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Zogby: Congress wins lower approval than OJ

In a rambling column essentially confirming he has no idea what may happen in next year's election, pollster John Zogby notes in passing that Congress' approval rating is lower than O.J. Simpson's was - during his murder trial. From Zogby International:

So what's going on today? We have a president with a near record-low job performance rating - 24 percent. (The record lows were Harry Truman after he fired Douglas MacArthur, and Richard Nixon the day before he resigned. Both were at 23 percent. )

But the Democrats who run Congress have an 11 percent job approval rating. Let's just note that in my polling in 1995, O.J. Simpson was at 16 percent.

The rest is at the link above, but sheds no further light.

It makes sense, in a way, though: even on trial for murder, O.J. must have then seemed more sincere than Nancy Pelosi, more decisive than Harry Reid, more honest than Charlie Rangel and David Obey, and much more intelligent than John Conyers do today.


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I'll note, before the usual... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I'll note, before the usual suspects get here, that approval ratings for Congress are a bit stickier than those for the Presidency, since lots of people may say Congress sucks, they still think their Congrescritter, whether it's Pelosi or whoever, is just damn great.

The other thing to note is that, similar to the PResident, a lot of people disapproving of Congress might not disapprove of the people or the plans, but the execution of them or lack of same. A lot of Bush's poor numbers come from WoT advocates who think he's done a less than bang-up job of pursuing said war, no matter how many leftroids lump them in with "people opposed to Iraq, period." The flip side of the coin hols for Congress. How many moonbats thought that a Democratic Congress would end the war, impeach Bush and Cheney, and bring happiness, puppies, unicorns, and rainbows to all the little children of the land. They disapprove of Congress right now, too.

That being said, it's still sad for the Dems Congress that OJ had a higher approval rating while on trial for murder.

John Irving ~ Your points ... (Below threshold)

John Irving ~ Your points are well made. Perhaps the question we should be asking is, "Just WHO are these 11 percent who APPROVE of this Congress?"

The 11% of Americans that a... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

The 11% of Americans that approve of Congress are the 11% that think this thing in Iraq is going great and don't want Bush and Cheney impeached.

dr lava is always good for ... (Below threshold)

dr lava is always good for some comic relief.

Frankly, any Congress which doesn't get anything done should get a HIGH rating. They're doing that much less damage.

Congress lost all its cache... (Below threshold)

Congress lost all its cache with the illegal immigration farce and it has been plummeting ever since. The only people who can bring the congress approval rating down is the leadership, and it is all democrat. This is on them. ww

If the congress just all re... (Below threshold)

If the congress just all resigned they would probably eclipse Ojs popularity?

Heck, even Osama is more decisive an believable then this pack of lying fool's..

He does in Pakistan, our al... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

He does in Pakistan, our ally on terror. According to poll results bin Laden has a 46 percent approval rating, Musharraf's support is 38 percent, U.S. President George W. Bush's approval: 9 percent...you figure...

Oh look our demacratic CONg... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Oh look our demacratic CONgress is geiing real low polls and not a sound from the liberal left-wing news media

And OJ was probably more tr... (Below threshold)

And OJ was probably more trustworthy too.

And that says everything you need to know about the Democrat controlled congress.

Well, gee, they keep re-ele... (Below threshold)

Well, gee, they keep re-electing Teddy Kennedy, so why would OJ have any problem getting some approval? Murder is OK, you know - it'll even keep you in the Senate for who knows how long.

True true Abigail... by th... (Below threshold)

True true Abigail... by the same token Oj could run for the senate in MA and win cause He's bagged 2 victim's to Teddy's 1 that are known of anyway's?
And ol Bin could replace Lady stretch as head of the senate for He's responsible for at least 5,000 murder's..






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