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New Hampshire: Meet me at the dump?


When those of us at Wizbang who are not residents of New Hampshire write about the Granite State, we are sometimes advised that our Section Editor is, in fact, a resident and might have a better perspective. Usually this comes in cordial form, as a gentle reminder. If you awaken to find a granite horse's head in your bed, then you've gone too far.

Some stories are just too good to pass up, though, so damn the torpedoes and read Katie Zezima's report in The New York Times:

The town dump here is a kind of unofficial social club, the place to buy Girl Scout cookies, meet political candidates and catch up with friends while unloading a week's worth of trash.

Or as one resident, Ted Crane, puts it, "There's no joy greater than coming to the dump on Saturday morning."

Now that joy has been dimmed by new town regulations that limit each user's visit to 30 minutes a day. The cutoff has annoyed both those who say they won't have enough time to get together with neighbors and others who claim a half-hour just isn't long enough to get rid of all their garbage.

"It's tyranny," said Peter Band, a former selectman who maintains that "the townspeople should be able to continue their time-honored tradition of socializing here."

If there is to be any limit at all, Mr. Band would favor one of no less than 90 minutes. "It takes me at least an hour and a half to empty my truck," he said.

Officials of Hollis, a community of 7,000 about 50 miles northwest of Boston, say the 30-minute limit was needed to cut down on loitering and traffic congestion at the dump.

And while the Board of Selectmen was at it, unanimously adopting the rule on Nov. 5, it also barred people from digging in the dump's scrap metal pile. Not only is that metal a source of town revenue, with Hollis grossing $15,000 to $20,000 a year by recycling it, but people had taken to climbing on the pile in flip-flops and letting their children play near it.

Read the rest at the link above, and remember these people have a huge role in selecting the next President of the United States.

Thanks to "Bama Jim" Dunn of Do What Now? for sending in this story, and making the only possible comment:

And they make fun of Southerners.


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Comments (13)

And while the Board of S... (Below threshold)

And while the Board of Selectmen was at it, unanimously adopting the rule on Nov. 5, it also barred people from digging in the dump's scrap metal pile.

I remember when I was a kid, going to the dump and marveling at all the perfectly good stuff people had thrown away!

but people had taken to climbing on the pile in flip-flops and letting their children play near it. Flip flops? At the dump??? That's just wrong!

You realize, of course, tha... (Below threshold)

You realize, of course, that this means war...


You are so brave to poke a ... (Below threshold)

You are so brave to poke a stick at JT.

So the news here is that a town is shutting down the local social club. Makes sense. That's how they shut down the mafia in Manhatten.

At least these people have to get up an GO tot he dump. Some cities, you wake up in the dump. ww

I see The Onion has ... (Below threshold)

I see The Onion has some pretty stiff competition... ;-)

'Sheep Mountain Update' at ... (Below threshold)
kim's sock puppet:

'Sheep Mountain Update' at climateaudit.org for the smoking volcano of academic fraud.

You know it's all about the... (Below threshold)
kim's sock puppet:

You know it's all about the gulls.

At the risk of being permab... (Below threshold)

At the risk of being permabanned for comments I'm about to make I'll say my farewells now: /dev null

Cowhampshire is a pimple on the butt of the NE with a miniscule population of weirdos that hang out in dumps swapping trash. Where in the hell do they get off deciding who the rest of the country is going to elect by claiming to be the 'first' primary state and then forcing the presidential candidates to perp walk repeatedly until they decide who they want based on god knows what criteria. I mean really, would you trust someone's judgement if you knew they were trash mongers and spent their time hanging out in a dump?

I want to visit your dump!<... (Below threshold)

I want to visit your dump!
I guess when we come up to visit friends
in Maryland, we'll have to make trip over
your way.
It would be nice if someone were to donate a piece
of land, for a private dump. Then associates, gossips, and friends can meet, swap, and browse.

I always knew the Lone Rang... (Below threshold)

I always knew the Lone Ranger wasn't really from Texas -- no self-respecting Texan would constantly be going to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump.

Our town used to have a ope... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Our town used to have a open pit dump and people used to go there and find second hand items for free now we just have YARD SALES

Where are the dump bears wh... (Below threshold)

Where are the dump bears when you need'em?

In Harwich and most of the ... (Below threshold)

In Harwich and most of the surrounding towns (on Cape Cod), the town "transfer station" usually has an adjunct area called the Treasure Chest or the Gold Mine or whatever. Good Yankee thrift dictates that anything that's got some use in it shouldn't be thrown away, so these things are recycled, put out for others less fortunate who might need, oh, a cashmere sweater with a tiny hole in the armpit, or a pair of golf shoes, or whatever. People also donate baked goods as well. They are also encouraged to bring hangars and old grocery bags, to allow for better display and easy removal.

There is a strict 1-hour per day shopping rule at these places, and you better believe that it is enforced. Plus, you may NOT park anywhere but in designated areas so as not to block the traffic. These rules are posted for easy viewing, and everyone abides by them.

Saturday mornings at the dump are de rigeur for most Cape folks, and woe be the local fella running for office who doesn't regularly include campaign stops at the town dump!

Hey, this is my hometown! I... (Below threshold)

Hey, this is my hometown! I'm off to the dump right now. Don't knock it until you've tried it!






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