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Oh, Man...

I've never been one to give a lot of credence or attention to cries of "sexism." While it certainly exists, I've encountered too many situations where that charge -- much like "racism" -- is used to excuse the personal failings of the person, or attacks where the factor is something about the person herself or himself, and their race or sex is simply irrelevant.

But every now and then, I start to see things that give that attitude of mine a good shaking.

This is one of those times.

Raven is the blogger behind "And Rightly So!," and a fellow New Hampshirite. She's been around a while, and she's recently had to start moderating comments because of the sheer venom and bile that's being tossed at her. And she followed that up with a link to another blogger being assailed similarly.

In all modesty, Wizbang is a bit more prominent than And Rightly So. I've been blogging for well over three years, and our readership is significantly larger and our profile that much higher. And I can't recall EVER getting that kind of response.

In fact, it reminds me a bit of the sort of thing Michelle Malkin deals with on a regular basis. And what a surprise -- all three of them are women, and I'm not.

In fact, the only male bloggers I've heard of getting that kind of threats and assaults are those who regularly took on Islamists (Charles Johnson, Rusty Shackleford, Laurence Simon) and -- the odd one here -- Jeff Goldstein, who found himself the target of a psychotic woman's rage.

So, what do I need to do to get that kind and level of attention? I've often described myself as "a nobody from nowhere with a nothing job and no life," so it's not like there's a great deal that nuts can do to threaten me. And with my "white knight" complex, I kind of like the idea of taking some of the heat being tossed at my distaff colleagues.

Bring it on, nutcases and whackjobs. Let's see what you got.


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"a nobody from nowhere with... (Below threshold)

"a nobody from nowhere with a nothing job and no life"

Um... and I'm somebody or something?

Alas, I am neither moonbat,... (Below threshold)

Alas, I am neither moonbat, whacknut or nut case and I do like Wizbang. I'm sure some of the aforementioned will oblige.

Bring it on, nutcases an... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Bring it on, nutcases and whackjobs.

Oh, and here I was thinking you were talking about Wizbang! Blue the whole time. My bad.

It's not just that she's a ... (Below threshold)

It's not just that she's a woman. She's a conservative woman that some feel has strayed from her proper role in politics - keeping quiet. Unless, of course, she's liberal. Then she's a 'strong woman'.

I couldn't think of the vit... (Below threshold)

I couldn't think of the vitriol that they seem to use. Besides, since the profanity that they use seems to be specifically that against women, I don't think that it could apply. What is interesting is that the profanity used against Raven when converted into a similar male term, implies a put down rather than an obscenity.

It's the same idea with con... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

It's the same idea with conservative minorities. If you're a minority and a conservative, you've "sold out the cause".

Look at the treatment of the wives of the presidential candidates. Thompson has a trophy wife and edwards has a fighter! Michelle Obama is bright intelligent and hell, she might as well run for president! Rudy's wife? Oh, she's just another in the long line of Giuliani wives and we don't know how long she'll stick around.

The double standard is incredible. There is so much scrutiny put on conservative women that it just proves the double standard exists.

How many time have liberal wives started crying like John Roberts wife did because of the level of attacks charged on their husbands? If one would have started crying it would assuredly be accredited to those evil republicans. When a democrat does it, it's obviously the fault of the republicans that they couldn't take the heat.

The democrats think they are just what is meant to be. Any deviation from liberal thinking, unless it is more liberal, is purely not tolerated. These people claim to be the most open-minded among us, yet they are the most discriminatory and the nastiest when it comes to politics and personal attacks. They are the exact opposite of open minded. Anything that challenges their world view must be destroyed and gotten rid of. No matter who they hurt, no matter how badly this country is damaged, no matter what. They have a utopian vision of extreme marxism/socialism where everyone is a ward of the state and no one has a choice.

It is obvious the minorities are selling them out...

LMAO...........BIG mistake.... (Below threshold)

LMAO...........BIG mistake..........ASKING for dipshits....like there is some kind of shortage on the web....lmao

I look forward to garbled consonants (thanks to Maggie) in responses to your posts in the near future...

JT:Your status of ig... (Below threshold)

Your status of ignore might change having
a female (Texican at that) monitor on board. :)

Jay Tea, Raven is a very de... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, Raven is a very dear and beloved friend of mine, and I want to just say a big THANK YOU to you! Once again (what, that's at least a zillion times in the past year? ;-) ) you show yourself to be a gracious and honorable guy.

So, sending big hugs of thanks for sticking up for my friend and blog-sis!

-- Kat
(not the Kat in comment #2, though *giggle*)

JayYou might want to... (Below threshold)

You might want to reconsider this: the Goldstein matter went way beyond nasty words and is still spinning out of control.

Tens of thousands have been spent on legal fees, many that have defended JG have been drawn into the mess and there is no end in sight. Several civil actions are underway and no one would be surprised if local prosecutors became more involved.

Take in the fools, but ignore the nuts.

I read Raven quite a bit an... (Below threshold)

I read Raven quite a bit and she has her head on streight. People could learn a bit if they paid attention to what she says instead of letting BDS control them. I work in Fire/EMS and always pitied the mentally challenged but now that half the population is suffering from self imposed mental illness it's going to be rough out here.

In my years traveling aroun... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

In my years traveling around blogtopia I have noticed stunningly crude posts directed at women by men. It is not limited to or the domain of any political philosophy.
To me there is no differences between the crude sexual threats/comments directed toward HRC and Ann C.
I seldom read comments from the left that include sexual references(this is what should be done to you) to Glen Beck as I read directed toward Ann C.
Just as I do not see posts with sexual references from the right directed toward Teddy K as are (this is what should be done to you) directed toward Cindy Sheehan.

We as men, need to be more aware. If we are the fathers of sons, we must do a better job as role models than our fathers were to us.

Jay, this is a topic I seldom see on lefty blogs other than
who blasts lefty men for our BS as well as the right.

Great thread....

Although I might disagree w... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Although I might disagree with Raven..I find the crude attacks deplorable..
Thank you for stand tall on this...

"a nobody from nowhere w... (Below threshold)

"a nobody from nowhere with a nothing job and no life"

Ha! Well, I'm a real live something-or-other that might actually be from somewhere, depending on the decade or time of day. I don't know, maybe women seem to be easier targets? It's really hard to say what possesses some people to just attack without reason.

I was reading one sample e-mail that Raven received that was loaded with foul language and nonsensical attacks. No real content either. Maybe it's a stalking thing...?

Now you have gone and done ... (Below threshold)

Now you have gone and done it...

SWMNBN will find the reference to Jeff Goldstein and will be here as soon as teh blood level in her Vodka system drops to "frischmas" levels.

I hope you will do better than Jeff did in dealing with her.

Sinner knows whereof he spe... (Below threshold)

Sinner knows whereof he speaks, but note that the loon from Oregon had tried out her act on several other bloggers before Jeff. We'd run across her a year or two before.

> Bring it on, nutcases ... (Below threshold)

> Bring it on, nutcases and whackjobs. Let's see what you got.

I spit in your general direction!


Hmmm. I got nothing.

...the loon from O... (Below threshold)
...the loon from Oregon

Hey now






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