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Former President Bush Skydives Again

Photo Washington Post

He's still got that spunk at 83 years old. He went skydiving yesterday to celebrate the grand reopening of his presidential museum:

He's 83 and just had hip replacement surgery in January, but that isn't keeping former President George H.W. Bush from skydiving.

Bush celebrated the grand reopening of his presidential museum on Saturday with a surprise skydive, his sixth and his first since 2004, when he jumped to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Bush jumped on Saturday strapped to an expert from the Army Golden Knights parachute team, as he did three years ago.

His first parachute jump was in 1944 when his plane was shot down over the Pacific island of Chi Chi Jima.

I hope I have that kind of energy and zest for life when I'm 83. Good for him.


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Tandem Jumps - I still don'... (Below threshold)

Tandem Jumps - I still don't understand why people jump out of perfectly operating airplanes...

Well, good for him.<p... (Below threshold)

Well, good for him.

But is it necessary for the media to rehash, for the third time, his getting humped from the rear on a 'buddy jump'?

It would be newsworthy if he finally made a solo jump, but there's our 'Lions from Lambs' Media for you.

The MSM is most adroit at i... (Below threshold)

The MSM is most adroit at important issues around political campaigns;

", the NYT mentions that yesterday's "mini-scandal" was whether Clinton had left a tip at a diner in Iowa. The NYT talked to the waitress and she was simply dumbfounded the whole thing had become such a big deal. "You people are really nuts," she said. "There's kids dying in the war, the price of oil right now--there's better things in this world to be thinking about than ... who got a tip and who didn't get a tip."

Yeah. They have their priorities straight.

Semanticleo, you poor ole t... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, you poor ole thing. Never been anything, done anything and never will. Life to you will always be one big bla. It must suck being a dhimmi communist in the land of the free.

I get the feeling that Cleo... (Below threshold)

I get the feeling that Cleo writes his/her/its comments ahead of time, then meanders over here and sticks it on whatever thread happens to be at the top of the page. I can't recall the last time he/she/it had something actually relevant to contribute...


Semanticleo, Funny that Shr... (Below threshold)

Semanticleo, Funny that Shrillary's shill returned and accused someone of stealing the original $100 and replaced it with a $20. It sure does suck being a dhimmi communist doesn't it. Call up the DNC and they'll give you a couple of canned questions to post on the blogs so they can answer them. Democrats should remember the old saying, 'it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt'.

And the Post, itself, Jay? ... (Below threshold)

And the Post, itself, Jay? Relevance, notwithstanding your valuable input.

Now Hillary's being accused... (Below threshold)

Now Hillary's being accused of planting yet another question. HA! Love it.

Fake Hillary caught again.

Hellary has to have the que... (Below threshold)

Hellary has to have the question's planted! otherwise We will be playin "gotcha" all campaign long..

The relevance of this post ... (Below threshold)

The relevance of this post is that celebrates a former president that actually has a life and understands what it means to be out of Office. As opposed, say, to the Littlest Ex Presidents the Democratic Party has to offer: Bill and Hill (OK, that's two already) and Jimmy Earle.

The only jump I ever did wa... (Below threshold)

The only jump I ever did was a tandem jump - with a tall, handsome, young blond Swede. I figured if I was going to die, I wanted to land on a tall, handsome, young blond Swede :)

However, soon thereafter I learned the joys of powered para-gliding. Solo. I hope to still be doing it at 83.

Sematicleo, lighten up, will ya? It's a joyful and exhilarating thing to do and still live. It SHOULD be celebrated. Everyone that tries it feels for once in their life they're pioneering - even though millions have done it before them. If you've ever done it, you know what that means. If not then well, ... you'll end up with a squinched up sour-puss face.

Like the one I imagine you carry around with you now.

A few years ago I heard the... (Below threshold)

A few years ago I heard the story of HW Bush surviving WWII after being shot down. All his mates were captured and never returned, and he was minutes away from suffering the same fate. It is always interesting to contemplate how world events changed because of one person surviving. Would it have been better or worse without him? Who knows?

epador,He learned ... (Below threshold)


He learned it by jumping out of a plane that was on fire.

First time was hard, the rest were easy.

GERANIMO and HAPPY LANDINGS... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


Awesome that President Bush... (Below threshold)

Awesome that President Bush 41 is still at it. I was still with the Golden Knights when he made his first jump in Yuma Arizona.

After my stint as a Golden Knight I went on as the Team Leader of the 82nd Freefall Team and the 82nd Parachute Club. The jump the President made in 2004 was a tandem jump with one of my former students.

The Airborne heritage of the Jumpinjoe household continues as my son now serves in the 82nd Airborne Division 1-508th.

He arrived home two days ago from Afghanistan for 18 days of R & R.

Today's agenda is a 10 mile hike to Mt. LeConte, Great Smoky Mountains followed by beer and hot wings at home tonight. Life is good today.

Airborne cheers all around. May all your days be prosperous and your Knights Golden.

I: I am perfectly aware of ... (Below threshold)

I: I am perfectly aware of his WWII history. I still don't get jumping out of "perfectly good airplanes" (why do you think I was so explicit?), but maybe its because I get to see all the fractured bones, teeth and dislocations in (and out of) the dropzones. Interesting that as a Navy Flyer her picked the Golden Knights...

her instead of he:... (Below threshold)

her instead of he:

Freud not at work, just fat fingers.

John, one thing he told me ... (Below threshold)

John, one thing he told me 30 years ago when he became Director of the CIA and some things were declassified and told to him was that his fellow flyers were not only captured but eaten as well. Such was the scene of the island-hopping back then that as in common beheadings by samurai sword, but they'd resorted to cannibalism, as well. They didn't have a very high opinion of those who did not fight to the death, you see.
What was kind of neat to me now was that he told me that he'd promised himself that he'd jump again, voluntarily, and even earn his wings.
I guess he chose a lucky day, the 86th (Restaurateurs!) year after the lucky one-armed bandit date of 11/11/11, Armistice Day.
With any good luck, I'll be able to meet him again some day, perhaps soon. He's one hell of a guy, you know, an admirable supervisor, to say the least.

What must be known about Bh... (Below threshold)

What must be known about Bhillary and why the Dem's are letting in millions of Mexicans is in that they will save the failed Democrat Social Security Scheme by filling the Detroit factories, etc, with cheap slave labor once the WALMART 3 Gorges Dam and the Pearl Delta Industrial Factories go in Red China, which they surely will. You know, they'll become good citizens, get licences, buy homes, PAY SS TAXES.... (So SCREW your way of life in the name of Socialism...) That's what's coming out, and why Bhillary is going down in the "polls".

Jumpinjoe, my dad was 101st... (Below threshold)

Jumpinjoe, my dad was 101st then SF and my step-dad was 101st/Rigger , too. He was the one to dream up the idea of skidding pallets from a C-130 that never landed in combat situations. Both did Vietnam tours with medals.
Me, I was just a Army M.I. puke that never got any trigger time.
I envy you, sir.
And we're going to need a million of your kind in this up-coming war with Red China.
I hope American women can produce enough, but I truly wonder if they're "All they can be."

You know, Freud once said, ... (Below threshold)
Rick A Hyatt:

You know, Freud once said, "Lay on my couch," and I said, No thanks, I'm not queer."






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