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Currently at Politics

I apologize for my recent lack of posting, but it wasn't until Kevin came outside his house to point out my picket sign misspelled "Wizbang" that I realized I wasn't actually "on strike." Sorry . . . the latest topics on the Politics page - which you can also get to with the handy tabs at the top of this page - include:

Anti-Mormon calls in Iowa . . . Someone is "push-polling" against Romney in Iowa, but who?

Democrats in Vegas, Baby! . . . Hucksters, hustlers, shysters, and con men (and women) tend to show up in Vegas - and so do Democratic Presidential candidates. Coincidence? I think not . . .

Poll: Rudy keeps lead, McCain into 2nd . . . after nearly a year of full-contact campaigning, we are almost back where we began: Rudy with a plurality lead, McCain in second . . . but can either overcome Romney's investment in the early states?

Waving the bloody sock . . . baseball hero Curt Schilling makes a Presidential endorsement . . .

Unions question Edwards' past stances . . . it seems he hasn't always been the working man's populist . . .

McCain defends "Gang of 14" in SC stop . . . McCain has admitted he blew it on immigration, and that campaign finance reform hasn't worked out as he wished, but he holds firm to the "Gang of 14" deal on judicial nominations . . .

Poll shows Huckabee moving up in Iowa . . . slowly and quietly, the former Arkansas Governor has taken over second place in the Hawkeye State, and is closing on Romney . . .

. . . and more, as time and events dictate.


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