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Will You Answer What Congress Won't? The Top 20 Questions pt 19

Back in late 2004 and early 2005, I sent emails, faxes, and letters to every member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. In it, I asked them for their answer to a set of twenty questions which the readers of Polipundit wanted asked. The text of the letter was posted here.

52 Readers in 38 states joined the effort, asking their district Representatives and Senators to answer the questions. Response from our elected Representatives and Senators was poor, predictably so. Most Congressmen and Senators simply ignored the letters, emails and faxes. In the end, only seventeen answered with any degree of substance, and not one answered more than two questions.

I was looking at the set of questions this week, and you know, they still look like good questions to me, so I am going to ask you for your opinion on them. This will take a while, since I am putting up one question for each post, but please give this your serious consideration. And folks, this is not about politics or smacking down the other side; this is an opportunity to explore the issues of substance for our country. Sad that Congress was not up to it, but maybe we can get the conversation going. Thanks in advance.

19. What should our short and long term strategies be in Iraq?


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Short Term:Relativ... (Below threshold)

Short Term:

Relative Military and Economic stability. The country can't grow and heal without stability. Continue to provide troops for two tasks, 1) internal security so Iraqi citizens can go about their daily lives as safe as possible. As possible, handle internal security over to the Iraqi governments with U.S. troops providing back up/QRF as needed. 2)External Security, provide sufficient types and quanities of forces (separate from internal security) to secure Iraq from invasion/interference by other countries. Provied sufficient Naval Power to keep the Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz open for legal trade. Work to counter Iranian influence with the Shiites.

Long Term: Worke tirelessly to rebuild the Iraqi Armed forces so ours won't be needed to defend their territory indefinitely. Work tirelessly to build democratic institutions and foster transparent democracy in the country. I believe the Iraqi citizens understand the concepts of democracy and truly desire to live in a democratic country. It might have a uniquely Iraqi flavor, but democracy none-the-less. Work to mute the influence of the militant clerics, they won't do anything to improve Iraq in the long term.

What Matt said. ww... (Below threshold)

What Matt said. ww

That's good, but the bottom... (Below threshold)

That's good, but the bottom line is to set them up so that we CAN leave. Not on a timetable but long term to make them self sufficient.

Allthough I think we might be jsut as well off to get the current government to rent us some space for alarge military base (or three) to allow us to bas etroops in the region forever.

Victory.... (Below threshold)


1.) Kick ass2.) Take... (Below threshold)

1.) Kick ass
2.) Take names.

Long term is to have milita... (Below threshold)

Long term is to have military bases there. We need the presence there and that need will only grow in the foreseeable future.

Besides if we can be in Europe for 60+ years, we should be in Iraq just as long.

1. Stop killing people.... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

1. Stop killing people.

2. Provide any and all humanitarian help that the people of Iraq will accept from the US.






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