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It's Not Easy Being Green...

Well, last week NBC (to much mockery) had a "Green Week" where all its shows were supposed to feature some kind of pro-environment theme. I don't watch "30 Rock," but I did see Al Gore's cameo there and thought it was pretty good -- for all my other problems with the guy, he's pretty damned funny when he's making fun of himself.

Apparently, we here at Wizbang are doing something similar -- but I missed the e-mail. Because last night DJ wrote a piece that I found brilliant, insightful, and profound.

At least, I thought so when I wrote virtually the same article almost four years ago.

For a while a few months ago, I thought DJ had some kind of spyware on my computer. For a couple of weeks, it seemed that a couple of times a week we would write very similar articles on the same topic the same day, often within a couple of hours of each other. Sometimes he'd publish first, sometimes I'd publish first. It got to the point where he and I discussed co-writing a piece, then each publishing it under different titles to see if anyone got the joke, but we never got around to it.

Until now, it seems.

Looking back on some of my other articles of that time, it seems that I could recycle quite a few of them. John Kerry's still being an ass. The Palestinians are still trying to kill the Israelis. The genocide in Darfur is continuing. Massachusetts politicians are still swine. A bunch of people want to give amnesty to illegal aliens. We're still fighting terrorists around the world, especially in Iraq.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

In all seriousness, I laughed out loud when I saw DJ's piece, as I have several times before when we've "stolen" from each other. I don't own the facts that we both wrote about, and his take was a little different from mine. It was just one more sign of how complementary we are as writers; we find many of the same topics interesting, and share quite a few opinions, but can be counted on to express ourselves just differently enough to keep things interesting. (At least, I think so.)


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DJ sent me that software ye... (Below threshold)

DJ sent me that software years ago----which is why I don't have to link Wizbang when I post my articles------JUST KIDDING! :)

It shouldn't be surprising that conservative thought (to a degree) is similarly shared in expressed opinions. While current topics of the day may vary, the position that you and DJ arrive at tend to be along the same process and deduction.

WIZBANG'ers: My takeaway i... (Below threshold)

WIZBANG'ers: My takeaway is that there are serious issues that aren't being resolved thereby resulting in your repetitive articles. Perhaps an interesting topic is why are we still dealing with the same problems/issues year in/year out when we have a democracy that implies polical comprimise and elected representatives that are selected to resolve issues. Pres Reagan and Tip O'Neil used to get things done. Nowadays the "opposition party" acts like their only function is to oppose. The chasm between the two sides is getting wider every year - one side seems to believe that the appropriate approach is to oppose ANYTHING/EVERYTHING the other side is doing. I see this - I just dont understand it. gc

As long as their celebratin... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

As long as their celebrating this green week poppycock then why dont they point out that fact that many of these eco-groups own their own oil wells and AL GORE has private jets and 4 mpg limos and one of his homes uses $30:000 of electricity in one month and that many of these eco-wacko groups are in big cities taht were once wilderness when the settlers first moved there and were surrounded with wild critters and SAVE THE EARTH RECYCLE A ENVIROENTALISTS






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