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Goldilocks And The Three Jobs

Today, I looked at three stories I wanted to blog about but none of them really merited a full piece. So I thought about them, and then realized they were really all aspects of the same story: people and their jobs.

First up, we have the tale of a guy who worked a little too hard. Dr. Peter Rice teaches at the University of Massachusetts, specializing in sexually-transmitted diseases. Apparently the doctor assigned himself a little homework, because he's been arrested for trying to hire a prostitute.

Then we have some people who don't really care about their jobs enough. Yesterday, the New York Times published a column by Max Boot calling on the Foreign Service Officers to step up and fulfill their commitment to serve -- and volunteer for (or, at least, accept assignment to) service in Iraq. As Mr. Boot points out, their services are greatly needed over there. Further, this is exactly what they volunteered for, what they took pay and training for, and -- unlike members of the Armed Forces -- they can resign their commission at any time and either go for a less-prestigious job at State or leave the department entirely.

And finally, we have the story of New Hampshire's governor taking his commitment to the people of our state a bit more literally than the Founding Fathers intended. Governor Lynch was traveling down the highway when he spotted a voter constituent woman stuck in a ditch. She's called AAA, but the governor got behind her wheel and his state trooper and a local cop started pushing.

They didn't succeed, but they get points for trying, and then staying with the woman until a tow truck arrived.

I'm not overly fond of Lynch, as I think he's behind (or, at least, supportive of) some of the moves to hike taxes and bring a bit of the "nanny state" here to New Hampshire, but I did vote for him twice (first, he bumped off an arrogant, inept twit of a Republican governor, and last time the GOP nominee backed a gas tax) and he's done an all right job.

And I'd much rather share the highway with my governor than New Jersey's governor, or Massachusetts' senior senator.


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lynch may be - probably is ... (Below threshold)

lynch may be - probably is - just another plastic statist politician; his motives may have been - probably were - entirely about looking good for the press/voters .... but the fact he tried to help the broke-down lady still DOES say something about his character.

ted kennedy wouldn't have done it. rudy wouldn't have done it. hillary wouldn't have done it. taking time from their busy and *very* important lives to help a mere **prole** would never occur to them. "the rubes service ME! *I* don't service them."

good on lynch.






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