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Thursday's Business News


Total consumer inflation was 0.3% in October, equaling September's price gain.

Annual total consumer inflation rates:

6.4% - October 1977
4.5% - October 1987
2.1% - October 1997
3.5% - October 2007

Raising Arizona

Here's a link to a good article -- especially by AP standards -- regarding that pending lawsuit against that state law in Arizona which prohibits companies from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and provides quasi-criminal sanctions.

As they say, read the whole thing.

It's Cold Gin Time Again

I don't know what Alaska politicos have been drinking. Or smoking, for that matter. Hell, perhaps a winter frost has settled in up there and frozen their collective brains.

But after reading this article regarding the state's ongoing tax grab from the oil sector -- and assuming the reporting is accurate and the quotes are genuine -- I must conclude that entire state legislature and the governor need to be force fed detailed courses on economics, finance and local government practices. They're obviously deficient in all three categories.

Stock Markets

Overall the stock markets have been quite volatile this week.

BTW, if you're already past 60 years of age and you've been waking up every morning over the past few months in a panic, fearing what might happen that particular day to stocks and to equity mutual funds, there's a very important question you need to ask yourself: Why are you even invested in the stock markets?

Asset allocation is not merely academic theory. It's something you need to know in real life.

Ve Hav Vays Uv Mayking Yu Tawk

I actually laughed out loud after reading the first graf of this article.

GPS systems. Gumbmint worker drones. Slackers. Public dollars. Employment angst.

Sort of like an SNL political skit -- but in real life.


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Comments (3)

JJ, with the volatility in ... (Below threshold)

JJ, with the volatility in the market driven largely by the Democrats media with their doom and gloom predictions of the economy, one has to wonder why the idiots in control in Congress think a tax increase is what we need. This has been a consumer driven economy for years now. As I face the very real possibility that the government is going to be reaching deeper into my pocket, I'm starting to think about the things I'm not going to buy. Is it possible that other investors are possibly thinking about congressional "Rangeling" and trying to play the market?

Hooverville! Hey COgirl! I ... (Below threshold)

Hooverville! Hey COgirl! I remember you from Polipundit commenting.

Hi, JFNK, I remember you to... (Below threshold)

Hi, JFNK, I remember you too.






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