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Karl Rove's First Newsweek Contribution

He wrote about how to beat Hillary next November. Here's the first three paragraphs:

I've seen up close the two Clintons America knows. He's a big smile, hand locked on your arm and lots of charms. "Hey, come down and speak at my library. I'd like to talk some politics with you."

And her? She tends to be, well, hard and brittle. I inherited her West Wing office. Shortly after the 2001 Inauguration, I made a little talk saying I appreciated having the office because it had the only full-length vanity mirror in the West Wing, which gave me a chance to improve my rumpled appearance. The senator from New York confronted me shortly after and pointedly said she hadn't put the mirror there. I hadn't said she did, just that the mirror was there. So a few weeks later, in another talk, I repeated the story about the mirror. And shortly thereafter, the junior senator saw me and, again, without a hint of humor or light in her voice, icily said she'd heard I'd repeated the story of the mirror and she ... did ... not ... put ... that mirror in the office.

It is a small but telling story: she is tough, persistent and forgets nothing. Those are some of the reasons she is so formidable as a contender, and why Republicans who think she would be easy to beat are wrong. The Republican presidential nomination is the most fluid and unpredictable contest in decades, but the Democratic nominee is likely to be Hillary. Not without a fight, not without losing early contests (probably Iowa, for starters) and not without bruises and bumps.

Read the rest of the piece.

Michael Goldfarb at the WorldwideStandard blog snarks about Karl and Kos' first essays:

Newsweek promised us that its new series of essays penned by Markos Moulitsas and Karl Rove would be enlightening. The magazine has delivered on its promise with stunning efficiency. In his debut essay, Rove posits that - you better sit down for this - Hillary Clinton is beatable. Meanwhile, on the other side of the political divide, Kos spends roughly a thousand words documenting how George W. Bush has been a very, very, very, very, very, very bad president. Safe to say that both of Newsweek's new pundits have broken new ground!


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In a nutshell, it looks lik... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

In a nutshell, it looks like Karl Rove's strategy for the GOP would be to make the voters think Hillary Clinton is the incumbent, and Markos Moulitsas' strategy for the Dems would be to make the voters think that George W. Bush is the 2008 candidate of the Republicans.

You can't make this stuff u... (Below threshold)

You can't make this stuff up! The irony is so rich.....

Consequently, to stand any chance of winning next year, Republicans must pray for a national amnesia to erase the previous eight years from the minds of voters. But amnesia only happens in soap operas--and that's why Democrats will win in 2008.

Hey Cricket, I don't really... (Below threshold)

Hey Cricket, I don't really understand what you're trying to say.

Rove isn't attempting to make Clinton look like she is an incumbent. You know why he's talking about her? Because she actually is running for President in 2008.

Yet why would Markos keep focusing on Bush as if he was a candidate, I see your half-point there. Oh yea, those on the left keep documenting on why anyone must not vote for Bush in 2008.

(even though he can't even run in 2008)

We'll all get to know Senat... (Below threshold)

We'll all get to know Senator Clinton far better than we probably would like, and that, combined with her rich history of political malfeasance, will ensure she never inhabits the White House.

Add to all that baggage the fact that we would be guaranteed another "dual presidencey," with Bill horning his way into every meeting and policy decision, and it's just much more than most Americans want.

She's also part of the new Democratic Party, the one that calls higher taxes "investments," believes that terrorist states such as Iran and Syria can be negotiated into submission, and champions what looks to be a socialist impulse in dealing with our health care "crisis."

Finally, she's not pleasant to listen to, is acerbic when "debating" and even when delivering her stump speeches.

Rudy, in contrast, exudes optimism, strength on the world stage, individual freedom through lower taxes and regulation, and is likeable.

Phil Mella

It's really stunning that i... (Below threshold)

It's really stunning that in this country, someone like Mrs. Clinton would be the odds-on favorite for the presidency.

My God, there will be an acute case of buyer's remorse after the election.

Karl Rove, now an i... (Below threshold)
Civil behavior:

Karl Rove, now an illustrious scholar of all things vain.

Wow, who would've thunk tubby would think about improving his appearance.

For tubby to call Hillary hard and brittle as compared to his deviousness and furtiveness is like trying to compare compare Atilla the Hun with Caligula.

He might want to find a different subject to write about next time. Maybe he could pen his techniques of how he perfected his unassailable inability to remake a clown into a president. Now that would be good reading. Sounds like Markos won the first round. Who wants more of the same for another four years. Rove's got some catching up to do to make the majority of us think he might have something more to contribute as to who might better fulfill the obligations of the presidency given his track record.

And for all of you who might think otherwise, it's not Hillary.

Apparently Karl Rove is und... (Below threshold)
Authority Figure:

Apparently Karl Rove is under the impression that he's writing The Gossip Column.

Probably should have called... (Below threshold)

Probably should have called this new venture,

Rove's ego clearly at play ... (Below threshold)

Rove's ego clearly at play in his piece, but that's no surprise. And hardly a reason to dis his work in comparison to K-boy.

Hillary's brittleness is ex... (Below threshold)

Hillary's brittleness is exceedingly noticeable. Hardness is one thing - the edge of a katana is very hard - but that hardness has to have a tough and resilient core backing it, or the first time it hits something remotely tough (which the media has decidedly tried to prevent with their careful stacking of the deck in these preliminary Q&A sessions) it'll shatter.

The media's done this country no favors by anointing Hillary. They're not looking at the big picture - that the COUNTRY is more important than Party, and the ideas pushed by the Democrats aren't necessarily good ones simply because the Democrats are desiring their implementation. (Same thing for Republicans - either side.)

If the idea is a good one, a functional one, one that truely benefits the country, then ti'll stand examination and discussion - even dissention. But one thing that's been pretty evident on the left is that discussion of the actual merits of any proposed idea is pretty well discouraged on ideological grounds. If it's from the left, it doesn't need discussion, it's automatically good and wonderful. If it's from the right, then no discussion is needed because it's horrid and evil and really, really bad. (Case in point - Dems said in the Clinton era that Social Security needed revamping. As soon as Bush was in, there wasn't any way in hell they'd even discuss the idea.)

IF Hillary gets elected - what's going to happen the first time that she doesn't get her way? The Dems have shown the way to complete legislative gridlock and the Republicans only have to emulate it - simply refuse to consider passing anything the Democrats put forth.

The Democrats have shown their way to the future. Let's hope the future they desire so strongly isn't the one that actually happens.

Rove and Kos show two different possibilities for the future. Rove - analytical thought and a willingness to consider possiblities. Kos - frothing, mindless hate.

And in 2008, we find out what the future holds.

Well, JL, I'll agree on the... (Below threshold)

Well, JL, I'll agree on the K-boy analysis, but the K-man gilds his slanted analysis with thinly-veiled ego-centric anecdote that does not add to his argument in any useful manner. I'd say its a contrast of a Prima-Donna to a Primo-Psycho.

Nothing would ever persuade... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Nothing would ever persuade me to subcribe to NEWSREEK its too liberal and one sided

In contrast to Kos, I'm pre... (Below threshold)

In contrast to Kos, I'm pretty upbeat about the Republicans' chances to hold the presidency. The Democratic frontrunners have made clowns out of themselves as they try to shift their previous stances on the war as conditions change on the ground. The American people have noticed.

Also, If Hillary does get the nomination she'll have an uphill battle. Fundementally, Senators start the race at a disadvantage, since for national issues they have a voting record in black and white. Governors (and Mayors) deal mostly with different issues, so they get a cleaner slate upon which to write their national views.

She's done an excellent job of positioning herself for a national race, but she still has a voting record that can be used against her.

I wonder why Karl Rove didn... (Below threshold)

I wonder why Karl Rove didn't say anything about Republicans running against shamnesty? That would be a very good issue for them. Oh, that's right, his former boss is so for it.

"Fundementally, Senators... (Below threshold)

"Fundementally, Senators start the race at a disadvantage, since for national issues they have a voting record in black and white. Governors (and Mayors) deal mostly with different issues, so they get a cleaner slate upon which to write their national views."

How about blatent flip-floppers like Rudy and Mitt, the two GOP front-runners? We all saw how that went down in 2004. These two guys go beyond anything John Kerry ever flipped on. I mean seriously Rudy pushing for public money for abortions and now being backed by Pat Robertson? Is this really gonna fly with the GOP base?

Depends on the alternatives... (Below threshold)

Depends on the alternatives, Ryan. Given a chice between sitting out the election (and taking what happens) versus voting for someone they don't agree with on abortion but pretty much agree with on other things, versus voting for Hillary -

I'd vote for either Mitt or Rudy in a heartbeat, even if I disagreed with some of their points.

It's not a good idea to make a single issue the deciding factor on casting your vote.

I'm not saying I expect man... (Below threshold)

I'm not saying I expect many W voters to cast one for Hillary, there will be some, the whole country is not as polarized as the media likes to portray it. Most voters are centrists, who may have opted for Bush in '04, but could cast one for Clinton next year based on how she presents herself in the coming campaign. As for the hardcore GOP base, which probably makes up about 15-20% of the American electorate, how could they possibly back either of these flip-flopping clowns? Look for the irony from 2004 to fully take hold as this campaign develops. What the GOP did to Kerry will come back tenfold on whoever gets the GOP nomination. Your best bet is honestly with John McCain.

lifetime reader. karl rove?... (Below threshold)
andrew stehl:

lifetime reader. karl rove????? you'll never get another penny from me.






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