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Happy Veterans' Day to All Our Veterans

Lucianne has a great photo and caption for Veterans' Day:

Veterans Day 2007

There are only two life forces that have offered to die for you.
Jesus Christ and the American G.I.


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I appreciate that Wizbang i... (Below threshold)

I appreciate that Wizbang is NOT politically correct.

Thanks to all who willingly serve, knowing the risks.

And the left hates both of ... (Below threshold)

And the left hates both of those that have offered to die for us.

I am particularly thankful ... (Below threshold)

I am particularly thankful and appreciative. I have lost two family members in wars. I usually quietly and privately thank them for their efforts and sacrifice. Here, I will say so aloud:

Percy Stevens
Josiah Baugh

and all the others who made it through alive, my father, uncles, cousins, step-father, husband ....

thank you.






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