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I Just Pegged My Irony Meter

Over at Little Green Footballs, Charles has posted the most obscene video I have ever seen. No, it's not the "Eat Nipples/Butterhead" mistransliterated Indian pop song, it's this clip from (what else?) Al Jazeera, and it shows Palestinian terrorists attending -- lemme get the exact quote here "for the first time armed members of Palestinian factional groups are attending training camps run by the Red Cross - learning about International Humanitarian Law and First Aid."

(Charles' link is dead, so I'm including the video here:)

The sessions are being held in the Gaza Strip, and officials claim that all the factions of Palestinian terrorists have either attended or requested permission to attend.

The clip is heavy on the propaganda, but it's rather enlightening what drew the focus of the story:

  • There are actual "rules" to the fighting.
  • The fighters have a "right" to resist.
  • Israel has numerous obligations towards them when they meet in battle -- and afterwards.

I find myself wondering if certain other topics were covered in the three-day class (the last day of which was dedicated towards first aid training), such as:

Don't use ambulances as getaway vehicles after attacks.

Don't use Red Crescent ambulances to transport terrorists and bombs into Israel.

Don't fire mortars from UN-sponsored elementary schools.

Don't fire unguided rockets in the hopes of hitting schools.

Don't use crowds of civilians (especially children) as shields while conducting attacks.

Don't send suicide bombers into pizza places.

(And while not technically a crime, it is exceedingly tacky and extremely revealing to build a celebratory recreation of the bombing on a college campus. Also to name a kid's summer camp after another suicide bomber.)

This is the same International Committee of the Red Cross that let its Islamic members repeatedly block the Magen David Adom (Red Star Of David) from membership, while the Red Crescent was letting its ambulances be used to provide cover for Palestinian terrorists.

It's long past time we cut all support for the ICRC until they actually start acting like the apolitical, humanitarian organization they claim to be.


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Comments (2)

I think the Bush/Cheney ad... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I think the Bush/Cheney administration already got your message about The ICRC, with it's early 2003-4 policy in Guantanamo Bay of denying prisoner access to the International Red Cross but the administration had to eventually climbdown..Obviously the Bush approach with the ICRC wasn't designed to win 'hearts n minds' any more than the Palestinian terrorists..The Red Cross is in difficult position somewhere in the middle?

Maybe I missed something...... (Below threshold)

Maybe I missed something... What *exactly* is wrong with this *exact* video?

Frankly, I'm glad to see the Red Cross teach these animals the rules of war. Someone needs to.

The problem isn't with this video. The problem is the international community that refuses to even condemn much less sanction in any meaningful way these animals when they target innocent children.






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