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Ve Hav Vays Uv Mayking Yu Tawk

Michael Mukasey was confirmed Thursday evening along party lines to be U.S. attorney general.

For those who missed it -- or who've already blocked it out -- Mukasey was nominated to the federal bench by President Reagan and recently retired as the chief judge of the brass-knuckled U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

AG Mukasey might not have a clear opinion as to whether or not so-called "waterboarding" is torture {wink, wink}, but he certainly understands the primary role of the Justice Department post-9/11: To beat genocidal foreign terrorists utterly senseless.

You can't really ask for much more from Uncle Sam's top law enforcement official.


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Hear, Hear!... (Below threshold)

Hear, Hear!

Glad to hear this.... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear this.

And "Mukasey might not have a clear opinion as to whether or not so-called "waterboarding" is torture" but Fat Teddy Kennedy sure did. Guess he got his information from the ghost of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Just hope the sliming he to... (Below threshold)

Just hope the sliming he took from the democrats doesn't sour him on America as a whole.

I remember watching an Opra... (Below threshold)

I remember watching an Oprah episode a year ago. It was one of those Townhall meetings with Bill O'Reilly on - and it was a huge audience. When O'Reilly started talking about waterboarding and how it's proven that it has saved many lives the audience all clapped. I mean thunderous applause.

Most women have no problem with waterboarding the terrorist thugs.

Well, don't expect Mukasey ... (Below threshold)

Well, don't expect Mukasey to actually approve waterboarding anyone. That's clearly not going to happen. He just was not going to fall for the Democrats cheap theatrics in his confirmation hearings.

I was watching the "proceed... (Below threshold)

I was watching the "proceedings" late last night and they were just awful. Harry Reid et all were livid that Bush would appoint such a person to the AG position.

Mitch McConnell arose and blasted the Dems out of the water with how this man, Mukasey, was treated. He has all the dates, figures, votes, mark-ups, etc on the confirmation of Janet Reno. What a huge difference in timeliness and treatment.

Leahy (I think he wet himself) was so upset after McConnell spoke, he arose and tried to defend his position and failed miserably. I hope someone caught it and will post the video.

If it had been a straight p... (Below threshold)
Hank Griffin:

If it had been a straight party line vote Mukasey would have been defeated. According to The Hill: "Six Democrats and one independent joined a united Republican caucus in voting to confirm the nominee by a 53-40 vote."

It is an uphill battle tryi... (Below threshold)
Mikey NTH:

It is an uphill battle trying to convince the American public that beating up terrorists is a bad thing. Why the Democrats would want to take on this fight when they are trying to once again convince voters that they are strong on defense is a mystery that can only be explained by mass insanity and the proliferation of mind-altering substances.

Chuck-Agh-you. hav... (Below threshold)


Agh-you. have. got. to. be. kidding.

Mukasey was on the SHORT list submitted by DEMOCRATS as a nominee for the SUPREME COURT who they would have been more than happy to ratify.

Sponsored by SCHUMER no less...

What a bunch of absolute hypocrites.

Let's see- he was alright for them for the Supreme Court but now as the AG they're beside themselves.

Ghee it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that it's an election year, naaaa...






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