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The other day, Laurence Simon posted how there had been a study on vanity plates -- and how proud he was that his state of Texas had come in last.

I thought that was mildly interesting, but didn't really feel compelled to comment on it.

Until yesterday, when I heard a radio report on how New Hampshire did on that same study.

We're #2, at 14%. Second only to Virginia, which has 16%.

There HAS to be some way to spin this to make us New Hampshirites look good...


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I didn't comment?U... (Below threshold)

I didn't comment?

Um... I expressed Texan Supremacy in addition to calling DC a worthless shithole.

That's not a comment?

SUX2B2?... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:


"vainkee"?... (Below threshold)


Texans don't talk they walk... (Below threshold)

Texans don't talk they walk! ww

People from NH are arrogant... (Below threshold)

People from NH are arrogant shi.... Oh wait you want a good spin. Never mind.

Best vanity plate ever... ... (Below threshold)

Best vanity plate ever...

Seen on a silver and black Rolls Royce in the Candlestick parking lot before a Raiders vs. Niners game:


I think it was Al Davis

The plates on my truck are ... (Below threshold)

The plates on my truck are bug killers.

New Hampshire: Not as waste... (Below threshold)

New Hampshire: Not as wasteful with money as Virginia

This is not a story about v... (Below threshold)

This is not a story about vanity plates but close enough.

I was driving behind a car that had the following plastered on it's back:
From Lower Left to Upper Right of the Vehicle
-A Star of David bumper sticker with the gay pride colors as the background
-A Jesus fish
-A bumper sticker that that supported the use and access of PlanB

With NH being 9350 sq/mi an... (Below threshold)

With NH being 9350 sq/mi and VA being 42774, you have over five times the density of vanity plates.

Come to New Hampshire, home to more vain people per square mile than anywhere else... Not a positive I suppose.

I will admit to looking up ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I will admit to looking up to see whether "YEE HAA" was still available ...

It wasn't, so I stuck with the standard plates.

That must've been an intere... (Below threshold)

That must've been an interesting sight, Barney. I would like to call that diversity, but somehow it just leaves me really confused.

Maybe you didn't have enoug... (Below threshold)

Maybe you didn't have enough taxpayer cash to toss at something frivolous like they do?

By reading the plates in Va... (Below threshold)

By reading the plates in Va I'd say we have more imagination and a better sense of humor.

"You can say what you want about the South, but you never hear of anyone retiring
and moving North..."

The main reason Virginia ha... (Below threshold)

The main reason Virginia has so many vanity plates is because they're dirt cheap. Ten bucks a year to speak your mind, or prove that you're out of yours.

Best I've seen, on a "Children First" plate:


[fogive me for being a litt... (Below threshold)

[fogive me for being a little off topic]

On a business trip to Philadelphia many months ago, a plate I saw puzzled me briefly then was forgotten -- until TODAY (coincidence?), when I first read the above Jay Tea post and later saw this in Wikipedia:

November 13 2001 - War on Terrorism: In the first such act since World War II, US President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against foreigners suspected of connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States.

The plate? "13NOV01". I thought it was a birthday or something. You tell me...

w00t! Montana is #5!... (Below threshold)

w00t! Montana is #5!

My favorite is 'tards putti... (Below threshold)

My favorite is 'tards putting the name/brand on their car, ie, BMW/BEEMER/BENZ/DADSBENZ/HONDA or the simple YO.

Worst of all is your name, DR whatever; MD or RN.

Totally stupid/douche-baggery.

It pegs you as white and grew up in the 80's.

We never got vanity plates ... (Below threshold)

We never got vanity plates for our cars, but came close. My husband drove a huge, black 1995 Impala for years. I always called it the pimp mobile. We almost bought a tag that read:







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