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Newsweek's Conservative Pick to Counter Markos Moulitsas

On Tuesday, Newsweek announced that it hired Markos Moulitsas as a liberal contributor for the 2008 presidential campaign. Many on the right immediately criticized the magazine for being biased. Today, the Corner's Media Blog reports that Newsweek announced its choice for conservative contributor:

Karl Rove.


Update: Michelle Malkin thinks this is a big snooze fest while her Hot Air counterpart, Allahpundit, sees it as exploderific.


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Just made a quick read on K... (Below threshold)

Just made a quick read on KOS, man their heads didn't explode, they rotated several times and fell in the outhouse hole. Not a problem, they picked them up and put them back and none the worse for wear. None of the crap fell out. I love their quotes of Juan Williams, the most racist anti-american to ever be on TV but he's their love child. Isn't KOS the love child of Shrillary and the dude she shot and left on the park bench???

Reminds me of that classic,... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Reminds me of that classic, "Bambi Meets Godzilla".

Just another gig Karl is go... (Below threshold)

Just another gig Karl is going to have to give up after the 5 million white house emails are turned over by the NSA to the Congressional Investigatory Committee looking into the judicial attorney firings scandal.

Another Bush White House Lie: The E-mails

Glad it wasn't Ann Coultergeist, seen enough of her smearings, at least Karl is a known divisive reicht-wingnut.

Congrats karl, enjoy it while it lasts...until the indictments and trials begin for obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud elections, not to mention treason in outing covert CIA operations during a time of war, organizing the illegal 'iraq war' invasion and occupation, torture and war crimes and manipulating intelligence based on lies.

If this is the case I might... (Below threshold)

If this is the case I might just subscribe. Watching Rove at work against this nitwit kos is going to be worth a few bucks at least.

Does this mean the Democrat... (Below threshold)

Does this mean the Democrat will be more concerned about immigration than the Republican? Hard to believe they actually picked someone that Markos will be to the right of on several issues.

But I guess they believe their own media hype. Since he's been compared to the devil himself, he must be as far right as they come.

C'mon "FreedomOfInformation... (Below threshold)

C'mon "FreedomOfInformationAct". We know you're really Markos.

Interesting matchup...the m... (Below threshold)

Interesting matchup...the man who won the Senate for the Dems writes with the man who lost it for the Republicans.

Lee Atwater is smiling.... (Below threshold)

Lee Atwater is smiling.

Interesting matchup? I dou... (Below threshold)

Interesting matchup? I doubt it. Kos is way, way out of his league.

Hey FOIA... when was it aga... (Below threshold)

Hey FOIA... when was it again that Karl Rove was gonna get "fogmarched" out of the whitehouse? Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Ah, the classic match-up: ... (Below threshold)

Ah, the classic match-up: Style vs. Substance.


How many Dems has Markos ac... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

How many Dems has Markos actually got elected?
Isnt his record for backing candidates still .000?

Darth Vader vs Tinkerbell -... (Below threshold)

Darth Vader vs Tinkerbell - haha.

I can hear Rove now, "Kos, I am your father."

Kos' head explodes.

Karl Rove will dance naked ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Karl Rove will dance naked with Kos' entrails in his hands by the time this is over.

Why would NEWSREEK even hir... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Why would NEWSREEK even hire a conservative after all this is one of americas most left-wing news rags its no different then SLIME






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