist and flat-earther rolled into one.

Taking into consideration a... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Taking into consideration all variables, I think Hillary did okay at the debate. What variables you say?

First, Hillary is the most stage managed candidate since JFK (from what I heard since I was born 6 years after he died). Most candidates are vetted 100 times over at this point in the game. She did 1 tough interview with Chris Wallace and 100 softball/infomercial/puff-piece/spa-treatment interviews. Her consultants, nor Bill can create political acumen where none exists. And being staged managed to death does not equal political charisma or smarts.

Additionally, there is a huge difference between running the WAR ROOM behind the scenes (which entails wire tapping, going through people's garbage, siccing the IRS on your husband's paramours/critics, having your girl-friend anchors give you air time to vent about the Right Wing Conspiracy) and having to defend real policies as the main candidate. Throwing rocks from behind a barricade and hiding your hand is not the same as being on the frontline. If she didn't know this before, she better learn it. Talking out of two mouths only gives your opponents multiple targets. I learned that while running for class president in the 8th grade. Call me Hill, I'll give you some pointers.

Lastly, just because Hillary is surrounded by a bunch of clowns (Kucinich, Edwards), a complete ametuer (Obama), some posers (Biden, Dodd) and the only qualified person in the group, but without a personality (Richardson) does not make her the de facto Dem nominee... even if the media tries to make her one. Bush is not running again, so the Dem candidate can't just be the anti-Bush and hope to BS his way to the general election.

Hillary's aides should be calling Russert to thank him for using elementary/basic/remedial level questions to point out the chinks in her armor.

Hillary's aides should b... (Below threshold)

Hillary's aides should be calling Russert to thank him... to point out the chinks in her armor.
No need to be racially insensitive!
The point is, they were illegal contributions!

Linda Hirshman snarls at Ti... (Below threshold)

Linda Hirshman snarls at Tim Russert for being "a fox in Nipper's clothing!" So fixated was she on the inter-network play on words, she missed the underlying allusion, one that cannot sit well with the pack over at Hillary central!

The truth is that Nipper was indeed a real dog from Bristol England in the very late 19th Century, who actually got his name from biting people's ankles!

So, in one sense, Hirshman inadvertently paid Russert the ultimate reporter's compliment, though she was obviously just alluding to the trademark symbol of the left's favorite network, which she incorrectly attributes to origins in radio.

Tim Russert is worse, because he has the mantle of the venerable NBC, network of Nipper, the radio dog.

But from the Hillary-centric feminist perspective, for Linda to have unwittingly raised the image of an ankle-biter has to be viewed as utterly untenable, even to the point of being downright unpardonable! Hirshman's blunt rebuke of Russert, it seems, outran the pauser dogma!

The real Nipper was likely a mixed breed terrier -- probably including some Bull terrier, and possibly some Staffordshire terrier, or what we on this side of the pond now call a "pit bull," along with some other terrier breeds.

Nipper's RCA image was derived from a repainting of one done of the original dog painted by his original master's brother (who cared for him when his brother passed away), showing an inquisitive pooch listening to what was, in the original painting, an Edison gramophone.

I suppose the underlying appeal, was that the sound was so deceivingly real, that it lulled the little ankle-biter into curiosity over what was also an entirely derivative fiction - a recording of "his master's voice." There never was a recording made of his master, however - not of any of three brothers.

But alas, poor Linda has scolded Tim Russert for being a fox, masquerading as what was a real life ankle-biting dog!

As we now know, MSNBC has finally conceded that they consciously cant their programming to prompt attacks on President Bush and Republicans - because it attracts "disaffected" viewers.

Hirshman, and the other nut... (Below threshold)

Hirshman, and the other nutroot complainers about the debate, reveal themselves to be hot house partisans.

Clinton needs to grow some thick skin but she won't because her presidential campaign experience is limited to the Perot Hothouse which gave her husband (a much better politician than she) 43.3% and 49.2% popular vote margins.

Take them out of the protected environment of the left wing echo chamber and their MSM protectors and they wilt. Russert a bully/Nazi? Wait until Rove gets in the game...and he will get in the game.






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