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Around Wizbang...

As everyone has basically disappeared from the front page this evening I thought I'd direct you to some fresh content on other Wizbang network sites...

Portman named Best Dressed of 2007 (Wizbang Pop!) - Given the video of Portman's bare ass floating around the 'net she'd also make a run at Vanessa Hudgens in that category.

Rudy Campaigns for the NASCAR and Anybody but Hillary Vote (Wizbang Blue) - Given the drumbeat of inevitability that currently surrounds Hillary pretty much every candidate on both sides of the aisle are hoping for a bit of the "Anyone but Hillary" or "Not another Clinton" mojo to rub off on their campaigns.

Vick in Jail (Wizbang Sports) - Everyone's favorite pit bull abusing quarterback called an audible and checked into jail before being sentenced. If 42 year-old NFL retread Vinny Testaverde can get a starting job in the NFL, two years in the clink might not be much of a deterrent to Vick's future NFL prospects.

Also, next week we'll be debuting a daily blogosphere quick links feature, and possibly a headline feature (ala Digg!) I've been working on over the last several months. Stay tuned for those...


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I also saw that Wizbang is ... (Below threshold)

I also saw that Wizbang is one of the very few blogs offered in the Amazon Kindle rollout.

Did they give you a reader to review and test it out? Or will they at least give you a cut of the subscription fee people have to pay to get it sync'ed to their e-readers?






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