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When All Else Fails, Make Stuff Up

Well, the Boston Globe had to really stretch, but they managed to find a way to turn French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to the United States into an instance of Bush-bashing.

Sarkozy the Frenchman was too courteous to say that he and his compatriots have no desire to trade their superb healthcare for America's ailing system; their dependable pensions for Americans' vanishing ones; their efficient high-speed trains for America's nightmarish airports; their fine cuisine for America's mass-produced fast food. The France of Sarkozy may be a reliable ally, but it should not be mistaken for an envious friend.

Funny how they can discuss what Sarkozy did NOT say, but very few people want to discuss what the hell happened to all our "traditional allies" that Bush and his Iraq policy had driven away. Canada, France, and Germany all tossed out their leaders and chose ones who are more friendly to the US, while Australia re-elected John Howard and Great Britain's new Prime Minister is pretty much in line with Tony Blair's policies.

I guess that isn't "news" any more.

Edited to correct broken link -- author's fault, as usual. Thanks, rovin and evilrio.)


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Sarkozy's speech was effusi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Sarkozy's speech was effusive of America as a force for good in the world. The Globe article is propaganda worthy of Goebbels.

Jay,Either your li... (Below threshold)


Either your link is broken or the Globe has pulled the story?

Fortunately for the Boston ... (Below threshold)

Fortunately for the Boston Globe, I am much too courteous to say that they are more full of [email protected] than an ancient outhouse...

@ Rovin:The link i... (Below threshold)

@ Rovin:

The link isn't broken, it's just mistyped. There's an extra "http://" at the end. Remove that and the story will come up

"Funny how they can disc... (Below threshold)

"Funny how they can discuss what Sarkozy did NOT say,"

Well, some of these guys at the Globe are mind readers, aren't they? I don't ever remember thinking of France as an "envious friend". Propaganda by the boatload! Sheesh!

Thanks for the heads up evi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads up evilrio.

Also from the story:

"But these ambitions hardly make him an American. Sarkozy did not shrink from telling Congress he expects "America to stand alongside Europe in leading - I repeat, leading - the fight against global warming that threatens the destruction of our planet."

Of course the MSM has accepted the premise that man-made global warming is no longer debateable------which leaves them with little credibility. And they wonder why circulation is plunging to all time lows.

I'd also like to add that P... (Below threshold)

I'd also like to add that Pres. Sarkozy was too courteous to say that the Boston Globe is a tabloid rag that should stick to UFO sighting, covering Dennis Kucinich presidential prospects, and other occult phenomena.

"America to stand alongs... (Below threshold)

"America to stand alongside Europe in leading - I repeat, leading - the fight against global warming that threatens the destruction of our planet."

This could be a subtle way of saying - "Get off your sanctimonious high-horses and out of the pockets of the environmentalists and build some nuclear energy."

Not only will the Dems have... (Below threshold)

Not only will the Dems have a weak candidate next spring, they wont have as issue left to run on!

Not from nuttin', but as fo... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Not from nuttin', but as for French health care... Didn't like THOUSANDS of people die in a heat wave over there a few years ago?

Oh wait, that's not a health care failing, that's global warming... sorry.

Dependable pensions? Well ... (Below threshold)
Tim in PAa:

Dependable pensions? Well it's not like I expected the Globe to live on the same planet as the rest of us anyways.

Funny, I have never, ever h... (Below threshold)

Funny, I have never, ever heard someone here say, "We should emulate the French healthcare system." Canada -- recently, yes; England -- at one time; the Swedes -- still do as much as I can tell. I wonder why it's never the former?

Dependable pensions? I really haven't seen this be a big topic. There was a short frenzy of it around the Enron collapse, but all in all I think 401s and IRA's has muted this mostly. Maybe someone can elaborate.

Emphasis on efficient high speed trains for mass transporation is good idea for a country 80% the size of Texas and having three times Texas' population of 21 million. I'm sure, though, that France is also pretty proud of their 469 cars per 1,000 people, just like we are of our 478 per 1,000. I'll even bet Parisans are more proud of their 449/1000 than NYC'ers are proud of their 206/1000.

As for cuisine, it's always been "Disgustibus non disputendum est" for me but I have to say that on this subject, the editors are speaking from the experience of the ignorant elite here.

Great post dusty.... (Below threshold)

Great post dusty.

The Boston Globe lost 6.66%... (Below threshold)

The Boston Globe lost 6.66% of their circulation year-to-year through September.

This sort of crap is at least part of the reason why. Nice number though . . . [cue Twilight Zone music] . . .

Dusty, that was a nice cap ... (Below threshold)

Dusty, that was a nice cap you screwed down on that one :) Kinda leaves not much else to say. Even the usual suspects are speechless.

Do they want to trade their... (Below threshold)

Do they want to trade their ridiculously high taxes for ours? How about their low productivity? Unemployment? Racial tensions with the Muslim immigrants?

No, they wouldn't want our lower taxes, our higher productivity, our lower unemployment, or our lack of "youths" burning cars in the streets. They probably wouldn't want our dog-poop-free sidewalks, either.

Wavemaker, Oyster, thanks.<... (Below threshold)

Wavemaker, Oyster, thanks.

I'm still at a loss for why the geniuses at the Globe didn't bother to note that "Sarkozy the Frenchman was too courteous to say that he and his compatriots have no desire to trade" their insignificant carbon producing nuclear power plants for our carbon spewing gas, oil and coal plants, wrt Sarkozy's desire to engage and persuade the US on climate change policy.

But that might require the Globe editors to explain why we don't build nuclear power plants like, um, Shoreham, and what their part has been in preventing it and others like them. I guess that is why they, instead, wrote about French cuisine.

Globe editors might be journalists, but they are not serious ones.

All AL GORE and the GLOBAL ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

All AL GORE and the GLOBAL WARMING wackos are doing are making things up andoutright lying to the public






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