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The New Jena Six

Except this time, it's the Lakeport One. One, because the other two were shot and killed in a robbery.

Three black men broke into the home of the Edmonds family, who are white. They tore through the house, demanding marijuana, and beat homeowner Shannon Edmonds' 19-year-old stepson, Dale Lafferty, almost to death with a baseball bat. He now eats through a tube and suffers brain damage, and has to live in a rehabilitation center. Edmonds then proceeded to shoot two of the intruders, killing them, while the third, Renato Hughes Jr., fled.

Hughes has now been charged with murder under California's Provocative Act doctrine, which states that prosecutors have to show not that the intruders intended to kill, but that "it was reasonably foreseeable that the criminal enterprise could trigger a fatal response from the homeowner".

I'd say breaking into someone's home, trying to rob them, and beating their child almost to death with a baseball bat would "trigger a fatal response" for most people.

But, not surprisingly, the NAACP is howling racism. Al Sharpton will probably be organizing riots protests any day now:

The NAACP complained that prosecutors came down too hard on Hughes, who also faces robbery, burglary and assault charges. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.

The Rev. Amos Brown, head of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP and pastor at Hughes' church, said the case demonstrates the legal system is racist in remote Lake County, aspiring wine country 100 miles north of San Francisco. The sparsely populated county of 13,000 people is 91 percent white and 2 percent black.

Brown and other NAACP officials are asking why the homeowner is walking free. Tests showed Edmonds had marijuana and prescription medication in his system the night of the shooting. Edmonds had a prescription for both the pot and the medication to treat depression.

"This man had no business killing these boys," Brown said. "They were shot in the back. They had fled."

The district attorney said that race played no part in the charges against Hughes and that the homeowner was spared prosecution because of evidence he was defending himself and his family, who were asleep when the assailants barged in at 4 a.m.

Edmonds' stepson, Dale Lafferty, suffered brain damage from the baseball bat beating he took during the melee. The 19-year-old lives in a rehabilitation center and can no longer feed himself.

"I didn't do anything wrong. All I did was defend my family and my children's lives," said Edmonds, 33. "I'm sad the kids are dead, I didn't mean to kill them."

He added: "Race has nothing to do with it other than this was a gang of black people who thought they were going to beat up this white family."

Hughes' mother, San Francisco schoolteacher Judy Hughes, said she believes the group didn't intend to rob the family, just buy marijuana. She called the case against her son a "legal lynching."

I just love how being a minority means you can do anything you want, and if a white person tries to defend themselves, it's automatically RACISM!!!

And what's really fun is how the mother says it's a "legal lynching" and that they just wanted to "buy marijuana". Right, the three of them broke into someone's house at 4:00 in the morning and beat a 19-year-old kid almost to death just to "buy marijuana". Lady, I don't know what orifice your head is stuck in, but you need to pull it out.

Thanks to the actions of the "Reverends" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, with the NAACP willingly parroting their garbage, it's now RACISM!!! for a white person to defend his life and the lives of his family against a group of black men. Apparently it's also RACISM!!! to charge that a black person committed a crime against a white person -- see the Jena 6 and the OJ Simpson trial for examples.

Holding each person accountable for his or her own actions, regardless of skin color or gender, is no longer allowed in the progressive and enlightened United States. This is also something that the NAACP does not believe in. No, they think that if a group of black men commits a crime, like, let's say, breaking into a house and beating a young man to the point of brain damage, and the homeowner defends himself, the homeowner (Shannon Edmonds) should be arrested -- not the criminal.

Thank God the only court the NAACP has only modicum of control over whatsoever is the court of public opinion -- and even then, most rational people ignore them anyways. It's just too bad that there aren't many rational people in the mainstream [liberal] media. They're more than willing to parrot the bilge that Sharpton & Co. spews.

Hey, wonder if Rebecca Aguilar has any thoughts on this case.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Provocative thought for the... (Below threshold)

Provocative thought for the thread: If the races were reversed in this incident, what would the NAACP's reaction be?

Or better yet, would the Ne... (Below threshold)

Or better yet, would the Neo-Nazi rants be much different than what the NAACP is putting forth now?

They marginalize themselves... (Below threshold)

They marginalize themselves with this nonesense and they reduce the impact and meaning words are meant to have.

Cries of racism now sound like cries of wolf. No one listens to race baitors like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton anymore. They're like Britney Spears on television. There for sensational ratings. They aren't serious.

Let me tell you, if ... (Below threshold)

Let me tell you, if one of my sons burst into someone's home, beat their child with a bat and caused brain damage, and tore the place apart, the last thing I would be doing is defending him. I would be devastated that I had raised someone who could commit such atrocities.

There is no excuse for th... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

There is no excuse for the atrocities committed by this deranged individual. None whatsover.

There is also no excuse for the kind of defense used by Rev Amos Brown. None whatsoever.

There is also no excuse for the race baiting position of this particular blog entry. None whatsoever.

It's obvious that the person sitting at the computer who wrote this entry is trying to deflect their own desire to incite by sharpening the racist debate using words as a weapon against those who in a general sense HAVE been discriminated against and still are.

What's incendiary is the position that "Holding each person accountable for his or her own actions, regardless of skin color or gender, is no longer allowed in the progressive and enlightened United States."

I beg to disagree. In the progressive US let's start by telling the truth about institutional racism and those who continue to hide behind their transparent white sheets. Until then we can expect the same kinds of racial overtones as in this incident.

Shame on you.

cbI'm laughing so ... (Below threshold)


I'm laughing so hard at your twittery it's hard to write.

The thugs took a chance that they could do a home invasion robbery without any consequences...and unless you hold that individuals have no right to self-defense ("hey, rape victim, just lay back an enjoy it!") then your hole spew is an exercise IN racism.

And just like clockwork, CB... (Below threshold)

And just like clockwork, CB beclowns itself.

BTWwhile the artic... (Below threshold)


while the article states that the "provocative act" provision of CA law is "rarely" used, it is related to another provision of CA law that is used quite often in cases where someone dies in the course of a crime.

Say the 19 y/o victim of the baseball bat beating died instead. All three of the thugs could have been charged with First degree murder even if only one of them did the beating. This is because the death arose out of THEIR criminal act.

I hope the DA also added mayhem charges to Hughes..and in light of his mother's enabling comments its too bad we can't charge her for parental malfeasance for raising such an indecent excuse for a human being.

CB:Absolutely righ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Absolutely right. The institutional racism of the radical left must be obliterated. That will occur only when humanity is subject to the same expectations and standards of conduct across the board, regardless of race. The lefts' message to blacks is that they are incapable of functioning in society without Democrats' beneficent helping hand. What condescension. Shame on you, sheets Byrd!

There's lots of questions a... (Below threshold)

There's lots of questions about the hundred of
thousands of dollars which were donated for the
original Jena6, much of which has disappeared
without a trace.

I'm Black. And although my ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I'm Black. And although my views are more to the right of most of my friends, we all think the NAACP is a joke, who uses misfortune to generate revenue to pay their overstaffed board.

With that said. The angle most people are missing is that the home owner was able to defend his home with a gun. This is key considering the behavior exhibited by the criminals is more prevelant in places like Chicago, DC, and NY, who ban the ownership of handguns.

The NAACP is about $$. Like most non-profits, they need money to pay the board. They just have to defend the small minoirty of the Black community who exhibit anti-social behavior to get the money, because this is the segment who most often comes in conflict with the business end of a gun or law enforcement, or both.

For every James Byrd case (legitimate racial crime against a Black man), there are 5,000 cases like the one listed in this article that really boil down to anti-social behavior

Chris G"Gun free" ... (Below threshold)

Chris G

"Gun free" zones are an open invitation to criminals (Vtech anyone?)

If someone in the Ryen family had had a gun, then CA residents would be spending thousands of dollars a year keeping Kevin Cooper alive.

typo"would NOT be"... (Below threshold)


"would NOT be"

This case is most absolutel... (Below threshold)

This case is most absolutely about racism.

On top of charging that dude with robbery, murder, and assault, they should charge him with a hate crime for singling out this family based upon the color of their skin and violating their civil rights.

Chris G, got one thing righ... (Below threshold)

Chris G, got one thing right. It's all about the millions of dollars the NAACP sucks from the poor, obtains by blackmail and extortion, and uses to provide themselves with a lifestyle none of us can enjoy. $$$$$$$$$ is the brain of the NAACP, $harpton and Je$$ie. Biggest con in history.

Unless Mr. Edmonds himself ... (Below threshold)

Unless Mr. Edmonds himself has a history of willfully participating in some form of "institutional racism" due to obvious prejudices or has in some fashion done some racially motivated injustice to these three men, then CB's diatribe has no place in this discussion.

"There is also no excuse for the race baiting position of this particular blog entry." How dare someone bring up the race baiting position of others in a blog entry, because, well...you know...there are real racists out there. Why ... she must be a racist herself!

"Invisible white sheets" indeed. All CB has to do is throw out an accusation as nebulous as that and that's the end of discussion.

wtf is "institutional racis... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

wtf is "institutional racism" supposed to mean? No particular person is a racist but our organizations and government are? That is illogical and disingenuousness. People can be racists, not intangible objects and concepts.

In this case the only racists are those trying to excuse criminal behavior and resulting punishment because of someone's skin color. You break the law and life isn't fair to you. You see it all the time. You do the same crime with two different police departments, prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys, and you will end up with different degrees of punishment. Get over it.

And if they had entered you... (Below threshold)

And if they had entered your home at 4am civil [mis]behavior?

Would you offered them a latte before or after your child were beaten to a senseless pulp?

Oh yes, the homeowner shoul... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, the homeowner should be charged with letting a felon escape. It's a damn SHAME he didn't do a triple on the punks. Racism, BS! Punks break into a home at 4AM, expect to get shot, especially my house. I don't give a damn what color their skin is, they will be shot. And at that time, it's dark, who knows what color their skin is, and who would care, unless it's civil behavior, who would let them rape his wife, daughter, beat the crap out of his son and himself.

The fringe lefties had better understand, just like the elected bottom feeders, the average American is pissed, and is not putting up with a lot of crap anymore.

You lefties don't like it, TFB. And count me as one of the average American taxpayers.

There has been, and will continue to be, certain instance of racial/sexual discrimination. And when it really does happen, it's wrong, and it hurts all Americans. But when it comes to crime, every person has a right to defend his/her home, his/her family; so CB, get over it and STFU.

Someone needs to ask Rev. A... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Someone needs to ask Rev. Amos Brown why a member of his church participated in a robbery.

Someone needs to ask Judy Hughes why her son wants to obtain an illegal substance.

Hughes' mother, San Fran... (Below threshold)

Hughes' mother, San Francisco schoolteacher Judy Hughes, said she believes the group didn't intend to rob the family, just buy marijuana. She called the case against her son a "legal lynching."

She's going to say that hoping to buy her son some lee-way from being convicted, thus appearing as the "good parent" who stands by him. How involved was she with his life before he got into buying drugs? I'm guessing she was clueless.

These guys wasted no time in nearly ruining the life of a nineteen-year-old over a marijuana deal, and yet in order to make the judicial system look unfair you still have the typical "racism" chant in an attempt to detract from the real issue. The root cause of this tragic incident needs to also be addressed.

Looks like all here are s... (Below threshold)
Civil behavior:

Looks like all here are so used to berating CB for his incisive comments that they neglected to actually read what he said.

CB said he was not interested in defending the actions of the lunatic intrusion into the home of the family whose son said deranged individual beat with a bat. CB said there were "no excuses for the atrocities committed by this deranged individual" anymore than there were any excuses to support the Reverend who wanted to claim that racism was to blame in said incident. CB said that there were no excuses for Hughes atrocities or the Rev supporting him.

CB also said that there was no excuse for a blog entry about said incident in the way it was written other than to provoke racial enmity. Just like nooses are to be regarded as a passe symbolism, mere children's innocous taunts, right? Institutionalized racism...pshaw!!

P.S. disobedience....I meant to type institutionalized racism. That should clear up intent. My typo. I for one am not excusing criminal behavior. You do the crime, you do the time. Still no excuse for the way the blog entry was written.

If this despicable crime ha... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

If this despicable crime had be committed by a white youth on a black family, not only would there be an attempted murder charge along with the robbery burglary and assault charge, the DA would also add a hate crime charge. If the DA did not do that, the feds probably would.

May justice be swift and this sicko gets the life plus 99 years that he deserves. I would rather see this bastard get the needle, but the NCAAP and the race panders would really scream.

Too bad, he did get charged with first degree murder. There is a chance that may happen yet, because if the 19 year old does happen to die; they can still do that. Maybe this the reason that the DA had not decided to do that at this time.

Are you saying nooses are a... (Below threshold)

Are you saying nooses are a symbol of hate? If so, I suggest you and most, if not all of the black community ponder on this item. Nooses were used for legal hangings before the US became a country.

They hung horse thief's when the west of this country was being settled. Yes, I can see where the noose may be hated by some people, but it's not a symbol of hate.

Please prove that it is a symbol of hate. Is the guillotine also a symbol of hate. It was a instrument used to rid society of criminals.

CB now refers to himself in... (Below threshold)

CB now refers to himself in the third person. CB has a man crush on himself.
Good thing there are plenty of shiny surfaces at Stuckey's

This just chaps my ass to n... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

This just chaps my ass to no end. It's absolutely unacceptable for what Mr. Edmonds did and I hope he learns from this experience. Mr. Edmonds should be ashamed for what he did and he owes it to the community to apologize. I suggest he do the following to redeem himself.

1. Promise NEVER to let a scumbag like Hughes get away again with popping a cap in his ass.

2. Take a tactical home defense class with shotgun, pistol, and folding knife.

3. Weekly practice at the range to sharpen those skills.

4. Apologize to the community for letting a scumbag like Hughes to flee from crime alive.

Get used to it lefty assholes. There are lots of armed law abiding citizens that REFUSE to be victims no matter how hard you try to make everyone a victim.

CB, I obviously don't know ... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

CB, I obviously don't know your intent, but only how your comment reads to me, typos and all. The same applies to your now critique of the blog post.

You imply the blog post is incendiary in the sentence you quote and then comment on "the truth about institutionalized racism and those who continue to hide behind their transparent white sheets". I apologize, but I still don't see the the line connecting those dots. The blog sentence is sarcastic, but I can see how it connects to the comments in the article, how the minority persons in the article imply the criminal is getting additional crimes piled on, while the victim's father is walking off free. The supporters of the criminal are claiming it is unfair, and implying it is due to his skin color. For those reading the article, it would seem skin color has nothing to do with it, whereas two dead youth and one crippled youth do.

So, in your comment, are you implying the blog has institutionalized racism, or is it the prosecutor's office? And who the hell is hiding behind transparent white sheets?

So now what the NAACP got t... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

So now what the NAACP got to whine about after all those thugs were beating their white victims with a BASEBALL BAT and when someone is beating a family member then you are going use deadly force and if JESSIE JACKASSON dont like that then he can TAKE A HIKE i mean just like what that black principal JOE CLARK who once said how when jackson was trying to intserfere in one case JACKASSON should just keep his nose out

I can't let Spurwing have t... (Below threshold)

I can't let Spurwing have the last consonants on this one.
notiz=Editor's Note: Your wish is our command, epador... -J.

Why isn't this Hughes guy b... (Below threshold)

Why isn't this Hughes guy brought up on Hate Crime Charges too? It had to be a hate crime. C'mon, 3 black guys breaking into a house in a white neighborhood beating a kid senseless almost killing him (might as well since they pretty much killed his brain).

There had to be pure racist hatred coursing through their veins with each stroke of the bat against the poor guys head.

Where's the hate crime charge? C'mon, you gotta love the double standard.

I guess hate crimes only matter if the victim is queer, transwhatever, or black. How pathetic.

So, Civil behavior, are you... (Below threshold)

So, Civil behavior, are you saying that no-one is allowed to comment on racial issues without toeing a leftist line?Tell me, which part of the post is untrue or invalid? Which of the statements do you wish to contest, and defend? GO ahead, I'm waiting with baited breath. Show where there is racism and a 'transparent white sheet' - 'with SPECIFIC citations and explanations.

I don't know if this OT or ... (Below threshold)

I don't know if this OT or not...

BUT... The last people to accept racial integration was the what?

Oh yeah, that's right, the "Southern Democrats"

At least so I've been told by someone that I trust.

"CB also said that there... (Below threshold)

"CB also said that there was no excuse for a blog entry about said incident in the way it was written other than to provoke racial enmity."

The only thing this blog entry provoked was enmity against those who provoke racial enmity.

You're not getting it CB.

Reverend Brown and the NAACP are crying racism.

Hughes' mother conjures up the same emotions by using a term like "legal lynching".

The author and responders here state unequivocally that race should have nothing at all to do with this.

You got problems with racism, then go up against REAL cases of it. Not some manufactured indignation over things which have nothing to do with this particular case.

Three males enter a home at 4am and beat one occupant nearly to death. The homeowner kills two of them. The third is being charged with his share of the responsibility for actions which led to death and destruction. Period. End of story.

Somehow you imagine your own condemnation of Brown and the NAACP makes you different from others here who also condemn them.

For those who seem to want ... (Below threshold)
Civil behavior:

For those who seem to want to twist my words let me restate, the crime is abominable. You commit the crime you do the time.

My argument was that the blogger creates even more incendiary attitudes relating to race by saying "Holding each person accountable for his or her own actions, regardless of skin color or gender, is no longer allowed in the progressive and enlightened United States". It's like saying that to dissent against a war is anti-American. Neither are true and both indict others with a broad brush and set a tone that becomes "institutionalized" Yes, the thought becomes incorporated into the system of national thought WITHOUT any regard to antecedent.

Nooses hold more precedent to people of color than to horse thieves (which by the way are extremely prevalent today~snark off) and it is within our power to hold accountable those who use symbolic as well as overt criminality to their just due. Somehow it seems loosely justifiable to hold one to standard justice but the other not so much.

Until we understand our own lack of outrage over one but not the other the cries of racism and anti americanism will be exploited by those seeking to incite for purposes other than social or legal justice. It will be simply for attention rather than for cause. It was that for which I felt this blogger had written this entry. It is for that which I feel is much the same when I read similar blogs that call dissent against this war anti american.

Look to the casus belli in the war or the justification for cries of racism and you might find the reasoning much more nuaanced than you are willing to admit.

OK, cb, lemme see if I got ... (Below threshold)

OK, cb, lemme see if I got it right:

The original crime: bad.

The attempts to make the crime and consequences a racial incident: just as bad.

Pointing out the sheer wrongness and attempted exploitation of #2: just as bad.

So, then, what SHOULD people say and do about #2 when it happens? Ignore it? I thought "silence = consent."

Come on, cb. For once -- just once -- stop talking about what people should NOT do, stop talking in vague platitudes, just out and out say what people SHOULD do in this situation.


cb:I fail to see one... (Below threshold)

I fail to see one iota of logic used correctly to come to your conclusion that this posting is racist or incites racism. Your leap from the quoted statement to the "anti=American" statement is gruesome. I say gruesome because you disemboweled right before our eyes any sane coherence to your argument.
Although your challenge to cb is meant to give him a little more rope to hang himself with (oops, another racist allusion to that horrible noose), I really don't want to invite a deranged individual to tell me what to do. Then they'll expect me to do it and get even more upset when I don't. Or if I do (but not because they told me to) they'll conclude they have exercised control over me. And be more upset and feel more slighted when I rebel and don't follow their commands the next time. I'm getting divorced from one of these poor sick individuals now, so maybe I'm just a little sensitive about this. [She votes RED, cb, so its not a political thing.]

I dont know about a "legal ... (Below threshold)

I dont know about a "legal lynching"? but if there were more old west actual lynching's for these type of scumbag's, We would all be better off.. ie Saddam!

JT,Is that all you... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


Is that all you really want? Then the answer is easy.

This was a crime. Pure and simple. Leave the baiting of how "holding a person accountable... is no longer allowed in the progressive and enlightened United States" to the real racists. It's not a long jump to see how the blogger chose to intimate that those of "progressive" attitudes somehow desire to regress to some sort of anarchy.

Let's be real. For once. Most of you want to disagree with my position because it's liberal. It offends you that I choose to stand up for social injustice. It offends you that I stand up for a womans rights. It offends you that I stand up for peace at all costs including having the American public actually experience that which they seem so willing to perpetrate on others. Show me one place beside a cemetery in the US it looks as though we are waging war.

Admittedly, the matters we discuss go much deeper on all levels than what we post about and much history is attached to each issue. In the case of the "The New Jena Six" blog there is much history and much more institutionalized hatred that is silent when we can defend the white man but little when we talk about nooses hanging from trees. Where was Wizbang when the nooses were hung? I may have missed the outcry over the nooses so I apologize if I am not correct, I don't get here everyday.

That being said it is not a long jump to see how Wizbang continually uses a liberal mindset as an excuse for just about anything that comes to mind that requires a much more complex understanding of the issues, the war included Epador (thus the tie-in even if you found it a stretch)

We will never agree about the "facts" of how we got to war anymore than we will agree about the "facts" as to why the subject of racism still comes up and is used by both sides in its own tug of war. But don't expect me to do much else besides stand up and shout against what has been most recently the most premeditated, vindictive, divisive, dangerously religious and uncompromising domestic and foreign policy agenda that has torn this country to shreds and has many questioning the ability of the republic to withstand more of the same no matter which corporate whore gets crowned. It relates to almost every issue that has come up on this blog since I started coming here. The prejudices here run deep and wide.

When we choose to become advocates for need not greed, for peace not violence, for equality, for universality not just nationality, and more, then we can consider ourselves a great nation, a good people, a beacon of light and hope.

Until then we war amongst ourselves and with others and wish it was different without making the committment to make it so. There will be a time when such liberal views will be the norm. Your very life probably now depends on it.

an outcry because some rope... (Below threshold)

an outcry because some rope is hanging from a tree branch and has a noose on it?

Sorry but this hardly passes as somethin to be noticed let alone cried over..!

Some people in society will do thing's to try and upset You on purpose,apparently it work's on some people.. dont let them goad You into wasting time figuring out their motive's or intent? they are not worth the effort.

cb, you miss my point by su... (Below threshold)

cb, you miss my point by such a margin, I have to believe you're being deliberately obtuse.

The initial home invasion was a heinous crime. No one argues with that.

The playing of the race card on behalf of the surviving invader is also heinous. We all agree with that.

Your point seems to be that to call the second offense what we all agree it is -- a heinous offense against society, and a transparent ploy to fan racial tensions -- is just as heinous as the first two deeds.

Let me quote your own words for you:

There is no excuse for the atrocities committed by this deranged individual. None whatsover.

There is also no excuse for the kind of defense used by Rev Amos Brown. None whatsoever.

There is also no excuse for the race baiting position of this particular blog entry. None whatsoever.

You yourself set up the parallels. So instead of arguing with you, I ask you simply: what should the author of this piece have done instead? Ignored the whole matter? The story is already involving several parts of California, and the story Cassy linked to was from Texas. The genie's out of the bottle, and -- as we've seen in so many other cases -- when racism becomes the charge, it quickly becomes a polarizing national issue. Bogus claims like this need to be squelched, and squelched hard and fast, before they have the opportunity to discredit real instances of racial injustices.

So, what SHOULD Cassy have done? What sort of posting -- if any -- would have passed your "inexcusable" threshold?

You make it abundantly clear what you DON'T like and DON'T want, but are maddeningly vague about what you might support.


Wow, JT. I did answer your... (Below threshold)
Civil behavior:

Wow, JT. I did answer your question. Twice, in detail.

I said to leave the real baiting of how "holding a person accountable... is no longer allowed in the progressive and enlightened United States" to the real racists. It's not a long jump to see how the blogger chose to intimate that those of "progressive" attitudes somehow desire to regress to some sort of anarchy.

She need not have thrown in the condemnation of how it is a "progressive and enlightened policy" to no longer hold people accountable. That was where she baited.

She could rail all she wanted about the injustice about the crime itself. We agree on that. She could have railed about the criminals supporters calling foul when in fact it seems that the victim was exactly that, a victim.

What she didn't need to do was bait the hook for more "premeditated, vindictive, divisive, dangerously religious and uncompromising (in her case her written blog)agenda.........that has torn this country to shreds and has many questioning the ability of the republic to withstand more of the same" That's what she didn't need to do. We've got enough garbage circulating wihtout adding to the load.

Of course I see your point. If she hadn't done her act the way she did, it wouldn't be the familiar treatment of all things conservative that Wizbang is so infamous for sharing. How could I expect much else.

She also might have brought into the equation the treatment of the nooses hanging from the tree because some kids of color didn't know their place. The response from 914 illustrates my point perfectly that it "hardly passes as somethin to be noticed let alone cried over..!"

So there you have it. It has been over 100 plus years since we were supposed to have freed those who served our purposes of entitlement. A extended stay in the Greater south of this nation is all that is needed to realize that some things just never change. Your inability to fathom the institutionalized racism that still exists in this country is understandable but the fact that it still exists and is surreptiously blogged about without regard to historical perspective is what is somewhat disconcerting.

Someone needs to study up o... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to study up on American history.
Google this: Beaumont Texas 1948. That's no 100
years ago.
And CB you are proposing the editors of Wizbang
censor themselves at your convenience. Well if you're willing to push self censorship, how about
you moving out of that glass house you live in
and do the same. Or Wizbang can level the playing
field by disemvoweling your comments when you don't censor yourself and hurt our fweewings.

CB,At 4AM someone br... (Below threshold)

At 4AM someone breaks into your house, WHAT will you do? I know what I would do, and so does several other million Americans.

Does it matter what skin color the punks breaking in have? But when a group of black men do it, and get killed or wounded by a white homeowner, why does Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP automatially call it racism? The law the punk was charged under has been on the books for years, has been used more than once, against white, Hispanic, and blacks.

Get over it CB, your arguments are BS. And I'm not a Necon or a Demo. I think for myself, and when someone on this blog posts BS, I will call them on it. And when they state the truth, as I see it, I will support them. And in this case, you are completely wrong.

CB. . .. . the problem is, ... (Below threshold)

CB. . .. . the problem is, you see variations of this scenario play out repeatedly all over the country, and you know what? 999 out of one thousand times you will find liberals on the wrong side of it. Supporting the arguments of people like this. Its not conservatives you see supporting this, is it? Please find me a case where it ISN'T a scenario played out by and supported by liberals. Until then, you are, quite politely, full of it.

If the NAACP dont like them... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

If the NAACP dont like them comming down hard on a armed robber THEN WHY DONT THEY JUST GET OVER IT AND STOP THEIR STUPID WHINNING

Ahhh CB, I just got back ar... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Ahhh CB, I just got back around to read your reply and it is such a disappointment. You talk about a lot of general race stuff, but you don't link it to this post, other than using the expression "it is not a long jump". Long or not, it is an unconnected jump. At best there is an assumption on your part that supports your jump between "institutionalized racism" and the blog post, but you don't list the assumption. Perhaps it is something along the lines that conservatives always talk in racist code words.

Claiming "institutionalized racism" as an argument is meaningless if you don't assign actual people and examples from the event/blog you are attaching it to. You should list your assumptions supporting your jump, otherwise we just have to trust you, and you realize that is unlikely.

By the way, you said:... (Below threshold)

By the way, you said:

"A[n] extended stay in the Greater south of this nation is all that is needed to realize that some things just never change."

YOu ever actually looked at things like the census? They do a little calculation that statistically determines how segregated cities are; the most segregated cities are almost universally northern. The most integrated? Almost universally southern. They also keep track of federal hate crimes: Overwhelmingly the hotbeds of federal hate crimes? Northern.

Dissimilarity indicies, the top ten most segregated metro areas:

1: Gary Indiana.
2. Detroit Michigan
3: Milwaukee Wisconsin
4: New York
5: Chicago
6: Newark New Jersey
7: Flint, Michigan
8: Buffalo New York
9: Cleveland Ohio
10: Saginaw Michigan

YOu have to go to number fifteen before you find the first southern metro area. There are only 11 southern metro areas in the top fifty. So you can take your Northern bigotry and stuff it.






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