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Must Read from Anchoress

Here is an excellent, excellent read from the Anchoress about how the good news from Iraq is slowly seeping through the media filters, but that there will not be truly good news reported until we elect a president with a "D" after his/her name. Here is a small excerpt. Please read it all.

Unfortunately, it is still true that until a new president is installed in the WH, preferably one with a D after the name, only the downsides are newsworthy, and that holds true in every subject. Every subject. My elderly family members are convinced that everything, everywhere, is going to hell, and they are fretful and terrified. They think everyone is out of work, the economy is in a recession, the war in Iraq is lost and there are no real terrorist threats - that's just made-up stuff. They're sure America is dying. They are sure the world is headed for famine. They are depressed and do not want to send out Christmas cards, because how can you do that when so much is bad in the world?

If you ask them to look around and wonder how people are buying tiny houses in Queens for a million dollars - while everyone is working, their neighbors are expanding their homes, new businesses are being constructed - if you point out that the the stores and restaurants are crowded - if you ask them how it is that France and Germany have elected America-friendly leaders who are making it a point to work with the unanimously hated President Bush...it does not compute; everything is bad. "All I know," they say, "is what I hear, and it sounds like the world is going to come to an end soon, because how can it keep going? There is going to be a depression and nuclear war! The oceans are going to cover the whole coast! Everything is going to be lost! Little children are being allowed to get sick and die! Here! In America!" And of course, "everything about Iraq is bad. There is nothing good."

All they know, you see, is what they hear.


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This is the usual incoheren... (Below threshold)

This is the usual incoherence we've all come to expect from the Left.

"Heads full of mush," as the law prof. used to say in the tv show, Paper Chase.

To be honest, I have lost m... (Below threshold)

To be honest, I have lost my patience with liberals. They have become nothing short of intolerable. Their constant whining and complaining is far beyond annoying. It has come to the point where I almost wish they were in power, just so that they would shut up!

I guess they've been channe... (Below threshold)

I guess they've been channeling Pauline Kael.

I recently had a similar co... (Below threshold)

I recently had a similar conversation with my parents. Bush is trying to scare them. That's what they say and believe. The idea that the media is trying to scare them, using W as a bogeyman, doesn't compute with them.

Who tells them that their Social Security is being taken away, or their telephone is tapped? I think that is why so many go for the Truther thing. It's amost comforting to be afraid of neocons otherwise you'd have to think that there really are people in the world that want you to die just because of what you believe or how you live.

The main problem with any p... (Below threshold)

The main problem with any positive news is that it doesn't sell newspapers or other news very well. The house that didn't burn down last night is never as interesting as the one that did. The car bombing that didn't happen in Iraq is never as interesting as the one that took lives.

While the Democrats are the largest political party in the nation, it follows that many in the media would also belong to this party as well. But many Republicans certainly exist as reporters, managers, newspaper and TV and radio station owners, or as radio personalities, so mere politics doesn't explain what news is reported. Since news is a business, and bad news sells better, bad news gets reported more because it's good for buiness, regardless of any politics.






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